Feature Friday: 7 Adjustable Suspension Setups For The 5th Gen 4Runner

White 5th Gen 4Runner With CBI Offroad Baja Covert Bumper & Cali Raised LED Rock Sliders

Premium Coilover/Shock Setups For 5th Gen 4Runner That Offer Height Adjustment + Fine Tuning For Damping (Rebound & Compression)

This Week’s Topic: Adjustable Suspension Setups

Welcome back to another Feature Friday! Last week, we took a look at different low-profile front bumpers for the 5th Gen 4Runner. This week, we asked owners about their adjustable suspension setups! We take a look at a few different brands varying in price and find out why each owner chose their setup.

What Is An Adjustable Suspension?

If you aren’t familiar with adjustable suspensions, they’re pretty neat in their function. First and foremost, these kits will almost always give your vehicle some lift. While we have seen some options that can retain stock height, you usually won’t buy something like this without the intention of lifting your 4Runner. Essentially, an adjustable suspension enables the driver to potentially alter the height and damping (rebound/compression) of the vehicle’s suspension. This results in (obviously) the ability to fine tune your ride height, but more importantly, how the truck (suspension) performs on and off-road and reacts to various terrain. To dig any deeper, we would need to start with shock operation basics, damping, talk more about compression vs. rebound, and discuss different shock valving options.

Making An Educated Decision

These are all major topics to cover. The main point here is that to make an educated buying decision, you should at least understand how each of these systems can behave, so that you can pick the best one for your personal needs. There are many different manufacturers out there and their approaches to shock tuning and design can vary. Do your research, and don’t buy the first shiny shock you see – it may not be what you’re looking for. Also, factor in the additional maintenance that these systems require.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at a few different setups below!

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Popular Adjustable Lift Kits Featured

1. Jonathan Rendon (@mgm_t4r_pro) – Fox

5th Gen 4Runner With Fox Suspension, SPC Upper Control Arms & Icon Suspension Springs

Suspension Setup 

  • 2.5 Factory Race Series Coilover IFP Shock
  • 2.0 Performance Series Smooth Body Adjustable Reservoir Shocks

Tell Us About Your Setup

I chose to run this suspension because of the name, FOX! These shocks ride comfortably and I like having the ability to adjust the compression for when I load the truck up with recovery and camping gear. FOX is an awesome brand and they have great quality products. They have held up to the numerous off-road terrains I’ve been on.

Based on my experience, I’d highly recommend these shocks. I feel they are made with the highest quality and one of the best-performing shocks on the market today.

2. Sean Migone (@mig_rnr) – Dobinsons 

5th Gen 4Runner With Dobinsons MRR Adjustable Suspension Kit & Relations Race Wheels RR6s

Suspension Setup 

  • Dobinsons 1″ to 3.5″ MRR 3-Way Adjustable Lift Kit

Tell Us About Your Setup

This setup is by far the best system I have ever had. The adjustability makes it easy to tune it to my needs, especially since my rig is also a daily driver.

High and low-speed compression is tuned via separate knobs on the remote reservoirs. The rebound is tuned by turning the knob on the top of the front coilover and by turning a screw at the base of the rear shocks. All knobs have detents that you can easily feel when turning.

Dobinsons provides instructions on how to determine your baseline tune factoring in your mods/weight/etc. From there, you can adjust it to your liking. I can easily tune it for my daily driving and then adjust it for overlanding or crawling with the turn of a few knobs.

I’ve had it for over two years and about 20k miles now, and I am incredibly satisfied with it. Dobinsons are second to none with their customer service as well. Before I made my purchase, they guided me on exactly what they thought I would need according to how my rig was modified. After the installation, they were happy to answer any other questions I had.

3. Brad Le (@ghost_runnah) – King Shocks

5th Gen White 4Runner With King Shocks Suspension, Prinsu Roof Rack & Roofnest Roof Top Tent

Suspension Setup 

  • King Shocks EXT 2.5 w/Remote Reservoirs EXT
  • 650 lbs. 3” Front Springs
  • King Shocks 2.5 w/Remote Reservoirs EXT
  • Dobinson Rear Coil Springs

Tell Us About Your Setup

I go through different terrain throughout the year, so I felt I needed flexibility in a suspension setup. On the road, I needed a firmer ride as I daily drive my rig. When hitting the trails, I like the suspension to be softer for the rougher terrain.

The ride quality with the King Shocks, for me, has been a huge upgrade over the stock TRD Pro Fox suspension. The flexibility to adjust the suspension as needed has given me a better sense of how my rig drives and operates daily. I like to be hands-on, so being able to adjust and actually feel how my suspension changes are valuable to me.

4. Rickson Go (@rick_barcelonat4r) – Freedom Offroad

5th Gen 4Runner With Freedom Offroad Adjustable Suspension

Suspension Setup 

  • Freedom Offroad 2.5″ to 5.5″ Adjustable Front Coil-Overs w/ 3″ Rear Lift Springs

Tell Us About Your Setup

I like that this setup offers a height adjustability range from 2.5″ – 5″. However, in my opinion, 3″ is enough for my truck. Many other adjustable suspension setups don’t have as high of a range and are limited to around 3″.

Another thing that I love with this setup is the red springs that come standard. I wanted my setup to stand out when looking under the fenders, and this kit accomplishes that perfectly.

Lastly, the price point is great, and I can’t complain about it! They are on the lower end in terms of price, without sacrificing performance. I’m going on 2 years with them, and they are still holding up and feel/handle better than stock.

5. Courtney Barrett (@ninja_4r) – Dobinsons

5th Gen 4Runner With Dobinsons MRR Adjustable Suspension Kit & Dobinsons Upper Control Arms

Suspension Setup 

  • Dobinsons 1″ to 3.5″ MRR 3-Way Adjustable Lift Kit

Tell Us About Your Setup

I chose Dobinsons as I had a specific need for a suspension kit that was compatible with KDSS. I was also looking for reliability, adjustability, customization, and great customer service. With the Dobinsons MRR, I can adjust the ride quality to fit my unique needs and preferences.

This suspension really offers it all with its many compression and rebound adjustments. It prevents bucking, allows for high-speed off-roading through ruts and holes, and precise crawling and cornering.

After having tested on a variety of trail conditions, I’m thoroughly impressed with this kit and am now more confident in my 4Runner’s capabilities to handle whatever I throw at it.

6. Aaron Hodgdon (@t4rheel.rnr) – Elka

5th Gen 4Runner With Elka Front Shocks & Relations Race Wheels

Suspension Setup 

  • Elka 2.5 DC Remote Reservoir Front Shocks 2-3″
  • Elka 2.5 DC Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks
  • Toytec SuperFlex HD 2″ Rear Coils

Tell Us About Your Setup

Elka had just released their dual compression 2.5s when I was looking to lift my TRD Pro. Based on their reputation in the ATV/snow community and that Toytec uses them for their body and reservoirs on the Boss Series shocks, I decided to give them a try.

I have zero regrets about my choice. The quality of materials and design has quickly elevated them to a top contender. The dual speed compression dials allow me to quickly switch between slow rock crawling modes and fast sand driving, which I encounter both here in NC. This Elka suspension has performed incredibly both as a daily driver and off-road.

7. Trent Strickland (@trentlee333) – Rough Country 

5th Gen 4Runner With Rough Country Adjustable Suspension & Ecotechne Hood Rack

Suspension Setup 

  • Rough Country 3-Inch Vertex 2.5 Adjustable Suspension Kit

Tell Us About Your Setup

I chose the Rough Country Vertex suspension because it’s a great lift kit for a super reasonable price compared to other options that I was looking at.

I love being able to adjust it for different terrain, especially when I go off-road.

Final Thoughts

5th Gen 4Runner with Southern Style OffRoad Bumper and Sherpa Roof Rack
Picture: @ninja_4r

That wraps up another Feature Friday! We hope you enjoyed this week’s post on adjustable suspension setups.

I hope that you were able to find a setup that will work for your needs and budget. Adjustable suspensions can be pretty costly, but once you have it set up on your truck, you won’t regret the upgrade.

We’ll see you back here next week for another Feature Friday, where we’ll be featuring SR5 Premium Builds! 

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