ARB Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit: How-To & Review

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How to Repair a Flat Tire with the ARB Speedy Seal Puncture Repair Kit: A Step by Step Guide & Review

Imagine heading down the trail and you notice that you’re going to have to cross some pretty sharp terrain. You get out and make sure your tires are aired down properly and cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly. Once you make it to the other side, you quickly realize the worst possible outcome has happened: you punctured your tire. Fortunately, you’ve got the ARB Speedy Seal Puncture Repair Kit with you to save the day.

ARB’s Speedy Seal Puncture Repair Kit can truly be a lifesaver when it comes to fixing a flat tire whether you’re on the road or on the trail. If you find yourself with a puncture in a spot that you can’t easily swap in your spare, plugging your tire might be a better option until you can get to stable ground to change out your tire.

For this review, I used my old spare tire and a screw I found in my garage. However, the same patching process will apply to you no matter the size of the hole unless your tire is punctured beyond repair. In this article, I’ll be reviewing the ARB Speedy Seal Puncture Repair Kit as well as my thoughts on the process and the kit itself. 

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Product Overview

ARB Speedy Seal Kit Contents

What’s Included:

  • Lubricant for tool insertion
  • Valve core tool
  • Spare valves and caps
  • 40 self-vulcanizing repair cords
  • Allen key
  • Blade to cut excess repair cord
  • Tire gauge (pencil-type)
  • Pliers
  • Insertion tool
  • Reamer tool

The kit comes in what feels to be a very durable, rugged plastic case.

On the inside is everything you could ever need to plug a tire, and then some. The tools felt to be of quality build and don’t seem like they’d fail even after multiple uses.

I really like that ARB decided to go with a metal reamer and insertion tool as some kits make theirs out of plastic and definitely would not hold up for long. Knowing that these are made of metal, I was comfortable with putting a lot of pressure when reaming and plugging the tire (more on that later).

ARB Speedy Seal Instructions

ARB also included detailed instructions as well as what’s inside the kit to make the kit as easy as possible to use, and they did a phenomenal job. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, and this was my first time actually plugging a tire. For another reference on how to repair a tire using a kit like this, Brenan did a great write-up on the Saftey Seal kit. Both of these are great options. 

Step 1: Assess the Damage

ARB Speedy Seal Assessing the damage

While it may not seem like it, this is actually a very important step in the process.

If your puncture is too big and beyond repair, it’s time to put your spare on or call for help. This also applies if the puncture is too close to the sidewall on the outer facing tread. In most cases, though, a puncture won’t be too big and can be easily plugged. Be aware, that when pulling out debris from your tire, the bigger the hole, the faster the air will escape. Having a portable air compressor with you is absolutely essential for this process.

Step 2: Remove the Debris and Ream the Puncture

ARB Speedy Seal Ream Tool

At this point, you’ll want to have the debris removed and the reamer ready to go. The reamer will “clean” the puncture and get it prepared for the plug. ARB recommends using some of the included lubricant, as do I. This part of the process was a little difficult and having the lubricant definitely made it easier. 

ARB Speedy Seal Using Ream Tool

Once you’ve got the reamer in the tire, move it up and down and twist it a little bit to clear out the hole.

Step 3: Plugging the Tire

ARB Speedy Seal Plugging Tire

Now that you’ve reamed the puncture, it’s time to use the insertion tool to plug the hole. Try to move as fast as you can, as the hole is now bigger and air will escape faster. Again, make sure you have an air compressor with you while doing this repair – or make sure you are within driving distance of a gas station with air services. 

ARB Speedy Seal Lubricate Tire Plug

Take one of the cords and push it through the eye of the insertion tool as shown in the photo. Try to get both ends of the cord as even as possible. This part was the hardest for me to do and definitely required some muscle. I used the provided lubricant for this part as well to try and make things a little easier. I believe my problem was that the hole was so small even after reaming that it was almost impossible to get the cord into the tire.

The picture that ARB used in their instructions showed the plug so far in the tire that there was almost no excess sticking out. However, I realized that once it got to the point that the insertion tool wouldn’t go in anymore, the tire was plugged properly.

Following the instructions, I was able to take the tool out somewhat easily, but again required a little bit of muscle. For the amount of force I was putting on that insertion tool, it didn’t bend or lose its structural integrity. This really surprised me because it appears to be a thinner metal. This just goes to show that ARB puts quality ahead of everything else. 

Step 4: Trim the Excess

ARB Speedy Seal Trim Excess

Using the included blade, trim the excess plug so that it is somewhat even with your tire. After this, inflate the tire to the desired PSI and you’re done!

Final Thoughts

ARB Speedy Seal Final Thoughts

All in all, I was very pleased with this kit. ARB really did a great job with quality in their tools and clarity in their instructions. For this being my first time ever plugging a tire, I found it very easy to do! The entire ordeal only took about 15 minutes (with taking pictures in between steps).

The only thing I wish was clarified was how deep the plug should be for the tire to be sealed, but it wasn’t hard to figure out it didn’t need to be all the way in for the tire to be sealed. Please keep in mind, that this is only a temporary fix until you can get to your local tire shop for them to professionally plug your tire. You do not want to drive on a tire plugged like this for an extended period of time.

Overall, I give this puncture kit a 9/10 for its tool quality and clear instructions. It also included a lot of extras like a pressure gauge and a valve repair kit which is awesome. If you need a puncture repair kit, definitely look no further than ARB’s Speedy Seal 2 Puncture Kit.

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2 years ago

Pricey and a cheap Walmart kit will do exactly the same thing. I think this kit is in the territory of diminishing returns.

Also an other trick is to leave a little cord sticking out and use a lighter to melt it down for a better seal.

2 years ago

I think its OK kit , many after market kits available , you can get from Walmart on super cheap price and its work fine , this kit is expensive .
Noting new invention here .

2 years ago

A must have for any overlander.

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