Overlvnd 4Runner Liftgate Strap for 5th Gen 4Runner

Overlvnd 4Runner Liftgate Strap for 5th Gen 4Runner

MightyKillers / Overlvnd Brand Liftgate Strap for 5th Gen 4Runner – Super High-Quality Rear Hatch Door Lift Gate Pull Strap

If you spend some time on any of the Facebook groups, forums, or blog sites like this one, you always hear the people who hate spending money on cosmetic mods for their vehicles; and seem to have even stronger opinions about people who do spend money on these mods. If you are one of those people, this write-up may not be for you. But if you are one of those people who likes modding your 4Runner whether it is for performance or cosmetics, then keep reading!

If you have not heard of Mighty Killers, they identify themselves as “A creative project brand focusing on designing everyday clothes and work-life goods.” In other words, they are a lifestyle brand that makes kick-ass products and merch that look super cool and are also functional. Some of the products they offer are clothing, hats, mugs, decals, and even a sweet tote. But don’t let me do all of the talking, you should check them out for yourself either on their site or their Instagram.

Now for the topic, today we are taking a look at the MightyKiller’s brand Overlvnd. They have a few different variations and colors of the strap we are going to be taking a look at and installing today. That includes the key strap, wrist strap (for a camera or phone case), and the 4Runner Liftgate strap we will be installing today.

I want to start off by saying, this thing is super high quality and likely won’t break after years of use. I have seen the pictures online of the OEM Strap breaking from opening and closing the liftgate strap, or from the doggos, and it is not pretty. Mine has not broken yet, so I am future-proofing with this one. Now that you are all warmed up with what this thing is, let’s dive into how it is installed.

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Installing The Strap

It took me less than 5 minutes to install this kick-ass liftgate strap. It took longer to take the pictures for the install.

You only need two tools:

  • A Plastic Pry Tool
  • 10 mm Socket Wrench

No really, that’s it, just those two things. Now for the install!

Factory Strap

Here is what the old strap looks like for a before and after. We want to start by removing the strap from the 4Runner.

Step 1 – Remove the cosmetic cover

This is pretty simple, but you can see that Toyota left a small notch on here for easy removal of this cover. Place your pry tool in between the cosmetic pieces, and pry it off. Take care not to pull down too hard so you do not break the clips.

Step 2 – Remove Old Starp & Install New Strap

Place your 10 mm socket wrench in the opening and untighten the bolt holding the old strap into place.

Take care to put the strap on in the correct direction, as in the picture above. Using the same bolt we just took off, tighten it back up with the new strap installed.

Step 4 – Replace the cosmetic cover

This time all you have to do is pop that back into place.

Step 5 – Take a step back and stand in awe

Overlvnd 4Runner Liftgate Strap for 5th Gen 4Runner

That’s it! It probably took you longer to read this article than it will take you to do it yourself! Like I said earlier, it took longer for me to take the photos for this post than it did for me to actually do the install itself. But I absolutely love how this thing looks on my 4Runner, as well as the functionality of it. I hope you like it just as much!

Keep it real, and hit us up with any questions in the comments below! ✌🏽

Update Design

If you enjoyed reading about the first version of this strap, you are going to love what they did with this one! Our friends over at Mighty Killers really outdid themselves. They updated the strap to be more compact and included a D-Ring for you to hang items on. Use your imagination with this one! Take a look through this article to see how it is installed, all the steps for the first strap install apply here.

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Allen Wheeler
Allen Wheeler
2 years ago

I have one of these. Super thick and beefy. Basically twice the width of the factory strap. Feels like a hand-made product or something..not something mass produced with cheap materials. Expensive for a strap but it’s dope and the logo is pretty cool.

2 years ago

Ouch, $65 for a strap !

2 years ago
Reply to  Karl

EXACTLY… here’s a USA made one for $20:
Granted it is no where near as cool looking as this Mighty Killers one.

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