Canvasback Back Hatch Cover For 5th Gen 4Runner – Install & Review

Canvasback Protective Rear Hatch Cover For 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

Canvasback Rear Hatch Cover For 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner: Protect Your Truck From Daily Wear & Tear – Install, Review & Overview

5th 4Runner owners love how much utility the cargo area brings to the table.

It’s almost perfectly square, which makes it great for hauling large items. The roll-down hatch window is iconic and it lets us carry oversized items like lumber with ease.

Scuffed/Damaged 5th Gen 4Runner Rear Hatch/Door

Over time, the back hatch plastic can get pretty scuffed up. Long before I had the chance to use MOLLE panels and storage drawers, my cargo area was just an open space. With that, whatever was back there was free to move around and bang into the plastic panels.

Canvasback has some crucial protection against light damage in the form of its 4Runner back hatch cover. I know, we should embrace using our 4Runners as the utilitarian champion that it is. That doesn’t mean, however, we can’t help keep it looking as clean as possible while doing so. We’ll be focusing on the back hatch cover specifically in this article, but know that Canvasback offers a full suite of cargo area protection.

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Canvasback Products

Canvasback Back Hatch Cover For 5th Gen 4Runner - Detailed Review

Canvasback really does think of everything when it comes to protecting your interior. Their product line goes well beyond cargo liners and seat covers. I believe they offer some, if not the most comprehensive interior coverage. As an example, they even offer covers for the side plastics of your cargo area and even headrests. If you’re looking to protect every inch of your interior, they’ve got you covered (pun intended).

All of Canvasback’s products are made from a highly durable and water-resistant canvas material. They’re offered in a variety of colors and patterns and are made in the USA.

What I really appreciate about these products is that they give protective coverage while not being permanent. If for whatever reason I want or need to remove pieces in the future, it’s easy to do so. I don’t really see a reason why I would need to though. All Canvasback products attach to either your factory carpeting with velcro or with adhesive velcro strips that they provide.

Attention To Detail

Canvasback Rear Hatch Cover Review For 5th Gen 4Runner

If you’re worried about the back hatch cover blocking the lights or speakers, there’s no need to. There are cutouts included for all of those items plus the pull-down tether.

I was actually surprised that Canvasback didn’t just make a cutout for the speakers, but also stitched mesh into them. That’s a nice little detail to keep the speaker grills protected. They definitely could’ve cheaped out here and just left an open cutout.

Canvasback Back Hatch Cover On 5th Gen 4Runner

The cover does cover the very top of the hatch by the rear hatch glass, which is very useful when you’re hauling things that stick out the back window.

One concern that I have is whether dust and debris will collect between the cover and the hatch door, but time will tell.


Canvasback Back Hatch Cover Installation On 5th Gen 4Runner

Canvasback includes adhesive velcro strips to stick on your rear hatch plastic. These velcro strips are what the hatch cover will attach to.

This also allows you to only install the cover whenever you need it, or leave it installed full-time. I plan on leaving it installed full-time as it’s pretty unobtrusive.

4Runner Back Hatch Cover - Light Cutout

Aside from the main perimeter velcro strips, there are some smaller ones by the light cutouts and one in the middle. These help the cover stay tighter to the back hatch when it’s open.

Final Thoughts

Canvasback 5th Gen 4Runner Back Hatch Cover Review & Overview

My only regret about the Canvasback 5th Gen 4Runner back hatch cover is that I didn’t find it sooner. My rear hatch is already pretty scuffed up, but at least I can protect it going forward.

One alternative to the back hatch cover is a MOLLE panel. That, however, weighs significantly more. Plus, once you mount enough gear to it, you’ll need heavier-duty hatch struts to support the added weight. That’s all a bit excessive for my needs, so I’ll stick with the simpler, more affordable solution.

Protective Back Hatch Cover For 5th Gen 4Runner

When home improvement season hits in the spring, I’m going to really appreciate having the top section of the hatch plastic protected when I need to haul large items with the window rolled down. No more remembering to bring blankets or tarps to lay down or any of them flying away.

Canvasback Cargo Liner Install Rear Seat Folded

I also have the Canvasback seat back and cargo liners so when combined with the back hatch cover, my cargo area is pretty well protected. If you’ve been looking for a way to protect your back hatch from daily wear and tear, definitely consider the cover from Canvasback.

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1 year ago

Finally pull the trigger. Your review reignite my should-have-gotten-it-long-time-ago list. Got the rear door covers, cargo side pieces, and back hatch.

1 year ago

I have the cargo liner for my 2019 4Runner. I’m definitely purchasing this asap.

1 year ago

this is great. love my canvasback seat back and cargo liners. this should help keep sam the bloodhound from making things worse back there. thanks for the review!

1 year ago

Wow this is going to be great addition to the rig!

Jeff Steffens
Jeff Steffens
1 year ago

Cheaper than I thought it would be too!

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