Canvasback Front Seat Barrier For The 5th Gen 4Runner – Review & Overview

Canvasback Front Seat Barrier For The 5th Gen 4Runner

Protect Your Vehicle From Your Pet With The Canvasback Front Seat Barrier

If you have a dog, they probably want to ride in the front seat during road trips. Dogs are a man’s best friend, they serve as a perfect road companion, and trust me, they want to get out of the house as much as you do. So, bring them along when you can!

However, safety is key. In some states, it’s illegal to let a dog ride in the front seat and they generally require the dog to be harnessed in some way. Needless to say, it can be pretty dangerous. Have you ever inadvertently slammed on the brakes only to watch your dog take an unfortunate tumble… and potentially fly from the back to the front of your car? Why not take extra precautions to protect your pup and your interior at the same time?

Your average dog ranges from 20 to 120 pounds. Pets in the car can not only wear on your nerves, but they can run your upholstery through the ringer!

Fortunately, the Canvasback front seat barrier provides a solution. It allows airflow and access to the seat pockets while keeping your travel companion in the back and out of your way. Conversely, their console cover protects from those pesky dog nails, as well as dirt and grime. Together, these products protect your vehicle and make adventuring more enjoyable.

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Who Is Canvasback?

Canvasback 4Runner Front Seat Divider

Canvasback was born in Idaho by an avid skier and dog owner who was tired of always having her vehicle covered in dog hair, snow, and mud. Canvasback is a woman-owned and operated company whose products are made in the USA (now in Minnesota).

The company offers a plethora of protective covers for numerous makes and models, including their recently launched 5th Gen 4Runner hatch cover. I myself also have their backseat cover among a few others. So, you are bound to find a solution that works for you.

Why Should You Use Seat Covers?

4Runner Seat Protectors

Whether it be your kids, your fur babies, or a rogue passenger, you’re bound to encounter a situation where you wish your front and back seats are protected. If you have Toyota’s Softex seats, the cleanup is a little easier, but if you have cloth, Canvasback protective covers can be a true game changer.

One trip, in particular, convinced me that I needed to reassess my seat covers. While stopped, I helped spot a few buddies down an obstacle and my dog decided to find the closest mud hole. The resulting mayhem can be seen above. With Canvasback, cleaning this up would have been simple. It’s interesting how we learn life lessons…

Installation & Initial Impressions

Canvasback Seat Protection 5th Gen 4Runner

The installation is incredibly straightforward. The front seat divider has two buckles that clip around the front headrests with Velcro slits that allow for access to the seat back pockets. The center of the divider features a durable mesh that allows for airflow from the front and back vents.

5th Gen 4Runner Canvasback Floor Liner

The bottoms of the divider have strong Velcro that attaches to the underside of the front seats. This, combined with the clips at the headrest, make for a sturdy connection.

Canvasback Front Seat Barrier

Overall, the front seat dividers work well at keeping pets at bay and protecting the seats from dirt and grime.

If I could be critical of one area, it would be the edges. Although the barrier stays pretty tight, it does leave a bit of the seat edges exposed. Since there is no area to Velcro or strap onto the sides, it is kind of unavoidable. However, it’s something worth pointing out.

Final Thoughts

4Runner Seat Protectors Large Dogs

This product works very well, the construction is top-notch, and the customer service is superior. As you can tell, I have many Canvasback products (up to 4 now) and they all work extremely well together (or separately) to protect the interior of my ride.

I cannot say enough good things about this company. If you’re in the market for interior protection for your vehicle, make sure to check out Canvasback!

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Ian Sioux
Ian Sioux
9 months ago

Love that a booster seat is still able to be used. Any confirmation on car seat? This would be the ultimate purchase if so.

Mitch Caldwell
Mitch Caldwell
9 months ago
Reply to  Ian Sioux

Car seat works great with the base! We also recently upgraded to a “4 in 1” seat and it also works well.

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