Feature Fridays: 6 Must-See Quicksand 5th Gen 4Runner Builds

Lifted 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner TRD PRO Quicksand With Front Fender Trim

6 Unique Quicksand TRD Pro 5th Gen 4Runner Overland Builds & Their Owners’ Top 5 Mods – Off-Road Inspiration For 2023

This Week’s Topic: Quicksand 4Runners 

Last time, we took at look at favorite RTT gear and accessories. This week, we are covering the Quicksand color.

Toyota released the exclusive Quicksand color on their 2016 TRD Pro models. The only way I can describe this color is beige-y sand. It blends in with many different terrains, which arguably makes it the best color to take off-roading because you’ll never see the dirt on there.

With a little over 3000 4Runners made in this color, this is one of the hardest colors to come by on a 5th Gen 4Runner. Finding one of these on the market is like finding a needle in a haystack.

But alas, we found 6 different Quicksand builds to inspire your 5th Gen 4Runner build. Take a look below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Note: These builds are in no particular order. 

1. Sane Cha (@insanerunner_trd) – 2016 TRD Pro

Quicksand TRD Pro 5th Gen 4Runner With Dana 60 Axles & 40" Tires

Top 5 Mods 

  1. Trail Gear Dual Case Crawl Box
  2. D60 Axles with Nitro 5.38 gears,
  3. 16” Kings 2.5 IBP Dual Coilovers
  4. Eaton E-Lockers Front / Rear
  5. 40” Mickey Thompson Baja Pro XS Tires

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

This is a rare build with the 5th gen 4Runner platform, not many like it out there. I like how the truck is capable of doing any trail there is, with no worries. Everywhere I go, I get a lot of compliments on the rig. Being able to drive around in town and push it on the trail is something that I’m very happy about.

2. Brent Phung (@t4r_runner_) – 2016 TRD Pro

Lifted Quicksand TRD Pro 4Runner Build With Black Wheels

Top 5 Mods 

  1. AlphaRex LEDs Headlights / Tail Lights
  2. Antigravity Lithium Battery Upgrade
  3. Power Tank C02 On-Board Air System
  4. GooseGear Platforms
  5. Relentless Fabrication Predator Bumper

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

The AlphaRex LED headlight and taillights provide the perfect amount of light output, unlike the OEM setup. The antigravity Lithium Battery upgrade gives me a built-in wireless jumpstart if I run out of battery while on the trails. It makes getting back on the road easier and gives me peace of mind. The Power Tank C02 onboard air system makes airing up seamless and fast. I can air up all my tires (35s) in less than 3 minutes. The GooseGear platforms are perfect, especially since we camp a lot with our two dogs, and the flat platform makes it easy to store more gear for long camping trips and comfortable rides for the pups. Finally, the Relentless Fabrication Predator bumper is great. Not only was it an easy install, but I love the flush fitment. I am not a big fan of cutting, and this bumper required none.

I spent years observing others building their truck and finding parts that would be functional and durable for the type of adventures I like to go on. I love getting lost and camping in remote areas, so I also invested in Baja and Diode Dynamic lights that would give me the confidence that I would be ready for anything coming my way.

3. Chris K. (@shadow.runner.trd) – 2016 TRD Pro

Quicksand 5th Gen 4Runner Overland Build With CVT RTT & SCS Wheels

Top 5 Mods 
  1. Throttle Grenade
  2. Aiden James Amber Fog Bezels
  3. Diode Dynamics SS3 Pro Fog / SSC2 Pro Ditch lights
  4. MORRFlate Quad+ Air Delivery System with ARB Twin Compressor
  5. C4 Fabrication Sliders / Lo-Pro Bumper with High Clearance Add-Ons

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

Most people don’t know I researched parts and ideas for about a year (while in Afghanistan) before starting my build. When I got home, I stayed in the garage and started turning wrenches, creating mostly what you see today. Along the way, I’ve developed fantastic partnerships with companies and groups who have helped me develop the build further and take me on fantastic adventures. I love what this setup can do and, even more – the friends, relationships, and memories I’ve gained along the journey.

4. Xavier Ibarra (@x__rnr) – 2016 TRD Pro

Quicksand TRD Pro 5th Gen 4Runner With Yellow LED Lights

Top 5 Mods 

  1. 35/12.5/17 NITTO Recon Grapplers
  2. Front / Rear King Shocks 2.5 OEM Performance Series
  3. X6 PROJECT X Off-Road FF.70 Lights
  4. PROJECT X 50-quart Blizzard Box
  5. Joe’s Original Equipment SLAP Molle Panel

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

The first thing that I love about my build is how unique the color is. I got my 4Runner in the Quicksand color, which is hard to come by. It’s not like most 4Runners you see driving down the street. I wanted my modifications to stand out just as much as the color of the truck did. So while building this unique truck, I’ve tried avoiding “cookie-cutter” mods while promoting small businesses.

5. Chris Robleto (@bandito_sf) – 2016 TRD Pro

5th Gen 4Runner Off-Road & Overland Build In Quicksand With Gobi Roof Rack

Top 5 Mods 

  • Gobi Roof Rack
  • 4x4labs Rear Bumper
  • Budbuilt Stage 2 Rock Armor
  • Spod Power Management System
  • Total Chaos & Califab Suspension Upgrades

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

First off, the color! I fell in love with Quicksand the moment I saw it, and I knew I had to have it; my head started swirling with how I could modify her for my needs and give her some uniqueness.

Then came the mods and all the fun that has been. The whole process has been great, everything on this rig has been installed to serve a purpose, and she’s been solid. Things have come and gone as my needs have changed, but this vehicle has allowed my family and I to explore some really wild places and meet great people along the way.

6. Tiffany (@4xploration) – 2016 TRD Pro

Quicksand 5th Gen 4Runner With Alu-Cab RTT & Shadow Awning With Nitto Tires & Falcon Wheels

Top 5 Mods 

  • Alu-Cab Rooftop Tent and 270 Shadow Awning
  • Goose Gear Ultimate Chef Package
  • C4 Fabrication Overland Rear Bumper
  • Outgear Solutions Tilted Rock Sliders
  • Icon Stage 6 Extended Travel with Air Bump Stops + Stage 3 Secondary Shock Kit 

What Do You Like Most About Your Setup?

We built our rig to take us to remote locations and enjoy the comforts of camping. Our suspension allows us to tackle obstacles, and our tilted rock sliders give us good clearance while protecting our vehicle. Once we get to camp, we can set up comfortably in our Alu-Cab 3.1 tent and 270 Shadow awning. Our Goose Gear Ultimate Chef Package provides us with the perfect outdoor kitchen to cook delicious meals. Our C4 Overlander rear bumper provides armor and clearance for difficult obstacles while carrying our spare wheel, fuel, and water.

Final Thoughts

Quicksand SAS 5th Gen 4Runner Build On 40s

What a great lineup of trucks we had for this week’s Feature Friday!

Each of these builds was super unique in its own way and definitely rocked that Quicksand color. But I’m a bit biased, considering this is my favorite color that Toyota has released on the TRD Pros.

Next week, we’ll be featuring Carbon Fiber Hoods on 4Runners. If you’ve been interested in investing in a full carbon fiber hood or want to learn more about how they can benefit your 4Runner, tune in for next week’s post!

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