Feature Friday: 5 Head Unit Stereo Setups For 5th Gen 4Runner

Aftermarket Stereo Head Units For 5th Gen 4Runner

Five 4Runner Owners Discuss Their After Market Head Unit Stereo Replacements

This Week’s Topic: Head Units / Stereos

We’re back with a brand new Feature Friday! Last week, we covered PNW off-road areas and trails to explore. Today we’re talking about aftermarket head units.

In today’s fast-paced world, the intersection of technology and automotive innovation has led to significant transformations in the driving experience. Yet, as with any vehicle, time can sometimes outpace the capabilities of its original components. One area where this is particularly evident with the 5th Gen 4Runner is the head unit – the central control hub of your vehicle’s infotainment, communication, and navigation systems.

If you’re still rocking the factory head unit, you might be missing out on a host of modern features that can elevate your experience to a whole new level. Let’s take a look at a few aftermarket head units that are available.

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Note: The builds listed below are in no particular order.

1. Brenan Greene – (@trail4r)

5th Gen 4Runner With Car Trim Home T10 V3 Knobless Head Unit

Head Unit

Tell Us About This Head Unit 

The T10 V3 Knobless from CTH (Cartrimhome.com) is a great fit for anyone looking for a massive screen and Apple CarPlay. All I really cared about was CarPlay and the user experience of how fast it connects. At first, the massive 12″ screen size and CarPlay were nice, however, I quickly realized the head unit was not for me.

The first problem was with the microphone. The microphone provided crappy audio on the receiving end and even though there are apps to adjust and control the gain/levels which got it close to OEM, it was never on par with the factory microphone.

In addition to the audio quality, I could not get Instagram stories or IOS videos, in general, to pick up the audio when recording video. This was my main point of contention with the head unit as I am always on IG, however, this might not matter to the majority of users.

My second problem was how the unit was mounted. The top of the head unit mounts into place using factory clips and is very secure. The bottom of the head unit, however, simply rests on the factory plastics. Although it works, I would prefer something a bit more secure all the way around that is capable of supporting big accessory mounting plates.

I ended up removing the head unit and swapping it back in the factory head unit due to the microphone and IG recording sound/video issues. Then, I installed an ICS Fab dash mount plate.

I think the head unit would work for the majority of users who want a massive screen and car play, or Android Auto. If you’re an Android person, and you do not plan on mounting big plates on the head unit, you will probably love the T10 V3 Knobless.

2. Olivia Gager – (@livrose24)

5th Gen 4Runner With CTH T10-V2 With Knobs

Head Unit

Tell Us About This Head Unit 

When I bought my 2013 4Runner, I knew I wanted to upgrade the head unit to be able to use Apple CarPlay. After a lot of research, I decided on the CTH T-10 because it met my needs and was a great price point.

This unit had such an easy installation with step-by-step YouTube videos. I was able to follow along with no issues.

I really like this head unit for a few different reasons. The first thing I liked was wireless Apple CarPlay. My 4Runner didn’t come with any sort of Apple CarPlay, which was extremely frustrating because the later 5th Gen models did offer it. I also like that you can connect to Wi-Fi or your phone’s hotspot and watch YouTube videos. Finally, I absolutely love how it looks. It’s very uniform and is a great upgrade from the OEM.

3. Weston Miller – (@outworldhq)

5th Gen 4Runner With Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX Head Unit & Android Auto

Head Unit

Tell Us About This Head Unit 

I decided to upgrade my OEM head unit to the Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX for many reasons.

First, I liked the floating display design. It modernizes the dashboard, a move that not only enhances aesthetics but also optimizes the available space. That’s unlike the double DIN unit that only partially utilizes the dashboard’s area and appears incongruous.

Additionally, the inclusion of dual camera inputs, consisting of a rear backup camera and an infrared camera at the front, further amplifies the functionality. This setup ensures improved visibility and safety.

Users can expect a smooth and intuitive experience navigated through a high-resolution, expansive screen. The system’s exceptional compatibility with Android Auto enhances its overall appeal.

An interesting detail to highlight is the installation process, which involved creating new mounting holes in the double DIN mounting tray. This adjustment facilitated the mounting of the lower DIN unit in a more centralized manner on the dashboard, contributing to the overall cohesion of the design.

If you are looking to purchase this unit, be sure to check out my step-by-step tutorial.

4. Michael Devecchio – (@mammoth4runner)

5th Gen 4Runner w/ Phoenix 16" Vertical Screen Head Unit Stereo Upgrade

Head Unit

Tell Us About This Head Unit 

I love this head unit so much! First of all, it has Apple CarPlay! It’s flawless and connects perfectly every time with no hassle. More than anything, I love the look of this head unit. It resembles the large Tesla-style screen, which is pretty cool. Not very many people can say they have a Tesla screen in their 4Runner.

With this head unit, I can also download apps and watch Netflix and HBO whenever I want. The screen is very customizable and I actually have my logo and truck as the display background. You can also use a SIM card to give you cell service through the head unit. All of the previous dials are also accessible on the screen which is great to be able to control everything in one place.

I absolutely love this head unit and I’m very pleased with the product!

5. Jake Finn – (@jvkefinn)

Aftermarket Head Units - Car Trim Home T9 Head Unit For 4Runner

Head Unit

T9 has been discontinued. 

Tell Us About This Head Unit 

When I purchased my 4Runner, I knew I would eventually want to upgrade my head unit. When it was time, I ended up choosing the CTH T9 head unit because when I bought it, it was the highest-rated aftermarket unit that had Apple CarPlay.

The CarPlay functionality works great and has a crystal-clear display! Of course, if you have an Android you’ll be able to use Android Auto as well. What’s so great about it is the HUGE screen compared to my OEM screen.

You can also subscribe to WiFi in the head unit to stream or use the internet. This allows you to use your phone as well when there’s no cell signal. Overall, I’m very pleased with its head unit!

Final Thoughts

And that wraps up this week’s Feature Friday!

What are your thoughts on upgrading the 4Runner’s head unit? I think it’s a great way to make your build stand out against others while giving you a lot more technology. Models from 2020 and newer have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto along with a larger screen, but we are still missing out on some of the cooler features that many aftermarket units have such as the ability to watch Netflix.

Next week, we’ll be back to cover dash camera setups. Submit using the link above!

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