Rig Feature: Michael Devecchio aka “@mammoth4runner” 5th Gen 4Runner Build

Michael Devecchio (@mammoth4runner) with Addicted Offroad Front Bumper

Meet Michael Devecchio’s Fully Built Off-Road Black on Orange Spec 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

You can find Michael on Instagram: @mammoth4runner

Welcome to the first of an awesome series that we’re calling Rig Features. Every month we’re going to feature a rig from the community and highlight the mods on that build. In this Rig Feature column, we’re going to break it down into categories and then showcase a photo that’s relevant for that specific section. Unlike Feature Fridays, Rig features are one person’s build. It’s almost like a 4Runner spotlight, or “build page” if you will. Don’t get this confused with an interview either because it’s not. Interviews are a bit more personal and contain specific questions for that build, company, or person in general.

Okay, let’s jump in!

This week’s Rig Feature is on Michael Devecchio or you might know him by his Instagram handle; @Mammoth4Runner. Michael has one seriously impressive build. The styling is incredibly unique and there isn’t another 4Runner like it on the gram, or the internet in general. This Midnight Black Metallic 4Runner features orange on amber highlights throughout and is laced with extremely high-quality parts.

Up front, this build features an Addicted Offroad high clearance bumper with an amber fairlead, KC Lights with amber accents, amber d-rings, and amber gussets. In the rear, Michael is running the staggeringly high clearance Ngyuen Works bumper a single swingout, and amber/orange accents throughout. The suspension features KING shocks over Icon Vehicle Dynamics components sitting on a 1″ body lift.

For wheels and tires, Michael is running Ryder Offroad RR03 matte black -10 offset wheels wrapped in Nitto Trail Grapplers (35×12.50/17).

The extras on this 4Runner are everywhere. I don’t need to go into too much detail other than the fact that 4Runner is a straight beast. Without further ado, let’s hear what Michael has to say about his rig, and then we can jump into a detailed look at each category of this build.

Yo Michael, what do you like about this setup?

Nguyen Works Rear Bumper 5th Gen 4Runner

I love what my current setup has to offer, found a sweet spot getting the 35″ tires to fit… it’s enough to get it through some of the toughest trails.

The Addicted Offroad front bumper is one of my favorite upgrades, offers amazing protection while still staying lightweight at 115 pounds compared to most full bumpers being heavier. I’ve tried to keep the 4Runner mods lightweight where I can, all while adding the most protection possible. I am running full skids underneath which is another favorite addition to the build, although it’s pretty heavy. The steel RCI skids make for great protection and I’ve definitely given them a beating. I went with an aluminum gas tank skid to keep some of it not so heavy, though.

You wanna know about lights? I am pretty obsessed with the AlphaRex headlights and Alpharex Luxx Series tail lights. I am pretty excited to see the new tail light become available for everyone. I actually had the pleasure of test fitting these tail lights before they hit the market, I love the sleek design and AlphaRex is reliable, so I know I get to have them on the rig for a long time.

Shout out to Ryder Offroad for their awesome wheel design. I’m rocking the RR03 matte black wheels that make the build pop giving that aggressive -10 offset. Obviously, my King suspension is one of my favorites as well. Even though it’s only mid-travel, it’s perfect for what I use it for, for now. I will be going long travel in the future. I mixed my Kings with Icon UCAs, Icon rear springs, and Icon hydraulic bump stomps in the back. King and Icon are two of the best companies in the game and I was glad I was able to get both companies on the rig.

The build has been a lot of fun. I can’t wait to take it to the next level.

A lot of people ask me what drives me to modify the 4Runner and/or why I pick certain parts to run. I tend to modify the most after I run a trail. I recognize weak points and can’t really rest until it’s “fixed”. That inspiration tends to take the build to the next level each time.

Year, Trim & Color

Lifted 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner on 35" Tires

  • 2014 Toyota 4Runner SR5


5th Gen 4Runner with Ecotechne Roof Rack & Ecotechne Hood Rack

  • Nitto Trail Grapplers 35×12.50/17


Ryder Offroad RR03 Matte Black -10 Offset on 5th Gen 4Runner

  • Ryder Offroad RR03 Matte Black -10 Offset


Lifted 5th Gen 4Runner with King Shocks & BFG Tires

  • King Shocks 2.5 w/ Adjusters w/ 650lb Front Coils
  • Icon UCA
  • Freedom Offroad Rear Lower Adjustable Control Arms
  • Icon 3-Inch Rear Springs
  • Icon Hydraulic Bump Stops
  • Timbren Industries Extended Rear Bump Stop
  • Wheelers Offroad Front Super Bump Stops
  • Textr Customs Extended Rear Sway Bar Links
  • Total Chaos Spindles Gussets
  • Textr Customs 1” Body Lift


AlphaRex Headlights (NOVA) on 5th Gen 4Runner

  • AlphaRex Headlights – Nova Series
  • AlphaRex Tail Lights – Luxx series
  • KC HiLites 6-Inch Fogs
  • Diode Dynamics SSC2 Ditch Lights + Fog Lights
  • Cali Raised 42” LED Light Bar
  • Vico Offroad 6-Inch Light Bars on Side of Roof Rack
  • Lasfit Rear Pods
  • 6-Inch Rear Light Bar from Extreme LED
  • 12 Vivid Lumen Rock Lights

Body & Armor

Nguyen Works Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier for 5th Gen 4Runner

  • RCI Steel Transmission Skid
  • RCI Aluminum Lower Control Arm Skids
  • RCI Aluminum Gas Tank Skid
  • RCI Steel Lower Link Skids
  • RCI Steel Upper Link Skids
  • RCI Steel Diff Skid
  • Pelfreybilt Rock Sliders
  • Nguyen Works Rear Bumper w/ Tire Carrier
  • Addicted Offroad Front Full Bumper
  • DRT Fabrication Body Mount Relocate
  • Ecotechne Roof Rack
  • Ecotechne Traction Board Hood Rack


BFG Tires 35x12.50/17 on 5th Gen 4Runner

  • Throttle Grenade Throttle Response Controller
  • 4.88 Regear
  • Rear Eaton E-Locker

Overlanding Gear

Lifted MGM 5th Gen 4Runner with King Shocks

  • Traction Boards
  • 4Runneroffroad MOLLE Panels
  • Shovels
  • Ropes
  • First Aid
  • Tools
  • 9,000lb Badlands Winch w/ Master Pull 23,500lb Synthetic Winch Line

Editors Thoughts

This 4Runner is seriously modded out. No shortage of parts on this rig here. I know we’ve all seen Kings and Icon parts on rigs, but this build is something else. The front and rear bumper are paired incredibly well together. The Nguyen works rear bumper and tire carrier paired with the Addicted Offroad front full bumper… damn this setup is money. The black on amber/orange everything makes this build very unique. You can tell that Michael took his time in finding the right parts, powder, and/or accessories to give this rig the true @mammoth4runner identity.

You can find Michael on Instagram: @mammoth4runner

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1 year ago

I absolutely love this rig! Just started following him on YT and love the content, definitely worth checking out

1 year ago

I follow this guys Insta, awesome to see him here. Although isn’t that Magnetic Grey Metallic, and not the Black Metallic?

1 year ago

What ventshades are those?

1 year ago

Awesome build Michael. We should install a .50 cal turret on top and send it to Ukraine!

Jimmy J
Jimmy J
1 year ago

Nice! Sick rig!

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