Introducing MoonWall For The MoonShade Awning: Overall Impressions

MoonWall Attached To 4Runner

Introducing MoonWall For The MoonShade Awning – A Long-Awaited Addition To The MoonFab Family For Even More Shade & Privacy

MoonFab created something really special with their MoonShade portable awning. This awning provided plenty of coverage from the elements in a portable package that takes up less space than a folding camp chair. There was, however, one thing that was missing in my opinion, and that was an awning wall. That void has now been filled with the MoonWall.

MoonWall is an optional awning wall that attaches seamlessly to the MoonShade awning for added privacy and protection from the elements.

It is offered in both short and long lengths, to easily accommodate the height of whatever your MoonShade is attached to. You’ll likely want the long variant that attaches to the 9-ft side of the awning if you have a taller vehicle like a van. For almost every other vehicle, the short length is the perfect pairing and attaches to the 7-ft side of the awning.

When combined with the MoonShade portable awning, you’re looking at a total package weight of under 10 lbs. That is next-level portability for your camping kit and a real space saver. You won’t find this compact size anywhere else, let alone a setup that is as versatile.

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MoonWall Features

  • Color: Shadow Blue
  • Weight: 31oz or 33oz
  • Dimensions: 78″X78″ or 100″x78″
  • What’s Included:
    • Hypalon reinforced corners & Adjustable grommet webbing (18” of adjustability)
    • Black anodized aluminum G-hook with 3/4” wide webbing
    • 12” guyline cordage through webbing grommets
    • Steel ground stakes (2)
    • Carry bag with drawstring


MoonWall Product Shot

MoonWall is made out of the same lightweight, durable material that the MoonShade awning uses. It is also color-matched for continuity and aesthetic purposes.

MoonWall Logo

With Summer here, I really enjoy using the awning for some shade from the intense afternoon sun. This works perfectly in the early afternoon but as dusk approaches, the coverage ends. When the sun starts to lower, I am no longer shaded as it shines in from the side. That is no longer a problem with the MoonWall and the side protection that it provides.

The MoonWall is also designed to be mounted at a slight angle, so it increases your coverage footprint a little more as well. This creates a great little space for a small table of gear so you can free up the main coverage area. If you don’t need the extra space, MoonWall can also be mounted vertically.

MoonWall Storage Bag

Since the MoonWall is essentially a single sheet of material, it obviously packs down super small. There’s actually enough room in the MoonShade’s included storage bag to throw the MoonWall into it. I can really appreciate this as you can lose items quickly as you start to accumulate more gear.

MoonWall Upgraded Grommet Ties

MoonFab also included upgraded grommet tabs for the wall with integrated guy line ties. These will make securing the wall to the included ground stakes easier for sure. I needed to swap these out with the ones that came pre-installed and am unsure if they plan on installing the upgraded ones prior to shipment going forward.

Using MoonWall

MoonWall Set Up 3

If you thought setting up the MoonShade awning was quick, setting up the MoonWall is even quicker. Attach the wall’s grommet tabs to the awning’s support legs under the awning itself and tighten them as needed.

MoonWall Set Up

For an extra secure attachment, attach the wall’s hook to the center loop of the awning. MoonFab recommends tensioning with the provided guy lines if anything starts to sag.

That’s it, super simple. With just a couple of minutes of additional setup time, you have added protection from the elements. If you’re at a campsite and aren’t a fan of your neighbors, you can also use the wall for some added privacy.

The take-down process is to just detach the wall from the support legs, fold it up, and throw it in the MoonShade’s storage bag.

Final Thoughts

MoonWall & MoonShade Awning Set Up

I’ve been waiting for MoonFab to release an awning wall for a while now. Good things come to those who wait, and I have not been disappointed.

I was a little concerned that the wall would feel like a tacky add-on to such a high-quality awning, but that’s not the case here. The MoonWall’s quality is still top-notch, and the attachment method is solid. I don’t know if the center loop on the awning was intentionally designed for the hook of the wall, but it sure works out perfectly. I give MoonFab a lot of credit for releasing this product well after its awning and managing such seamless integration.

If you already have a MoonShade awning, the MoonWall add-on is a no-brainer. If you don’t have either product, consider investing in the MoonFab ecosystem if weight or space savings is one of your top priorities.

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1 year ago

So I have Ram Promaster and bought the MoonShade last year and have used it about 4 times. The first time I used the magnets (no rubber booties) and a small bit of wind pulled those off. So I bought the VHB bonded mounts for my next outing. Well, the VHB came apart from the mounting disk and stayed stuck to my van, ugh. Oh and not even a bit of wind on that trip.
. I got a technician in the chat since they don’t (or I can’t find) a phone number to call, they sent me two new VHB disks. The next trip to the same location, no wind and POP the other disk popped off now, I’m like really, seriously 😒. Back to email, online contact form and chat. 3.5 days later I get an email asking me how to handle this. Hmmmm. So, I asked for replacement mounts since the first set did not stick to themselves, but they sure stuck the adhesive to my van. I guess we will see how they work my request and in the meantime, I’ll be out peeling adhesive VHB off my roof.

1 year ago

You’re costing me money… 🙂

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