The Full Guide To Prinsu Roof Rack Grab Handles – What’s For You?

Prinsu Roof Rack Handle Options

A Guide To Choosing Prinsu Roof Rack Grab Handles

Having the right equipment can make all the difference when you’re off the grid. No matter the length of the adventure, grab handles make accessing gear on your roof rack much easier. These inconspicuous handles play a vital role in adding functionality and convenience to your vehicle’s setup.

In this guide, we delve into Prinsu’s range of custom-designed roof rack grab handles. We’ll explore the features and nuances of each of the options and provide a straightforward, step-by-step installation guide. Each option is made of durable aluminum. Depending on the model, they come in either an anodized black or a variety of powder coat colors for a custom look.

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How Roof Rack Grab Handles Are Useful

Prinsu Summit Handle Options

Prinsu is a reputable name in the overlanding and off-road community. Now, they offer a range of roof rack grab handles tailored to meet all needs. These handles are meticulously crafted to ensure they withstand the rigors of the trail and the elements. They mount directly onto your vehicle’s roof rack to simplify loading, unloading, and securing gear, making your outdoor adventures smoother and more efficient.

Why might you need a set of these handles for your Prinsu roof rack? Imagine you’re gearing up for a weekend camping trip, and your roof rack is loaded with the essentials – tents, chairs, cooking equipment, etc. These handles help greatly with hoisting these items onto the roof. No more awkward lifting, no more struggling to find a grip.

However, these handles offer more than just practicality; they effortlessly blend function with style. Not only do they add to your vehicle’s aesthetics, but they are also very functional. For those who frequently transport large items on their roof rack, these handles are a reliable anchor point to secure loads.


Prinsu Ridgeline Handles

Prinsu offers three different handles in its lineup, with one of them being customizable. Each of their handles is built with the roof rack in mind and integrates seamlessly with your current setup. They are also covered by a lifetime warranty!

Let’s dive into the specifics of each handle and explore how they might align with your needs.

Prinsu Ridgeline Handles ($118 – $130/Pair)

Prinsu Ridgeline Handles with Camp Lights

The Ridgeline Handle stands out as an excellent choice for budget-conscious adventurers.

One notable feature is the removable logo plate, which can be easily taken off to accommodate the integration of Prinsu Camp Lights ($65). These lights have been carefully designed, created, and put through rigorous testing. They seamlessly integrate with the Ridgeline handle and offer flexible mounting options and a strong lens that spreads light effectively.

Another notable thing to mention is the design of these handles minimizes any extra wind noise while driving.

As a bonus, they are offered in a variety of powder coat color options for total customization.

Prinsu Summit Handles ($230/Pair)

Prinsu Summit Handles

If you’re on the lookout for a sophisticated and modern handle to integrate seamlessly with your Prinsu roof rack, the Prinsu Summit Handles are for you. These handles are CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum. They are finished with a sleek black powder coat to match your roof rack.

*Current Lead Time: ~3 weeks*

Prinsu Summit Handles with Light ($390/Pair)

Prinsu Summit Handles with Lights

The last option is the Prinsu Summit Handles with integrated light. These are the most expensive out of the three options.

These boast a waterproof build to effortlessly handle adverse weather conditions without compromising performance. The integrated light emits an impressive 450 lumens while consuming only 4 watts and 0.40 amps. Since these lights draw power directly from your vehicle’s battery, you’ll never have to worry about replacing any batteries.

Just like the other two options, this option is also CNC machined from durable billet aluminum. They are anodized black, offering both a sleek look and added durability.

Installing Prinsu Roof Rack Grab Handles

Installing Prinsu Roof Rack Handles On 5th Gen 4Runner

Tools Required

  • Power Drill
  • Torx T-30 Bit

Each of these handles are installed the exact same way. The only difference between the three options is the lighting. If you are opting for one of the handles with the added lighting source, you will need to wire those to your truck.

Locate where on your roof rack you want to mount these handles. You will need to access two crossbars and four screws. Once you have found where they will be mounted, unscrew the crossbars from the side rail.

Step 1. Align Handles To Cross Bars

Prinsu Roof Rack Handles - How To Install

Grab your handles and align them with the corresponding holes of the crossbars. Double-check that everything is properly aligned before proceeding to avoid cross-threading the screws.

Step 2. Re-Install Screws

Handles For 4Runner Roof Rack

To complete the process, reattach everything using the same screws. Take a moment to ensure that the handles are securely in place. If you don’t notice any movement or wobbling with the handles, you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

Prinsu Roof Rack Handle Options

Prinsu offers a range of grab handles that cater to many preferences and requirements, Each option stands out in its own right as a valuable addition to your build. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern touch, enhanced practicality, or even the integration of side lighting, Prinsu has you covered.

What’s impressive is the range of choices available that spans varying budgets and features. There’s really something for everyone and although roof rack handles might not be at the top of everyone’s list, they can be a very functional upgrade. That’s especially true if you frequently load your roof rack with gear and heavy items.

I also personally felt that the handles’ quality and functionality seemed to be a top priority in the design process. Since they are all made from aluminum, they also won’t add very much weight.

Despite being a seemingly small mod, these handles add both convenience and function, all while looking great. Make sure to check out the Prinsu website for all of their other accessories as well!

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Tom Carr
Tom Carr
8 months ago

Do the Summit Handles stick out as far as the Ridgeline Handles? I just picked up some Ridgeline handles and I can’t use them on the one side of my truck since they stick out farther than the Prinsu quick-detach awning mounts I have. I don’t always leave the awning on so having handles on that side as well would be helpful. Thanks!

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