Wheels & Feels Voyageurs Portable Car Kitchen & Drawers – First Impressions

Wheels & Feels Voyageurs Portable Car Kitchen

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Compact & Lightweight Setup For Cooking – First Impressions

I’ve always been envious of those full-blown camp kitchen setups on overland rigs. In reality, though, I usually store the majority of my gear in Plano boxes. These get the job done and are cost-effective but aren’t that functional.

For everyday items like kitchen supplies, I wanted a smarter and more versatile system. After some research, I came across the Voyageurs product from Wheels & Feels. I decided to give it a try in the back of my 4Runner, I haven’t looked back since.

Product Overview

Wheels & Feels Voyageurs Review

The Wheels & Feels kitchen isn’t your traditional camp kitchen.

In fact, it’s quite expensive for a single drawer system. However, it’s a self-contained unit that can be easily removed from the vehicle when not in use or moved to another vehicle.

Its compact design doesn’t take up too much trunk space thanks to a smart design that packs a lot of features. If you’ve ever seen how micro-apartments make use of every square foot, this is a similar concept.


Voyageurs Portable Car Kitchen

Some of the main features are…

  • Compatible with the majority of the vehicles
  • Easy mounting system using Velcro pads
  • Internal storage for a standard 2 burner stove or lots of kitchen utensils
  • Comes with an electric water faucet and a collapsible sink
  • 3 slide-out tables

The unit itself is about 27″ L x 18″ W x 8″ H with all of the drawers closed and 71″ L when deployed. It weighs about 30 lbs. empty. There is a pull handle in the front and a grab handle in the back that allows you to easily move it.

Wheels & Feels Voyageurs Portable Car Kitchen Mounting

On the bottom, there are two mounting feet covered with heavy-duty velcro to secure the unit to your trunk’s carpet. If your trunk floor doesn’t sit flush with the cargo hatch sill, a few spacers are provided to raise the drawer so that you can open it.

Wheels & Feels Voyageurs Portable Car Kitchen Drawer Locks

On the side, two wooden pieces are used to lock in place the drawer when closed or fully extended.

Wheels & Feels Voyageurs Portable Car Kitchen Support Feet

Finally, the kit also includes three adjustable support legs to use when the tables are deployed.

Setting Up

Camp Kitchen Drawer Slides

This kitchen system is quite easy to deploy and set up. First, remove the side tabs to unlock the drawer and pull it out.

Wheels & Feels Voyageurs Portable Car Kitchen Review

Next, deploy the three swivel tables. Each table can be secured by the wooden support leg if needed. At least one is necessary if you plan to put weight on the tables such as cutting food. I highly recommend using all three, though.

Drawer Kitchen Support Leg

Under each table, there are indents where you can slide in the support leg to make sure it will stay put.

Car Camp Kitchen Wooden Knob

To lock the side tables in place, there is a wooden knob right below the pivot point that should be tightened; a couple of rotations will be enough.

Storage Space

Stove Storage Inside Wooden Portable Camp Kitchen Setup

The main drawer offers enough space to store a standard camping stove, in my case, a Coleman Triton 2 burner stove.

Wheels & Feels Voyageurs Portable Car Kitchen Drawer Dividers

Alternatively, you can store your cooking supplies like utensils, mugs, pots pans, etc. The system also comes with three dividers for better gear organization.

Portable Car Camp Kitchen For Overlanding

Some other neat features about this kitchen are a couple of hooks to hang your utensils, a paper towel roll holder, a place to use a sink, and the included water pump.

Room For Improvement

During my testing, I came up with a couple of things that could be improved. Having a lifted SUV, I noticed that the support legs are a bit too short to make contact with the ground. So, I had to use a couple of wooden blocks to provide a raised support base.

Also, I think some of the parts used could have been made with metal rather than wood, especially small parts like the side locks and the knobs for added durability.

Finally, while the Velcro used to secure the drawer held up fine, I would like to be able to strap it down to the cargo area for extra security. Or, at least stack some other box on top of the kitchen to provide some counterweight when the drawer is opened.

Final Thoughts

Portable Camp Kitchen Setup In Back Of 5th Gen 4Runner

Overall, I am satisfied with this car kitchen system. It’s compact enough to fit pretty much any vehicle and also easy to set up. The build quality seems decent, though it’s not a heavy-duty product and some of the finishes could be improved. However, it’s a good fit for a casual overlander or weekend warrior.

It’s a well-thought-out product that will allow you to prepare food, cook, eat, and wash dishes all in a compact package.

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