Relations Race Wheels Dropped a New Line of Forged Monoblocks – And They Are Straight Fire!

Relations Race Wheels Forged Monoblock Wheels for 4Runner and TacomaFeatured: RR8-S (Smooth Lip) left & RR8-H (Hybrid Beadlock) right 

RRW Just Released Its New Line of Forged Monoblocks – Complete with True Beadlocks, Billet Center Caps & More

Just when we thought the Relations Race Wheels offerings couldn’t get any better, they drop an all-new line of forged monoblock hybrid beadlocks, and the designs are straight fire.

For the most part, wheels are a personal preference but I think these wheels are pretty rad!

This newly released line of wheels focuses on a manufacturing process (forged) that makes the construction much stronger when compared to traditional cast wheels. On top of their forged manufacturing process, RRW has introduced the ability to run your wheels as a true beadlock or a traditional wheel and they top it off with all-new machined billet center caps.

They refer to the new wheel as a hybrid and you will see that referred to within their model names with an H appended to the end (RR2-H). They also offer a smooth lip, so if you don’t want the beadlock look or hybrid wheel, you have the option to run a smooth lip. This is referred to within their model names with an S appended to the end (RR2-S).

They just launched five new wheel designs that all come in an H/Hybrid or S/Smooth Lip, and today, we are going to give you the first look. Additionally, you have three color specs to choose from within each design: matte gunmetal, matte bronze or matte black.

Forged vs. Cast Wheels

RR8-S (Hybrid Beadlock)Featured: RR8-S (Smooth Lip)

To put it simply, forged wheels are lighter and stronger than cast wheels.

Forged wheels are manufactured from a large piece of solid metal. The metal is brought to extreme temperatures and then pressed into shape. This process causes the forged wheels to be much stronger than the cast wheels due to the grain refinement. The actual compound in the wheel is more granular which makes for more structural integrity with less material compared to a cast wheel.

Forged wheels offer several advantages. The manufacturing process results in a stronger wheel by eliminating cavities, porosity and shrinkage. Due to its tighter grain structure, forged wheels are also mechanically stronger, ensuring better wear resistance over time. You also get better performance and handling because of this process.  Read more on Forged Vs. Cast Wheels.

Unlike forged wheels, where the metal is pressed into a mold, cast wheels go through a manufacturing process that involves pouring molten aluminum into a mold. Once the aluminum cools within that mold, it is then cut to the final shape, trimmed and drilled to perfection. Casting wheels are very common and inexpensive but it has disadvantages like a weaker, heavier wheel, comparatively speaking.

What are Monoblocks? 

The term “Monoblock” is used throughout the industry to describe the 1-piece forged wheels. “Mono” meaning one, and “Block” meaning it was created from one block of aluminum. Read more.

Hybrid Wheels

RRW (RR8-H) True Beadlock 17" Wheel for Tacoma and 4RunnerFeatured: RR8-H (Hybrid Beadlock)

Hybrid wheels offer you the ability to run your tires as a true beadlock or a traditional wheel. You have the option of mounting the bead of your tire on a regular wheel lip or you can remove the beadlock ring and lock the bead to the wheel.

This style of wheel is great for anyone who is concerned about running DOT approved on-road wheels and who still wants to run a true beadlock. And, even though beadlock wheels aren’t technically illegal, you can still get a fix-it ticket for them. It’s rare when this happens. I’ve never seen it happen, but you will see a handful of conversations in forums where some claim they know someone who got a ticket one time for running beadlocks on-road. It’s kind of a joke, honestly.

Find them online: 


Relations Race Wheels - RR2-H (Hybrid Beadlock) Off-Road Wheels 6-SpokeFeatured: RR2-H (Hybrid Beadlock) Matte Black

This is your classic 6-spoke design that many wheels on the market feature. Classic and timeless — you can’t go wrong with a 6-spoke. This one, however, is obviously forged and can be run as a true beadlock.


RR5-H (Hybrid Beadlock) 17" Off-Road Wheels for Toyota Tacoma and 4RunnerFeatured: RR5-H (Hybrid Beadlock) Matte Bronze

The RR5 features a really unique 6-spoke design. This is the wheel that I am running on Jade. Pictured here is the RR5-H in matte bronze with billet center caps. For more shots of this in gunmetal grey on the MGM 4Runner, check out the ARB BP-51 post.


RR6-H (Hybrid Beadlock) 17" Off-Road Wheels for Toyota Tacoma and 4RunnerFeatured: RR6-H (Hybrid Beadlock) Matt Bronze

The RR6 features a stunning 15 spoke design. Each of the spokes features a smooth face from the inside edge to the outside edge. For more shots on this wheel, check them out on Konrad’s 3rd Gen Tacoma.


Relations Race Wheels (RR7) Forged Monoblocks for 4Runner and TacomaFeatured: RR7-H (Hybrid Beadlock) Matte Bronze

The RR7 is very similar to the RR6. Both wheels feature the hard to miss 15 spoke design, however, the RR7 has a slight edge that slants up into the spoke before connecting to the outside diameter of the wheel.


RR8-H (Hybrid Beadlock) 17" Off-Road Wheels for Toyota Tacoma and 4RunnerFeatured: RR8-H (Hybrid Beadlock)

The RR8 features a 10-spoke design with a beveled edge on each side of the spoke. The highlights and whites on this wheel really make it stand out against the rest of the line-up.

Final Thoughts

Beadlock Ring on RRW Wheels - 17" for Tacoma and 4Runner

After many requests from the off-road and overland community, RRW finally released their forged monoblock hybrid beadlocks. I don’t think I need to say anything else about the beauty of these wheels.

The designs speak for themselves. Furthermore, RRW has a solid background in producing high-quality off-road wheels. If you choose to run a set of these, I highly doubt you will be disappointed.

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5 months ago

Man these wheels look so good. We’re currently running the RR8-H (hybrids) with the raw billet beadlock rings wrapped in 35×12.5R17 Toyo M/Ts. Man this is a good look.

6 months ago

Yeah it’s pricey but there’s a reason why the TRD FORGED wheels are also just about $350/wheel.. they are incredibly strong, have higher manufacturing standards and typically a better warranty. Forged wheels are designed to withstand bigger hits and show less deep dig impacts upon rash hits. Overall a stronger wheel. It’s nice to see new forged options coming out. Thanks for sharing.

7 months ago

You can count me out of the forged wheels. Way out of my budget but those 6-spokes are so cool. Highly considering these in the cast version. Thanks for sharing this!

Matty from Alaska
Matty from Alaska
7 months ago

This article reads like a bad advertisment. $2600 for a set of wheels… Please stop with these kind of articles.

7 months ago

I feel that the use case for real beadlocks is really glossed over in this article. And the idea that “cops won’t care” if you run beadlocks on the street shouldn’t be your primary concern anyway. Safety should.

Just to clarify, the reason why you typically wouldn’t run true beadlocks for daily duty is that they require regular torque checks in order to maintain the bead. Most drivers can’t even be bothered to check their tire pressure unless the TPMS goes off. So they’re a danger on the highway because you run the increased risk of blowout at high speeds.

You also have to completely unseat the tire in order to switch back and forth between beadlock and traditional, in case anyone thinks that this is some simple thing they can do at the trailhead (it’s not). And the balance will change when switching.

Really, the only advantage that beadlocks have is being able to run single digit tire pressures without popping a bead. While it seems like a wonderful swiss army knife to have wheels that can do it all, it actually ends up being kind of pointless because you’ll just end up keeping the wheels in one configuration. Most people that wheel their dailies hard enough to need beadlocks usually just have an entirely different set of wheels and tires, because it’s less of a hassle then reconfiguring and re-balancing their wheels every time they do a run. They can run stickier tires for the trail, and they don’t have to worry about integrity on the highway.

Let’s be honest, 99% of us on this site air down our KO2s to 20 psi to feel like we’re badasses on graded dirt roads. Running “beadlock capable” wheels is more of a brag then a practicality.

Even if you’re psyched to have light and strong forged wheels, these still weigh ~25 pounds BEFORE the beadlocks or “protection rings” and hardware. The FN Wheels Six Shooter is flow-formed (instead of pure cast), weighs 20.9 pounds while maintaining the same load rating, and cost $900 for a set instead of $2600. Style is subjective, of course.

Matty from Alaska
Matty from Alaska
7 months ago
Reply to  Tory

Well said 👍🏾

8 months ago

As other commenters have stated, while the wheels are exactly what I’m looking for in terms of specs, design and style the pricing on these are way out of my price range. I’m sure you get what you pay for but heck man, I’d rather go the basic route and buy a set of TRD rims for 7-800. Damn shame too because I really love the look of these.

Jethro Bodean
Jethro Bodean
8 months ago

$9600 for a set of wheels that you will likely beat and scrape off road? Nope!

8 months ago
Reply to  Jethro Bodean

I think you miss read that, it’s $2,400 for a set of 4. Which is still crazy but not $9,600 crazy.

8 months ago

RRW got the wheels at $2,400, is that right? They look really nice and I’m in the market but that is way outta my league.

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