Feature Friday: Popular Window Deflectors For The 5th Gen 4Runner

5th Gen 4Runner Lifestyle Side Window Deflectors

Popular Window Deflector Brands For The 5th Gen 4Runner – We Asked Owners Why They Chose Window Deflectors For Their Rig.

This Week’s Topic: Window Deflectors 

Welcome back to another Feature Friday! If you missed last week’s FF, we looked at several window tint options for the 4Runner.

This week, we continue the window theme in the form of aftermarket window deflectors for the Toyota 4Runner. The list is essentially all Auto Vent Shade (AVS) with the exception of one owner using 4Runner Lifestyle. However, each owner has their own reason for running window deflectors, so let’s see what they have to say!

As always, feel free to DM the owners on IG to ask any additional questions about their setup if needed.


Top Brand Featured

Why Add Window Deflectors To Your 4Runner?

WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors For the 5th Gen 4Runner

There are several aftermarket brands that offer side window deflectors for the Toyota 4Runner, along with some off-road companies that drop ship some white label products as well. As you will see below, the most popular brand on social media seems to be Auto Vent Shade (AVS).

There are two installation options offered with AVS, which are either inside or outside your window channel with 3M adhesives.

Most of the 4Runners you see in this week’s Feature Friday have the in-channel option for a more OEM+ aesthetic. This option is good, however, some brands have been reported to interfere with aftermarket window tint or affect window motor performance over time. Be sure to do your research before purchasing.

The second option for window deflectors is an outside channel mount. These window deflectors are awesome for those owners who don’t want to add any plastic that Toyota did not intend for, i.e. inside the window channel. This option is definitely a bit less subtle and you do risk them flying off on the highway if the adhesives fail (not super common if installed correctly). They are also a little more susceptible to getting hit while out on the trail.

Window deflectors offer an OEM+look while allowing for fresh air in your cabin. Having window deflectors on your 4Runner can also reduce wind noise while driving. In addition, they will keep windows and interiors dry when they’re cracked open during rain, and also help reduce interior heat when the truck is parked. Tinted options also help deter thieves from seeing that your window is cracked open.

Regardless of brand, all window deflectors typically cover the top 1-3″ area of your windows depending on the model.

Now let’s see what the owners below like about their window deflectors!

1. Rose Chen (@aura.trdpro) – Auto Vent Shade (AVS)

Auto Vent Shade Low Profile Ventvisor On Army Green 4Runner

Window Deflector Details

  • Model: Low Profile Ventvisor
  • Price: $73

What Do You Like About The Wind Deflectors You Went With?

I live in Oregon, where it rains the majority of the time. Having window deflectors allows me to still have fresh air flowing in during those rainy days without getting rain into my car. This setup was super easy; externally, I just peeled off the 3M plastic & stuck it on. It’s been holding on for quite some time now.

2. John Smith (@trdbama4r) – Auto Vent Shade (AVS)

Barcelona Red 4Runner With Victory 4x4 Full Length Roof Rack & AVS Vent Shades

Window Deflector Details

  • Model: Low Profile Ventvisor
  • Price: $73

What Do You Like About The Wind Deflectors You Went With?

I wanted window deflectors so I could still crack the windows open anytime I wanted, no matter the weather. What I didn’t want were the bulky deflectors that stuck out really far off the doors. So, I found these and gave them a shot. It was a very straightforward install, just peel and stick! They not only work perfectly but maintain a slick side profile and look, killer!

3. Rich Teixeira (@bigtextrd) – Auto Vent Shade (AVS)

Army Green 4Runner With In-Channel Wind Deflectors & Bug Guard

Window Deflector Details

  • Model: In-Channel | Smoked Deflector
  • Price: $60

What Do You Like About The Wind Deflectors You Went With?

Living in Florida, they are a huge help. Being able to leave the windows cracked open on a 100-degree day or when it’s pouring outside is a plus. Also, these deflectors are a huge help when riding with the windows down, so that you’re not getting smacked in the face with highway-speed wind.

I went with the in-channel version because I didn’t want to have double-sided tape on the door frame. The only downside is that I feel there’s more wind noise at highway speeds with the windows cracked open.

4. Drew P. (@scumbags.bigdaddyt4r) – Auto Vent Shade (AVS)

White 4Runner With Nova Series Alpharex Headlights & AVS Vent Shades

Window Deflector Details

  • Model: In-Channel Ventvisor
  • Price: $60

What Do You Like About The Wind Deflectors You Went With?

The AVS window visors were a must-have on the 4Runner. I chose the in-channel version as I’ve had bad experiences with others, and so far the in-channel version has been working great. I have not experienced any issues with the adhesive becoming non-sticky within the channel.

AVS Visors have withstood rain, dirt, branches, and all other elements I’ve encountered on the trail. For the price point, these wind visors are a must!

5. Scott Hausler (@trail_offroad) – Auto Vent Shade (AVS)

Magnetic Grey 4Runner with Kick Ass Awning & AVS Window Deflectors

Window Deflector Details

  • Model: Outside Mount Original Vent Side Window Deflector | Dark Smoke
  • Price: $40

What Do You Like About The Wind Deflectors You Went With?

I hated opening the door to the 4Runner on a hot day and jumping into an oven. The AVS window deflectors are a great way to leave the windows on my 4Runner cracked open so that the inside stays a little cooler.

It covers the windows when slightly open, so if I decide to leave the windows open on a rainy day, the inside of my 4Runner won’t get wet. Also, no one can see that the window is open, so it adds a bit of visual security in a way.

I also got them not just for functionality, but also for looks. The sides of the 4Runners were just too flat and adding the window deflectors provides a beefier look. I also like that they are strong enough to take damage while on trails, whether that be rocks flying off from other drivers’ tires, or tree branches hitting them while passing in tight spots.

6. Anthony Mendoza (@t4r08) – Auto Vent Shade (AVS)

Lunar Rock TRD Pro 4Runner With AVS Vent Shades

Window Deflector Details

  • Model: Outside Mount Original Vent Side Window Deflector
  • Price: $40

What Do You Like About The Wind Deflectors You Went With?

Adding a window deflector was one of the first additions that I made to my 4Runner. I always felt that they fit the 4Runner aesthetically, and let’s be honest, it didn’t break the bank as an intro to truck modifications.

What I really dig about the AVS brand is its simplicity and the options they offer for outside, in-channel, and low-profile arrangements. The outside mount caught my eye with its subtle bulkiness and ability to block out the rain when the window is cracked open for air. I’ve had it for over a year and can confidently report zero issues.

7. Enrique Ballesteros (@midnight_trd) – Auto Vent Shade (AVS)

Black 4Runner With Black Vent Shades & Black Wheels

Window Deflector Details

  • Model: Low Profile Ventvisor | Smoke Color
  • Price: $73

What Do You Like About The Wind Deflectors You Went With?

I like the AVS wind deflectors because of their low-profile appearance. They follow the body line of the 4Runner a lot better, while still serving a purpose. Other brands tend to stand out more and I prefer the more streamlined design.

I also like that you are still able to have the window down during light rain, without having to worry about water getting in your vehicle. I highly recommend these for anyone looking for a subtle, yet useful product.

8. Kory Tanji (@koryt4r) – 4Runner Lifestyle

Magnetic Grey 4Runner With 4Runner Lifestyle Vent Shades

Window Deflector Details

  • Model: Outside Mounted
  • Price: $80

What Do You Like About The Wind Deflectors You Went With?

I mainly have window deflectors for whenever I run errands and have to keep getting in and out of the truck. It’s nice to keep the windows cracked open while maintaining the look as if it’s still closed. It’s also convenient to have while car camping. You can crack the windows open to keep fresh air circulating and not have to worry about any rain getting in.

Final Thoughts

AVS Low-Pro Window Visors

This was definitely one of those Feature Fridays that has me looking at the featured product for my own 4Runner. I have always been a fan of the low-profile in-channel AVS deflectors, but I was always hesitant about their functionality over non-low pro options.

The thing that I love most about Feature Fridays is that you get to know actual owners’ experiences and how the products work for them! I read no complaints about the low-pro in channel window visors, so I will definitely be pulling the trigger now!

We want readers to get inspired by a variety of rigs/products. Submit your build for Feature Friday here to get featured. Next week we will be showcasing rigs with Hood Mounted Bug Deflectors, to help inspire your future modifications. If you would like to submit your build for next week, include your setup details and an awesome photo that shows it off.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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1 year ago

I’m very happy with the Ventshade models. Gets the job done and cheap on Amazon.

1 year ago

Interesting that no one went with the WeatherTech brand. I did. They are in-channel but unfortunately I could never get the rear windows to stick so I only have the front two on still. I am not sure why but it seems the 3M tape on it is not sticking. I do have a ceramic coating on my car but I do not think it is trying to adhere to it or that would probably be the reason. I actually think it is getting pulled down with the window. I want to try another brand but I do not want to get into the same problem.

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