Feature Friday: TOP 17 Super White 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Builds In 2021

Featured Photo: Nick Gaudette (@Offroaddad) 2016 Trail Edition

Mall Crawl… and Beyond! – 17 Super White 5th Gen 4Runner Builds, Everything from Mall Crawlers, to Overlanders, Offroad Builds and more

This Weeks Topic: Super White 4Runners

Well, it is time again to focus on the WHOLE RIG vs a single modification. We will be focusing on the most popular color for the 5th gen 4Runner, and that is, Super White. This Feature Friday was a fun one for me because I was able to see how different, such a common colored 4Runner can be from one another. Super White and Blizzard Pearl have had their share of “bad luck” in the past for Toyota, to the point that Toyota USA had to issue a recall for customers’ paint for both pealing and fading. Some customers’ paint peeled so bad, that you could see the bare metal, INSANE! Super White is a single-stage paint from Toyota that requires a good amount of care/wax. So keep your rig looking good and your paint shining, and you shouldn’t have an issue.

Each 4Runner listed below has its own purpose from a daily driver, to a family overland rig, and everything in between. Below you will find 17 Super White 4Runners with a handful of wheel combinations, suspension setups, RTT/roof rack options, and also one with some killer PINK powder coat!

These featured rigs are in no particular order, but definitely show all of them some love by following their builds over on Instagram.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

If you want to be featured on Feature Friday next week, submit your build through Trail4R.com/feature. We will be featuring ROCK SLIDERS next week. If this is you, and you enjoy your SLIDER setup, send in your rig some details about your build because we want to see it and know ALL the details!

17 Super White 5th Gen 4Runner Builds

1. Drew P (@Scumbags.BigDaddyT4R) 2019 SR5P

Drew P (@Scumbags.BigDaddyT4R) 2019 SR5 Premium


Suspension / Wheels / Tires:

  • Front: King Suspension Extended Travel 2.5 Inch Reservoirs with Adjusters
  • Icon Delta Joint Upper Control Arms
  • Rear: King Suspension Extended Travel 2.5 Inch Reservoirs with Adjusters
  • Icon 650lbs 4 inch Lift Springs
  • Work S1HC Gun Metal 17×8.5 -10
  • 285/70/R17 Milestar Patagonia MTs
  • WheelMate 1.5 Inch Spacers

Exterior Armor / Misc:

  • C4 Low Profile Bumper with Full Bull Bar
  • C4 High Clearance Skids Add-On
  • Rear Tire Carrier: Fabricated by Detours of Maine
  • RSG Engine / Transmission Skid
  • RSG Sliders with Top Plate and Kick Out
  • Full BMC
  • Prinsu Design Full Roof Rack
  • ARB Awning

Exterior Lighting:

  • Baja Designs 40 Inch S8 (Amber)
  • Baja Designs S2 Sport (Amber)
  • Baja Designs 30 Inch S8 (Amber)
  • Baja Designs Squadron Sport Fogs (Amber)
  • Baja Designs Squadron XLs (Amber)
  • Baja Designs Rock Lights (Bright White)
  • Alpharex Nova LED Headlights

What’s Under The Hood:

  • Odyssey 31-Series R Battery
  • Ragofab 31-Series Battery Tray
  • Big 3 Wire Upgrade – 0 Gauge Wire (Alternator / Ground / Engine Block)
  • Lighting Management: Switch Pros 8-Panel SP-9100
  • Power Tray Switch Pro Mount with Blue Sea Add-Ons
  • M.O.R.E Offroad Passenger Side ARB Compressor Mount
  • ARB Dual Air Compressor

Interior / Misc:

  • Interior Lights: Auxito LEDs
  • Ragofab Rear Modular Storage Panels
  • Ragofab Center Console Modular Panel with Bridge Add On
  • AnyTone Dual Band On Board Ham
  • Pedal Commander
  • ARB Inflation Kit
  • ARB Digital Gauge
  • PumpNDump Air Up / Air Down System


Before I even had 1500 miles on this rig, I took it to Calico, CA (Phillips Loop & Kramer’s Arch) to see what a bone stock 4Runner was capable of. To my surprise, it performed AMAZING. After that trip, the build process had begun. Every part had been thought out and planned for. I was fortunate enough in having great overland/wheeling minds around me. Being able to pick their brains during the process of this build made it fairly easy in choosing what parts to go with. If I want to hit the trails with the boys or have a weekend getaway camping trip in the desert, this rig is more than capable of that. (Or even a trip to the grocery store). Truly happy about how versatile my 4Runner has been during these last 2 1/2 years. Every stage of this build has taught me many lessons along the way. Hoping 2022 will bring more blessings and rig parts. Big shoutout to Showstoppers Off-Road, RS AutomotiveWorks, 88 Rotors Off-Road, JH Garage, and everyone else who has assisted during this builds journey! Last but not least, thank you to my SCUMBAGS OFF-ROAD FAMILY!

2. Jeremy Chambers (@white_buffalo_4r) 2017 TRD OR

Jeremy Chambers (@white_buffalo_4r) 2017 TRD OR


  • Toytec 2.5 aluma series with reservoirs
  • Radflo rear spring
  • Black Rhino Armory 17×9.5 with -18offset
  • Mickey Thompson MTZ P3 35×12.5
  • Goodridge braided extended brake lines front and rear
  • Dobinson’s extended rear sway bar links
  • Diff drop
  • RDJ trucks fender flares
  • Hefty Fabworks front bumper
  • Hefty Fabworks skid plates
  • Hefty Fabworks sliders
  • ARB diff breather
  • Smittybilt 10k winch
  • Smittybilt compressor
  • OG Fab front molle panels
  • Rago rear molle panels
  • Kylin Brimhall custom center console lid
  • Dobinson’s snorkel
  • Prinsu Full roof rack
  • Rago ditch light brackets
  • Body mount chop
  • Downhill dragon tune


We love the way the suspension feels when on and offroad. It’s extremely capable offroad with the 35s.

3. Ryan Lau (@4runnersaurus) 2021 TRD OR

Ryan Lau (@4runnersaurus) 2021 TRD OR



  • Dobinsons IMS Lift, 2.5″ Lift
  • Yokohama Geolandar MT G003 (285/70/17)
  • Stealth Custom Series Ray10 -38mm offset
  • LFD Ruggedized crossbars on factory rails
  • Specialty Products Company UCAs
  • Apex Overland front recovery points
  • Southern Style Offroad rock sliders
  • Black vinyl-wrapped front and rear valences
  • 4Runnerlifestyle license plate LED kit


  • Teton Workshop shifter
  • Lasfit LED bulb swap
  • Husky floor liners
  • Jecar MOLLE rear cargo window panels


My build is a daily driver first and a weekend warrior second. This means that it still needs to do things like fit inside parking garages and haul today’s giant stroller in the trunk.

I went with the Dobinsons IMS because it seemed like a good budget middle ground of something like the Bilstein 6112s and an entry-level ICON kit. So far, the suspension runs great off-road and is firm on pavement, in a controlled way. In addition, I also have the SPC UCAs that in combination with a fairly aggressive BMC, ensure I have zero rubbing with -38 offset wheels.

I had concerns about going with MTs for a family vehicle, but those have now gone away as the faint rolling drone actually serves as a white noise machine and the family will sleep like rocks in the back on trips. I haven’t had much of an impact on MPG and the amount of grip these Yokos provide is insane.

If you have a family (as I do), sliders or some type of side step is a must on a lifted rig – so I chose to kill two birds with one stone in the sliders to both protect it and make sure the wife could get in without hanging onto the door for dear life.

Other exterior mods include the Southern-Style Offroad rock sliders, LFD Offroad crossbars, and Stealth Custom Series Ray10s wrapped in Yokohama MTs.

A Pelican case is currently inbound to mount on the LFD Offroad crossbars, as I found out on a recent family trip that I need a bit more storage space for those longer hauls.

Inside, I’ve swapped out the interior LEDs with red bulbs to not wake the kiddo at night. Other mods include a shifter from Teton Workshops, rear headrest grab handles to get in, and added MOLLE panels to the cargo windows to mount family essentials like paper towels and first-aid.

Overall, my rig suits my needs perfectly – I don’t currently have the flexibility to go all-out on a build, but also don’t want to drive a run-of-the-mill crossover. I still love firing up that ancient V6 with the overcompensating loud start-up fan, knowing that wherever our family decides to go, we’ll get back home without a hitch.

4. Anthony Dilone (@OstaraHTX) 2015 Trail Edition

Anthony Dilone (@OstaraHTX) 2015 Trail Edition


  • Bf Goodrich KO2 275/70/17
  • Fuel Off-Road JM2 17×8.5 -6
  • Toytec/Bilstein 5100 3″ lift
  • RSG angled Sliders w/ Kickout
  • Baja Designs XL Sport Spots (5)
  • Baja Designs XL Sport Amber Combo (2)
  • Baja Designs XL Sport Amber WC (2)
  • Baja Designs S2 Sport Combo Ditch Lights
  • Baja Designs Squadron Sport WC fog lights
  • Xenon Depo LED Headlights
  • STL Striker TIR 6 Amber Traffic Advisor
  • Off-Grid Engineering 2nd Battery Tray
  • Off-Grid Engineering Blue Sea Power Outlet
  • Shrockworks Power Distribution Unit
  • AirOnBoard factory Switches
  • Goose Gear Rear Platform
  • ARB 47q Zero Fridge
  • ARB Zero slide and Tie-Downs
  • Rago fabrication Rear Molly Panel
  • Baja Rack Roof Rack & Ladder,
  • Baja Rack Hilift Mount & Jerry Can holder
  • ARB 2000 awning and Room
  • 100w Renogy Solar RV Kit


My favorite thing has to be my Solar Setup! It’s a nerd flex but I love it. After installing the Renogy 100w panel my fridge is completely powered by the sun full time. I don’t have to worry at all about my fridge losing power. Food and drinks stay cold. I mounted the panel on my roof with the ability to tilt to get extra light during certain hours. One cool thing is that Renogy has an app that you can connect via Bluetooth to the system to check all vitals and what your battery charge rate is at. If you upgrade to their batteries and inverter you can also see consumption rates as well. I do not have this capability right now, but when it’s time to upgrade from my deep cycle battery there will be an enhanced experience via the app. Something to look forward to as I continue the build-out.

5. Taya Coleman (@atr_coleman) 2020 SR5P

Taya Coleman (@atr_coleman) 2020 SR5P


  • Dobinson’s MRR’s
  • GRID off-road GD15’s
  • 35’s Toyo AT3’s
  • Regeared and locked
  • C4 lo pro front bumper
  • Ironman4x4 9.5k winch
  • BAMF sliders
  • Ironman4x4 full skids
  • RIGD ultra swing with a full-size spare
  • C4 hatch ladder
  • Prinsu full rack with mounted ROAM Adventure boxes
  • Ironman4x4 awning
  • Baja designs for accessory lighting
  • SPOD accessory control panel
  • Alpharexx’s headlights
  • Victory4x4 molle panels
  • DIY drawer and fridge system


It’s the perfect balance of everyday city driving and week-long off-grid adventuring. I can fit my two large dogs and all the gear for a fun camping trip. I got the premium for the softex and heated seats…. the best investment ever.

6. Mark Mollat (@Ofrd_adv) 2019 TRD ORP

Mark Mollat (@Ofrd_adv) 2019 TRD ORP


  • 3” Toytec Aluma Series Boss Suspension
  • Camburg UCA
  • SCS SR8 Brush Copper 17×8.5” -10mm
  • SpiderTrax 1.25” spacers
  • Falken Wildpeak MT-01 285/70/17
  • C4 LoPro Bumper
  • Warn EVO 10S
  • Factor55 Fairlead
  • Factor55 Flatlink E
  • Baja Design Fogs
  • Yotaleds Raptor Lights
  • Baja Design S2 Sport
  • Rago Ditch Bracket
  • KCHilite Cyclone hood light kit
  • SwitchPros
  • ARB Onboard Compressor
  • Prinsu Full Length Rack
  • CaliRaised 42” lightbar
  • MaxTrax Boards
  • Plano Storage bins
  • Rigid Armor Hitch Tire Carrier
  • Gobi Ladder
  • HeftyFabworks Sliders
  • JOE Side Load Access Panel
  • Rotopax fuel
  • CTH Convex Mirror
  • TRD Pro Grille
  • iCOM 2730a Ham Mobile Radio
  • OEDRO Floor Mats
  • CTH Android T10 Headunit
  • 67 Designs Accessory Track Mount
  • Jeep Unique Boafeng/iCOM Mount
  • BlackVue Dash Camera
  • Valentine One Radar Detector
  • Meso Custom Flip Fob Key
  • Aiden Custom Relocation Rear Camera
  • CTH Sequential LED Signals
  • Lasfit LED Turn Signals
  • LED Headlight
  • SD Off-Road Tray For Switch Pro
  • CTEK Sense Battery Monitor
  • Scan Gauge 2
  • SDHQ Battery Terminals
  • Shovel & Mount


What I like most about this setup is that it keeps my rig relatively lightweight. I know we can sometimes get carried away with adding everything out there. For me, this is perfect for the weekend adventure from light to medium wheeling yet still being a daily driver with decent miles per gallon. The mods selected on this build were chosen based on the type of wheeling I do. From the bumper to allow a winch for those times I get into situations, to lights for night wheeling. I’m sure things will as change many builds do, but for now, at its current state, and it has been solid.

7. Mike Williams (@Bonebroke_pro) 2015 TRD Pro

Mike Williams (@Bonebroke_pro) 2015 TRD Pro


  • Up front: Fox 2.5 extended travels with resi’s, and Dobinsons UCA’s.
  • In Back: Fox 2.0 extended travel with resi’s and Dobinsons springs.
  • Durobumps bump stops all around.
  • Wheels: SCS Ray 10 17×9 – 38 offset.
  • Tires: Yokohama Geolander M/T 295/70r17
  • Gobi roof rack and ladder, 
  • Element LED 40” light bar, 
  • Cali-Raised ditch lights, 
  • Baja Designs S2 sport amber chase lights, 
  • Xenon Depot HID headlights and amber fog lights
  • Eezi-Awn K9 max trax mounts
  • Front Runner Jerry can holder
  • Dobinsons snorkel body with Snorkel Upgrade Sy-Klone pre-filter
  • ARB Rear diff breather
  • RCI steel engine, transmission and t-case skids
  • Rigd Ultraswing with backup camera relocation kit
  • Avid Offroad sliders


I love the wheels, tire, and suspension setup which has performed flawlessly no matter where we go. Also, love the basket-style Gobi rack which is a necessity for all the extra camping gear.

8. Rommel Lalunio (@supreme4runnin) 2014 Trail Edition

Rommel Lalunio (@supreme4runnin) 2014 Trail Edition


  • King ext travel shocks 
  • SCS Gen 5 white 
  • 315/70/17 BFG KM3
  • Outgear solutions roof rack
  • Out gear solutions heavy BMC w/ fender arch trim
  • 4.88 nitro gears 
  • CBI front aluminum bumper with smitty 10k synthetic line
  • Rear brute force fab bumper dual swing outs
  • ARB onboard air w/ rago mount
  • Switch-Pros 9100 


I like that these are the cleanest front and rear bumpers aesthetically IMO. Also, white on white wheels to be a tad different than your typical white 5th gen, so I like the uniqueness. 

9. Brian Beeck (@BrianBeeck) 2015 SR5

Brian Beeck (@BrianBeeck) 2015 SR5


  • Dobinsons front and rear suspension.
  • 2.5” front lift
  • Twin tube fixed mount shocks
  • 2” rear lift
  • Icon Tubular Upper Control Arms
  • BFG Ko2 285/70/R17 C load tired
  • Pro Comp phaser 41 17×9 wheels
  • Ripp Superchargers performance coil packs
  • Prinsu Design full length non drill roof rack
  • Full interior LED swap
  • Rago Fab Molle Panels and Shelf
  • Ellis Precision T4R shift knob
  • Baja Designs Squadron Sport fog light kit
  • TRD pro-style grille swap
  • Gobi Ladder
  • Viper Cut


I love how it is just enough without being too much. I can take it from the beach in Santa Cruz to snowboarding in Tahoe and I don’t feel out of place. I love the look the Viper Cut gives it with the tires and the tread of the Ko2 tires. I love that I can throw anything on the top I want and head out camping or just strap 2 kayaks on the rack and then the paddleboard through the back window and get out of town.
It runs like a champ, ride height is perfect as well as how it handles the road rain or shine. It fits exactly what I want and need from it. Navigating through the snow in the winter and heading to the lake in the summer, and every daily commute to work (Kaiser) in between. My kids love it and so does my fiancé (who has a 2016 MGM SR5).

10. Eduardo Ramirez (@_.stay.golden._) 2015 SR5

Eduardo Ramirez (@_.stay.golden._) 2015 SR5


  • Stage 5 Icon Lift Kit
  • Falken Wildpeak ATW3
  • ATX Wheels
  • ADV Fiberglass Fenders
  • Metal Tech 4×4 front bumper
  • Metal Tech 4×4 Rock Sliders
  • Southern Style Offroad Roof Rack
  • Rago Fabrication MOLLE Panels


Gives me access to many trails and the ride isn’t too stiff or too soft.

11. Kevin Huynh (@panda_t4r) 2016 Trail Edition Premium 

Kevin Huynh (@panda_t4r) 2016 Trail Edition Premium


  • 305/70/17 Toyo AT3 Open Country
  • Volk TE-37XT Blast Black
  • Kings shocks extended travel w/ KDSS 
  • Dobinson 3inch springs, 
  • Dirtking UCA, 
  • Durabump Bumpstops, 
  • Eimkeith PCK
  • Rago rear shock protector
  • Frontrunner Slimline 2 w/ a 
  • Rooftnest 50inch Falcon
  • Baja Design upfront 40inch onx6 
  • 4 Baja Design s2 scene lights 
  • 2 s2’s for ditch lights, and 
  • ARB 2000 awning
  • Strongbox w/ 40liter Dometic fridge
  • Hardwire ham radio w/ external speaker and Diamond 30inch antenna.
  • Rago mollie panels
  • Rago bridge panels
  • C4 front overland bumper w/ Baja design LP6’s, a 
  • 30inch s8, factor 55 flatlink and fairlead
  • C4 rear single swing bumper w/ baja design s2 scene lights, expedition essential propane mount, 2 rotopaxs, rototrax, also has a waterport attachment.
  • C4 rear diff skid
  • ARB Snorkel
  • RCI Sliders
  • RCI Front Skids


What I like the most about my set-up is that it is very simple and everything on this rig serves a purpose. From low weight wheel set up to the correct lens on the lights. There is nothing on this rig that serves no purpose. I am ready to camp at a moment’s notice.

12. Nick Gaudette (@Offroaddad) 2016 Trail Edition

Nick Gaudette (@Offroaddad) 2016 Trail Edition


  • Icon 2.5 w/CDCV front and rear with 3” rear springs
  • Total chaos UCA
  • Falken Wild Peak 285/70/17
  • Method 702 bronze wheels
  • Gobi stealth rack no-rise w/shovel mount
  • C4 lo-pro front bumper mid height
  • Warn Zeon 10-s platinum
  • C4 sliders with steps
  • Rigd rear tire carrier
  • OEM audio+ single sub/dual amp
  • Yaesu ham radio
  • Garmin GPS
  • ICS fab dash mount (switching to Ravi dash mount)
  • Rago fab rear molle panels with shelf
  • Magnuson Supercharger
  • TRD intake
  • iKamper skycamp 2.0 w/annex and awning
  • Rotora 6piston front 4 piston rear big brake kit
  • Diode Dynamics pro fogs
  • Diode Dynamics ssc 2 pro rear rack lights
  • Baja design 30” S8 amber
  • Kuston 54 AB6 headlights


The supercharger makes for great daily driver characteristics. The suspension performs flawlessly off-road.

13. Jeremy Friedman (@friedman_adventures_4rnr) 2018 TRD ORP

Jeremy Friedman (@friedman_adventures_4rnr) 2018 TRD ORP


  • Armor – Relentless Fab, SSO
  • Wheels & Tires – Black Rhino, BF Goodrich
  • Suspension – Icon, Dobinson
  • Recovery – x2o, Factor 55, ARB, Maxtrax, Safe Jack, Morreflate
  • Lights – KC, Rigid, Diode Dynamics
  • Engine – AFE, ARB
  • Camp – iKamper, Iceco, Jackery, Front Runner, Roam
  • Other – Rigd


What I love about this setup is it provides me and my family to get out there to continue our adventure of creating memories and capturing experiences.

14. Ruby Villalobos (@Bitchinbetty4r) 2019 SR5

Ruby Villalobos (@Bitchinbetty4r) 2019 SR5


Exterior Mods:

  • Suspension: Bilstein 5100 set at 2 1/2” of lift with OME (Old Man Emu) 880 Coil Springs in the rear
  • Tires: Nitto Ridge Grapplers All-Season Radial Tire-LT275/70R18 E
  • Wheels: 18×9 Mayhem 8015 Warrior Matte Black, -12mm offset
  • Front Bumper Setup: Southern Style Offroad (SSO) Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper w/20” HEISE LED light bar. Also added SSO Stage 2 High Clearance Protection pieces.
  • Winch: Smittybilt X2O 10K Waterproof Synthetic Rope 10klb Wireless Winch, Gen2 with Fairlead
  • Amazon Ditch Lights, until we upgrade them!
  • Raptor style LED lights in the front grille
  • Lamin-X Fog Light Covers, over OEM fog lights; in ‘pink’ (since I get asked ALL the time about those!)
  • Rigid Radiance+ 30” Amber Backlight LightBar
  • Roof Rack: Gobi 5th Gen Stealth Rack
  • ARB 2500×2500 Touring Awning w/ light.
  • We also have the ARB deluxe annex room with floor which is awesome for camping out!
  • SSO 5th Gen 2010+ 4Runner Rock Sliders with custom color design.
  • Custom Powdercoat Pink items: with Prismatic Powders in ‘Sassy Pink’ solid color, topped with ‘Clear Lights’ clear coat.
  • Custom Powdercoated rear items: Prismatic Powders-Alpine White to match close to Toyota Super White 040 paint for the rear bumper.
  • Coastal Offroad 5th Gen 4Runner Low Profile Rear Bumper with duel Jerry Can and Spare Tire Swing Outs

Interior Mods:

  • Upgraded all interior lighting to LED light bulbs
  • Radio Head Unit: Kenwood DMX1057DR Excelon 10.1” Floating Radio
  • Custom powder coated pink Molle panels
  • Homemade drawer system: Credit is due to my husband who took the time to make a drawer system that still allows us to have the rear seats up to use.


Having the custom pink powder coating done has definitely made my ride stand out in a sea of white 4Runners. I didn’t want a ton of pink on my ride, but just enough to make it stand out. We powder coated the front & rear D-Ring shackles, winch fairlead, tow hitch receiver, and the SSO sliders (custom color layout), and our shovel because why not!

One thing I learned when looking for the pink I ordered, was that not all “pink” is a true pink! Some were purple, some were peachy colored.

I am glad I took the time to order the swatches before jumping the gun and sending a color to my powder coat guy. I also learned you can’t expect to get the powder coat color from the swatch if the item was not already chromed. That definitely played into choosing our custom color, as I did not want the unnecessary cost of chroming pieces before powder coating them with a whole different color!

My best interior upgrade is the radio head unit, one of the best upgrades I’ve done! The only downside is that it does stick out, and partially blocks the air vents. However, this is a minor inconvenience for what this radio head unit offers! Toyota did NOT upgrade the head unit to connect for Apple CarPlay in their 2019 models which were pretty rudimentary for being such a newer vehicle. I can go more in-depth just on this head unit, but that’s another story. I highly recommend it!

The build is never done, as there is always something that can be done to help improve your ride and help make trail runs safer!

15. Sean Migone (@mig_rnr) 2020 TRD Pro

Sean Migone (@mig_rnr) 2020 TRD Pro



  • Wescott Designs FOX TRD Pro 2” Lift
  • BMC by CTM Customs (My local shop)
  • Suspersprings International SUMO Springs Rear Bump Stops

Wheels/ Tires:

  • Black Rhino Amory Gunblack 17×9.5 +6 Offset
  • Spider Trax 1.25” Wheel Spacers
  • Cooper Evolution M/T 285x70R17


  • Prinsu Design Non-Drill Full Size Roof Rack
  • AREA BFE Black Series Aluminum Hardshell RTT (small)
  • AREA BFE Awning
  • AREA BFE Roof Rack w/ Apache 9800 Storage Cases x2
  • MAXTRAX MKII Traction Boards x2 mounted to RTT W/ upTop Overland Trac Mount


  • C4 Fab Lopro Winch Bumper w/ High Bull Bar
  • Smittybilt X20 Comp 10k Winch
  • Factor 55 Flatlink & Fairlead
  • C4 Fab Summit Hatch Ladder
  • RSG Metalworks Angled Rocksliders
  • DRT Fab Hitch Skid
  • TRD PRO Factory Skid Plate
  • RiGd Supply Ultraswing w/ Frontrunner Camp Table & Hi-Lift Mount
  • Hi-Lift Jack X-Treme

Under the Hood:

  • K&N Cold Air Intake
  • Odyssey Group 31 AGM Battery w/ R4T Terminals
  • Overland Equipped AUX Power Kit


  • RAGO FAB Rear MOLLE Storage Panels
  • RAGO FAB Center Console MOLLE Storage Panel
  • Center Console COMBO Safe
  • ICS FAB USB Powered Dash Mount w/ RAM Mounts x3


  • CALI RAISED LED 43” Amber/White Combo Beam
  • Lightbar (roof rack)
  • Extreme LED X6S 30” Amber/White Combo Beam Lightbar (bumper)
  • Baja Designs S2 Pro Combo Flood/Spot Ditch Lights
  • XENON DEPOT LED Low/High Beam & Reverse Light
  • VLEDS Interior Swap


  • GARMIN inReach
  • MIDLAND GXT1030 VP4 GMRS Handheld
  • WeBoost Drive Reach OTR


  • ICECO VL60 D Fridge/Freezer
  • Hi-Lift Jack accessories kit
  • GearAmerica Off-Road Recovery Kit
  • VIAIR 400P Compressor
  • Fasterflate Multi-Tire Inflation/Deflation System


I’m a “buy once, cry once” kind of guy, but I also am on a budget. I did a lot of research on every mod I did to my rig before purchasing anything to try to get the most bang for my buck, but also trying not to sacrifice quality. I definitely can say that doing most of the work myself was probably the most enjoyable part of my build. Any work that I could not perform myself, was passed on to a local shop in my town that does exceptional work. I still look forward to more self-installed mods. Turning my GF onto the exciting world of Overlanding, and meeting all the great people along the way is something I always enjoy. Get out there and explore !!

16. Samuel Wilkie (@samhateshashtags) 2020 TRD ORP W/ KDSS

Samuel Wilkie (@samhateshashtags) 2020 TRD ORP W/ KDSS


Go-fun Mods:

  • Method 701s (Black, 0, -4.875)
  • Eibach Stage 2 Suspension (2″ Front and Back, Load Leveling 250 Adjustable Rear)
  • Uptop Overland Bravo v3
  • C4 Hatch Ladder
  • Victory 4×4 Strike Sliders, 0 deg
  • Nitto G2 (now with 285s, for extra funsies)
  • BD Sae Fogs, Amber

Camp life/Remote Work Mods:

  • Roam Adventure Awning, Annex, 95L Case
  • Ceramic Tint (It be hot out there)
  • Recovery stuff (ActionTrax, Ironman 4×4 rope, shackles)
  • Viair 300 and MORRFlate quad system
  • Dometic 55IM and EcoFlow Delta 1300 with cheap Chinese panels
  • Blackout Emblems for +5HP
  • Remote Rear Window mod
  • Always on power
  • Waterport Weekender


Everything has a purpose. I spent hours researching (big up, Trail4r) and chatting with the community to build a trail-friendly, 95% road, and remote-worthy rig with a ton of interior space. Traveling to different trails, routes and excursions require a lot of road travel, so I made sure that I had the wheels to take a beating and tires that could handle 90% of what I wanted. I’ve done parts of Fordyce, lots of spots on the Rubicon, and most of the Oregon Coast with this loadout.

The camp gear is essential to my trips. The Waterport Weekender for showers and dishes, fridge for chilly C- and EcoFlow for the work/life balance. Roam makes phenomenal (and sometimes expensive) products, but that awning has gotten a lot more useful than I would’ve imagined. I really value having a cozy interior so the roof rack was a must. The sliders have been rested on (almost full weight). The ladder helps me get to my storage bags, and also allows me to steadily target shoot.

It’s a build that allows me to trek alone or with my family (better half pictured). And that’s what I value most

17. Tim Curley (@milk.wagon) 2018 SR5

Tim Curley (@milk.wagon) 2018 SR5


  • Dobinsons MRR Suspension (4″ front/4.5″ long-travel rear)
  • Dobinsons Rear Adjustable Upper and Lower Control Arms
  • Dobinsons Adjustable Panhard Bar
  • Rear Sway Bar Delete
  • Dirt King Tubular Front Upper Control Arms
  • Toytec 1” Body Lift
  • Durobumps Bump Stops
  • Relocated Gibson Catback Exhaust into Rear Bumper
  • Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003 (35×12.50×17)
  • Fuel Hostage 17×9 -18mm offset
  • 1.25” Spidertrax spacers
  • Road Armor Low Profile Front Bumper
  • Warn Evo 10 Winch
  • Alpharex Pro Series Headlights with LED conversion
  • Aiden James Customs Fog Light Bezels
  • Diode Dynamics SS3 Pro Fog Lights
  • Cali Raised LED Hidden Grill LED Lightbar Bracket Kit
  • Nilight 32″ Spot/Flood Lightbar x 2
  • 4WDKING 30″ Spot/Flood Lightbar
  • JOATO Rooftop Tent
  • Alpha Foxtrot Design Roof Rack
  • Alpha Foxtrot Design Side Panel Accessory Panel
  • Alpha Foxtrot Design Ladder
  • Nilight 41″ Spot/Flood Lightbar
  • Rotopax 2.25 gal Gas Cans x 2
  • Roam Adventure Co. 6.5ft. Awning with Detachable Walls/Floor
  • Rigd Ultraswing Tire Carrier with UltraTable
  • Rago Hi-Vert Hi-Lift Jack Mount with License Plate Mount
  • Shrockworks Rock Sliders
  • Shrockworks Steel Skid Plates
  • S&B Cold Air Intake
  • Sprint Booster
  • ARB Differential Breather
  • JLT Oil Catch Can
  • Toytec Diff Drop Kit
  • CTH T10 9” Head Unit
  • Focal Speaker System
  • Kilmat 66 Sound Deadening rubber and foam (entire cabin)
  • Aiden James Customs Gear Plate
  • ICECO 60L Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer
  • Alpha Foxtrot Design Rear Molle Panels and Shelf
  • Midland MXT115VP3 MicroMobile Bundle
  • Teton Workshop Custom Shifter
  • Full Carbon Fiber interior inlay kit
  • Carbon Fiber Steering wheel from ISAutoGroup


Being the foundation of my whole build, the Dobinson’s MRR suspension has to be my favorite part of my rig. Once I began adding more weight to my build, I knew I was going to need to upgrade my suspension and not cheap out on it. Since I loved my previous Dobinson’s twin-tube suspension, I opted for their premium MRR kit with full long travel in the rear. It’s been a blast dialing in the long travel and I’ve been amazed at how much the extra flex and articulation helps while rock crawling. I didn’t want to be limited to what kind of wheeling I could do because I added an RTT and the Dobinson’s helped me with just that. I’m now able to be comfortably loaded with all my camp gear while wheeling as hard as I’d like, whether it be climbing rocks or blasting 50mph down fire roads.

Final Thoughts:

Well, I hope that if you are a Super White 4Runner owner, that you gained some inspiration from this week’s Feature Friday. I also hope that everyone was about to get some upgrade ideas for their build as well because as we all know, the build is never finished. Right?!? Thanks all for your time! Seeya next week!

If you would like to be considered for next week’s Feature Friday, we will be showcasing some ROCK SLIDERS (for 5th Gen 4Runners). We want to get inspired by a variety of setups, submit your build for Feature Friday and you might get featured. If you would like to submit your build for next week, include your setup details and an awesome photo that shows it off. Have a great weekend guys!!

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Scott Teepen
Scott Teepen
2 years ago

Awe man! I didn’t make the cut!

Scott Teepen
Scott Teepen
2 years ago
Reply to  Scott Teepen


2 years ago

Nobody with a Limited? I well and truly get that the other trims are incredible, but Ls deserve love too! Working on mine and it’s a little sad not to see some Limited love. 🙁

1 year ago
Reply to  Fred

I have the LE covered. Soon no one will mess with me at the Mall!

2 years ago

where is @4runnerconnor on here!!

Patrick Lawrence
Patrick Lawrence
2 years ago

2014 Super White SR5 owner…love the guys rocking the SR5s. It seems like the TRD Pro & OR/Trails get all of the spotlight…SR5s can do the business also.

Ryan L
2 years ago

Super white might be as delicate as baby’s skin, but I love it – mine gets chipped just from ripping down forest roads haha.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ryan L

Glad (I guess) to see I’m not the only one. Bought a 2021 Venture in February and had over 20 rock chips before I’d had it 2 weeks. All highway driving. Not very impressed to say the least. Surprised there hasn’t been a recall.

Jeremy Chambers
Jeremy Chambers
2 years ago
Reply to  Jared

I have to agree it’s been that way with ours as well and the Tundra we used to own was that way as well.

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