Top 25 4Runner Mods, Off-Road & Overland Accessories of 2019 – 2020

Top 25 4Runner Mods, Off-Road & Overland Accessories of 2019 - 2020

End of the Year Gift Guide for the 4Runner Owner: 25 4Runner Mods, Off-Road Gear & Overland Accessories of 2019-2020

We rounded up some of the top off-road recovery gear, 4Runner mods, and overland accessories of the last couple years with a focus on 2020. Some of these item will go back a couple of years but for the most part, they are all very recent. If you are looking for gift ideas to get the off-roader or overlander in your life, this list is going to be a great reference point.

When it comes to having a good experience while outdoors, being prepared is first and foremost. Preparing to fail is failing to prepare. The better prepared and more equipped you are, typically the better experience you will have outdoors.

There are tons of products out there to choose from when it comes to overlanding and car camping but you can trust that each item on this list has been carefully selected as one of the top go-to items for the outdoor adventurist. Most of these products have previously been trail tested by our authors and if the product has not been covered here on Trail 4Runner, it’s in the process.

This list is going to be somewhat specific to the 5th Generation 4Runner and Toyota 4×4 mods in genera. There are also plenty of car camping gear items and overlanding essentials on this list that will apply to you whether you drive a Jeep or any other overland platform out there. From recovery gear to interior 4Runner mods, you are sure to find something on this list that will work for you or your adventure buddy.

Consider this our favorite 4Runner accessories, overlanding gear, and off-road recovery gear of the last couple years. 


KC FLEX ERA 3 - New Ditch Lights 2020 Toyota 4Runner

This is probably my favorite accessory mod to drop in 2020. The new FLEX ERA series of lighting from KC HiLiTES is unlike anything we have seen from them before. Offering a completely new redesigned housing, all new optics along with CREE LEDs – the new FLEX ERA 3 lights usher in a new era of off-road lighting. They had such an anticipated release that they sold out within days. To start with features, they have a dual switch (full power and/or the backlight). They offer multiple faceplates including amber, clear, and a classic KC black and yellow cover. For bezels, KC offers their blue, red, and classic yellow. Finally, you have lens options. Choose between spot or a spot/flood pattern. Expect to see a lot more from KC with their new FLEX ERA line.

2. Meso Customs FlipFob

Meso Customs FlipFob

Back with some impressive interior customization, meet the new Meso Customs FlipFob. They released these for the 5th gen 4Runner and the 3rd Gen Tacoma. The new design gives you the ability to transform your traditional key into a flip fob. If you are tired of carrying around janitor-sized key rings, this new FlipFob from Meso Customs is a must-see.

3. Factor55 Rope Retention Pulley Snatch Block

Factor55 Rope Retention Pulley Snatch Block

Released at last year’s SEMA show, the Factor 55 Rope Retention Pulley (or RRP for short) is one of the top recovery gear items to date. Next to their popular closed system winching shackle (Ultrahook), the RRP is an essential gear item that you should carry with you when out exploring the unknown. If you ever need to perform a self-assisted or vehicle assisted recovery, this lightweight snatch block might just save your life.

4. AGENCY 6 Made in USA Recovery Shackle Block

Agency 6 Hitch Recovery Shackle Block 2" Hitch Receiver

Whats new about it? They just launched a full shackle block kit with a hitch pin and bow shackle – for a super low price. Yes, still made in the USA. They make a high-quality made in the USA shackle block hitch receiver that you can purchase for under 60 bucks. That includes the hitch pin along with the D-ring. This is one of the best priced, and highest quality recovery parts you will find on the market. I would recommend getting this as your first gear item for your recovery box if you’re just getting started. This item would also make a great gift and, even if you already have one hitch receiver recovery point, you can always use two of these on the trail for another rig.

5. Agency 6 – Billet Grab Handle (Pair)

Agency 6 Universal Billet Grab Handles

Launched back in July 2020, the Agency 6 Billet Grab Handles offer a universal fitment for offroad and overland vehicles. They work great on roof racks, MOLLE panels, rooftop tents and much more. They are made in the USA and bolt-on stainless steel hardware is included.

6. High Road Adventure Gear: WoodGaiter

Introducing the High Road Adventure Gear's WoodGaiter For Packing Wood Easy and Clean in the 5th Gen 4Runner

If you find yourself often bringing firewood with you out for an adventure and have no place to store it, the new High Road Adventure Gear WoodGaiter is absolutely for you. The WoodGaiter is a home for your firewood. Packing firewood can get messy really fast. The WoodGaiter keeps your firewood clean and contained into one tight area. You can strap it down to your roof rack or spare tire carrier and head out for the weekend knowing you have a designated space for your firewood.

7. Olight Perun Flashlight Patch

Olight Perun Flashlight Patch

This new flashlight patch is actually prepackaged and designed to be a headlamp. The front of the patch portion of the headlamp comes off of the headband and can easily be attached to any hook and loop webbing surface area. The Olight Perun Flashlight Patch can be attached to your headliner, drawer system or anything else that has a hook and loop backing. The flashlight can be attached and detached from the patch. If you are a patch collector, this one is a must-have.

8. Trail Standard Off-Road MOLLE Panel

Trail Standard Off-Road MOLLE Panel

Looking to attach multiple accessories on the center console of your 4Runner? The new Trail Standard Off-Road MOLLE Panel allows for just that. Attach your communication gear, flashlights, knives, guns or whatever else you want within arms reach. TSO is well known for their TRD Pro style grilles for the 5th Gen so we are anxious to see what their new MOLLE panels hold. We have a review dropping on these soon.

9. Rig Caddy

Rig Caddy - Beer Holder offroad

The Rig Caddy from Eezy Supplies is great for the weekend camper who wants to set up camp and have a place to put kitchen utensils, beers or almost anything else when it comes to camping accessories. The rig caddies are offered in a couple of different designs. You have the option of their cup holder caddy or their tray caddy. Add S hooks to them for even more functionality such as hanging towels or even clothing.

10. Sloop Imports Wrap Ties

Sloop Imports Wrap Ties

If you want to add a universal tool to your everyday carry kit or camp box, consider a set of wrap ties from Sloop Imports. These wrapped eyes are somewhat of a hybrid ratchet strap and bungee cord designed into one. If you’re trying to strap down anything at camp, these Wrap Ties make it incredibly simple. Wrap Ties are designed for longer applications however they can be used in short quarters as well.

This product has been discontinued. Alternative product: RopeRoller from RollerCam

11. Perfect Bungees

Perfect Bungees

What’s new about it? They just launched a whole new line of sizes, and styles in 2020. Perfect Bungees have quickly become one of my go-to items when I start packing for a trip. If I don’t have my perfect perfect bungees, I feel lost. They work throughout the 4Runner, but especially in the rear cargo area and on the roof rack along with the rooftop tent. I like them because they stretch far beyond your typical bungee cord. If a traditional bungee cord stretches 25% of its length, then a perfect bungee would stretch almost 100% if not more. They’re just so universal. Buy a multipack to get you started and you’ll be hooked forever.

12. WeBoost Drive

WeBoost Drive

Relased in late 2019, the updated “Drive” from weBoost. If you need to increase your cell service while on the trail or adventuring far from cell towers, take a look at the weBoost Drive or some of the other options offered by weBoost. By simply installing this unit, you can increase your cell coverage quite a bit which could make a huge difference if you need to get ahold of someone. And let’s be honest, in today’s world everybody could use better, faster, more reliable service wherever they are. This is one of those mods that almost anyone can benefit from.

13. Desert Does It Multi-Mount Panel (MMP)

Desert Does It Multi-Mount Panel (MMP)

This is one of my favorite mods for the 4Runner from 2020 because it’s so practical. It’s a super quick, bolt-on Molle panel that attaches to the front and rear of your seat bolts. This is going to be a great spot to attach communication equipment, knives, fire extinguishers or anything else you might need to grab in a moment’s notice. Desert Does It also offers what’s called seat jackers. The seat jackers offer increased seat positioning options that can reduce strain on your lower back. If you have lower back pain and take road trips often, this is absolutely a mod you want to consider.

14. Vehicle OCD – Console Divider, Tray & Organizer

Vehicle OCD - Console Divider, Tray & Organizer

There’s a little OCD in all of us. The vehicle OCD brand is 100% made and manufactured in the USA. Vehicle OCD manufacturers organization systems for the 5th gen 4Runner, 3rd gen Tacoma, and many other Toyota platforms. They recently released a new glove box organizer system in 2020 and this is definitely a mod you want to check out. If you don’t already have their center console divider, tray, and their new glove box organizer, definitely take a look.

15. Oscar’s Mobile Hideout: Spare Tire Trash Bag

Last US Bag Oscars Hideout - Trasharoo for Spare Tire Trash Can

When it comes to the newest and most impressive gear in 2020 for the 4Runner or the Overland market in general, the spare tire trash bag from The Last US Bag Company is definitely high on that list. The product is called the Oscar’s Mobile Hideout Spare Tire Trash Bag and it’s far more than just a trash bag that hangs off of your spare tire. It’s super stout, made of high-quality poly material, and offers a ton of versatility. Stack wood, camping accessories, recovery gear or almost anything else you can think of in this bag. It’s loaded with pockets, features a bottle opener, the whole front fascia zips off so it can be washed out, and it has cinch straps and D-rings everywhere. This piece of gear puts traditional spare tire trash bags to shame.

16. ZARGES Aluminum Storage Case (20.5 x 12.6 x 8.7)

Zarges Overland Automotive Storage Box

If you’re looking for one of the highest quality storage boxes in the overland/ off-road space, look no further than ZARGES. They are the pioneers in high-quality aluminum storage boxes. They were the first to release this design and since then many brands have copied the look, a very few live up to the quality that ZARGES stands behind. The focus of their business model has primarily been government contracts, military, law enforcement, medical and first-responder industries, however, they have more recently been entering the Overland and off-road space. If you’re looking for a good storage box for the cargo area in your 4Runner or Toyota Tacoma, definitely take a look at those ZARGES aluminum storage cases.

17. MTM Ammo Crate & Survivor Dry Box

MTM Ammo Crate & Survivor Dry Box

If you are looking for some of the most affordable storage boxes in the off-road or Overland space, definitely take a look at the MTM boxes. They are technically ammo crates and storage boxes for ammunition, however, they work incredibly well for some of the off-road recovery essentials that we take with us when we go wheeling and they just released some new products for 2020. These small, compact storage boxes are great for bow shackles, soft shackles, recovery straps, winch remotes, gloves, deflation gauges and so much more. If you need a compact, lightweight affordablestorage box for your off-road or Overland accessories, definitely take a look at these.

+ Ammo Crate

+ Survivor Dry Box

18. Gerber Prybrid Utility Knife with Prybar

Gerber Prybrid Utility Knife with Prybar

Looking for a compact, yet high-quality razor? The new Gerber Prybrid utility knife is definitely a kick-ass option to consider. It’s a well-made unit within the new line of Gerber products. It’s lightweight, super compact and features a wide variety of uses. On top of its full-sized utility blade, it features a pry bar, large and small flat screwdrivers, common nail puller, wire stripper, bottle opener and even a lanyard hole. This is one feature pack multi-tool that you don’t want to live without

19. The T-Ring Finger Cut KIT

The T-Ring Finger Cut KIT (Medical Kit Addon Must Have)a

If you ever have a serious finger cut far from a hospital or far from civilization, the T-ring finger cut kit is an awesome addition to your medical first aid kit. The product is essentially a tourniquet for your finger. Cut your finger open, no problem. Bust out the T-ring and apply it over the cut and it instantly stops the bleeding. Now, I know this sounds crazy, but it really does work. I’ve seen live demonstrations on Instagram and it was mind-blowing. We carry two or three in each truck on a daily basis.

20. ICS Fab 5th Gen 4Runner Dash Mount

If you’re looking for an easy way to mount multiple accessories on your dash, an integrated 4Runner dash mount will help a lot. Quite a few companies make them, however, the ICS Fabrication dash mount is cleaner than most. The ICS Fab mount was designed to accommodate lots of attachments including phones, tablets, dash cams, CB’s, GoPros, Radios and more. A dash mount will help to keep the interior of your 4Runner organized and customizable if you need to swap an accessory on or off. The ICS Fab mount also c omes with a phone mount and integrated USB power outlets. If you off-road or overland often, this is a solid mod for you.

21. 4Runner Nation Vintage Racing Stripes T-Shirt

4Runner Nation T-Shirt (TRD TOYOTA T-Shirt Design)

For anyone out there truly loyal to the 4Runner Nation brand, we now have a line of t-shirts and hoodies available. This is a great gift for any 4Runner owner or 4Runner enthusiasts who appreciate and represent the classic Ivan Stewart heritage racing stripes.

Product temporarily unavailable 

22. STEP 22 Gear Pangolin Tool Roll

Wrench Roll inside Pangolin Tool Roll

The Pangolin Tool Roll is definitely a top find of 2020. We recently wrote a review on this roll and it was pretty epic. This tool roll is everything you need and more when it comes to carrying tools and gear. It features a wrench roll, removable pockets, see-through zippered pockets, a zippered pocket along the entire edge of the tool roll, individual hard-mounted see-through pockets and more. If you’re looking for an incredibly robust and modular tool roll, STEP 22 has you covered.

23. ReadyWares Tool Bag, Roll & Pockets

ReadyWares Tool Bag, Roll & Pockets

ReadyWares makes a pretty impressive line of tool bags, wrench rolls, firewood carrier, and zippered pockets. These are great for carrying your recovery gear, camp kitchen gear, tools or anything else you bring on the trail often. They are made of high-quality waxed canvas and will last you quite a while. We have owned the large ReadyWares waxed canvas utility bags for a little over one year and it’s been great. I highly recommend waxed canvas line gear bags.

24. DMOS Delta Shovel

DMOS Delta Shovel Complete Review

If you’re looking for a full-sized, yet compact shovel, the DMOS Delta shovel should be at the top of your list. This lightweight, extremely functional shovel has a massive spade face design the can plow through anything you throw at it,  especially snow, sand and mud. We dug into a review on the shovel and were very impressed with all of its features. The shovel isn’t cheap, and neither is its mount, but it’s likely something that you will have for the life of your rig.

25. Nomad Kitchen

Introducing the Nomad Kitchen – An Camp Kitchen Off-Road Gear Essential for Any 4Runner Enthusiast: What's included?

Last but not least, the Nomad Kitchen. This thing is rad. If you want to head out for a weekend of camping but don’t want a permanently mounted drawer system or camp kitchen in the back of your rig, the Nomad Kitchen is definitely a great option. Initially released here on back in March, the Nomad Kitchen is an all-in-one slide-out kitchen designed to be easily mounted or removed. It’s a really cool system designed for the true weekend warrior.

Ok, thats it you guys! Let us know what your favorite mods were in 2020. Half of this list was generated from your ideas on Instagram. If you are not following us on Instagram, you are missing out.

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