Introducing the Step22 Gear Pangolin Tool Roll – Unlimited Storage Possibilities

Step22 Gear Pangolin Tool Roll

The Pangolin Tool Roll Features a Built-in Wrench Roll, Tool Bag, and Detachable See-through Zippered Pouches – Yep, It’s pretty epic.

We recently put together an overview of the top 7 Overland gear bag companies to consider. Step 22 gear made that list at number one and their new Pangolin tool roll was one of the reasons why.

Step 22 Gear has completely innovated, revolutionized, and over-engineered the way that we will look at tool rolls for years to come. Its all-in-one tool roll offers the best of both worlds; a full tool roll, wrench roll, and integrated tool bag that rolls up into a tight, secure, and strong exterior, just like a Pangolin, the animal.

Whether you carry tools out with you on the trail or EDC with you on a daily basis, the Pangolin tool roll offers an immense amount of functionality and customizability in order to give you the flexibility you need to carry whatever you want.

While most rolls feature permanently attached pockets, the Pangolin tool roll features detachable zippered pouches, detachable wrench roll, and surface mounted mesh pockets as well. With 8 different usable pockets, pouches, and compartments, Step 22 Gear has made it super easy to stay organized with small to large and even awkward size tools.

This is the everything tool roll and tool bag packed up into one that we have all been waiting for. This bag makes it really easy to separate the smaller tools and larger tools and it even offers up the option to store flat items like towels, gloves, and other flat surface items on the backside of its full-length YKK zippered housing.

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Step 22 Gear also makes a pretty cool toiletry roll, collapsible overland storage box, and a pretty epic Ivan Stuart inspired MOLLE pouch. Be sure to check out their full line of overland storage bags.

Features & Specs

Step22 Pangolin Tool Roll Gear Bag

The roll/bag is made of a material we have never seen before, and once you feel it you will be impressed. In some locations throughout the bag, it feels like a hard thick textured fabric and others more like a smooth poly-coated vinyl. Step 22 Gear refers to it as C.R.A.W.L. (Coated Rugged All-Weather Layer) and multi-level TreadWeave. Regardless of what you call it, expect this bag to hold up through serious trail use.


  • Exterior Main – 1,000 Denier C.R.A.W.L. (Coated Rugged All-Weather Layer)
  • Main Interior – Mulit-Level TreadWeave
  • VisiMesh Clear Coat Mesh
  • Liner – IllumiClean Antron with Carbonate Coat
  • SynTough label pouch and card slot
  • YKK RC Zippers with easy grab T-Pullers
  • Materials: USA, Japan, Korea, Vietnam
  • Final Assembly: Vietnam
  • Weight: 2.4 lb (1.1 kg)


  • 14″ x 7.5″ x 6″ (35.6cm x 19.1cm x 15.2cm) * Rolled dimensions vary by load
  • 33″ x 14″ x 3″ (83.9cm x 35.6cm x 7.6cm) *Height varies by load
  • Wrench Roll 23.5″ x 13″ (59.7cm x 33cm) *Fits wrenches up to 11.5″ long
  • Tool Pouches 13″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″ (33cm x 11.4cm x 6.4cm)
  • Work Garage 15″ x 9″ x 7″ (38.1cm x 22.9cm x 17.8cm)

Game-Changing New Design: Overview

C.R.A.W.L. (Coated Rugged All-Weather Layer)

The new tool roll offers a new style of tool roll that has never been seen before. This is essentially a hybrid of a tool roll and a tool bag offering the ability to customize it in either way. You can customize the roll in countless configurations in order to fit the types of tools that you carry with you out on the trail or on a daily basis.

Because the tool roll has see-through rip-away zippered pouches, you can easily remove, attach, and re-organize your tools at multiple placements. The built-in storage bag lets you easily play stools in a safe and secure location while you’re out on the trail or on the road so that your tools don’t get lost or dirty.

The new design offers the best of both worlds. You now have an all-in-one tool roll that features multiple zippered pockets along with a high-quality wrench roll and finally a bag that you can stuff the whole thing into.

Pockets and Sections

  • 2x Clear coated mesh pockets
  • 1x Removable Wrench Roll (17 slots)
  • 1x Removable Tool Pouch
  • 1x Removable Coated Mesh Tool Pouch
  • 1x Fixed tool pouch
  • 1x Full-length zippered pocket
  • 1x Deployable storage garage
  • 1 x Waterproof metric to SAE conversion paper card chart

Let’s go over all the pockets and sections that make this tool roll so unique.

Clear coated mesh pockets

Clear coated mesh pockets

Unlike many other tool rolls on the market, the Pangolin features two clear coated mesh zippered pockets at the top of the roll. This is going to be a great pocket for some of the smaller pieces that you carry on a regular basis, nuts, bolts, small zip ties, hose clamps, rubber bands, small rolls of duct tape, and other smaller accessory items. The clear-coated mesh pockets are great for the smaller items that you tend to lose when you throw into a tool roll or bag. It also doubles as a tool holder if you flip it upside down.

Removable Wrench Roll (17 slots)

Wrench Roll inside Pangolin Tool Roll

The removable wrench roll might just be the highlight of the Pangolin.

You have 17 slots for open-end wrenches or whatever tools you prefer. From large to small the Pangolin tool roll will not only accommodate your wrenches, but it will also keep them organized. The wrench roll features hook and loop backing that attaches to the tool roll and can be detached.

If you find that you use your wrench roll frequently, you can close off the hook and loop backing on the backside with a provided strip of loop backing. This makes it even easier to grab the wrench roll on the fly as it’s not locked in place. On the inside of the wrench roll, you have larger slots on the left that size down to smaller slots on the right.

At the bottom of the wrench roll, you will find a secondary section that can be used for allen keys or even very small wrenches in the 4mm to 10mm range.

Once you remove the wrench roll from the tool roll, you now have a flat surface work area to place bolts nuts, and other items you may be working with.

This is a really impressive addition to a tool roll.

Removable Tool Pouch (not see-through)

Zippered Pockets and Pouches for Overlanding (Tool Roll)

Inside the tool roll, you have a removable non-see-through tool pouch (not pictured here but they are an option). These are also sold separately from Step 22 Gear. The removable tool pouches make it really easy to access your tools and to transport your tools from one truck to another when out on the trail.

These high-quality removable tool pouches feature pull tabs on the ends and dual YKK zippers. On top of the YKK zippers, you have pullers that are attached to one zipper. There is only one puller per pouch so that you are not fighting with multiple pullers against each other.

Removable Coated Mesh Tool Pouch

Overland Zippered Storage Pouches and Pockets

The clear-coated pouch makes it really easy to see what’s inside. This is the same clear-coated material used in the top two mesh pockets built into the roll.

The removable coated mesh tool pouch also features pull tabs, YKK zippers, and pullers – just like the standard pouch. The see-through material is very strong and I can see how even sharp objects would not be able to penetrate the super-strong material due to the internal interwoven mesh material.

One really cool feature of the coated mesh tool pouch is that the zipper is located on the top side of the pouch so that you can mount the hook and loop backing pouch to whatever hook and loop walls you’re utilizing (drawer system, etc). This allows you to unzip the tool pouch right side up and access anything from the top side down.

Finally, all of the tool pouches on the Pangolin tool roll feature hook and loop on the outside in order for you to custom label each pouch.

You can get labels straight from Step 22 gear or there are many different hook and loop backed patches that you can find prelabeled on Amazon along with many other retailers online.

Fixed tool pouch

Fixed Tool Pouch on Overland Tool Roll

Last but not least in the tool pouch department, you have one fixed/ built-in. The fixed pouch is nice for those heavier items that you might not be transporting from truck to truck or throughout a repair process.

Full-length zippered pocket

Best Overland Tool Roll with Wrench Roll

The full-length zipper pocket on the backside of the Pangolin is pretty impressive. This is the first time we have seen a full-length section on the entire backside of a bag. This is a great storage section for trail towels, shop towels, microfiber towels, instruction manuals, maps, work gloves, or any other accessory that is flat when pressed down. It’s a nice clean backside compartment that runs along the edge of the tool roll that you can barely see.

Tool Storage & Work Bin

Pangolin Tool Roll with Bag

To top off all the features within the Pangolin tool roll, you have a storage bag and work bin for tools and other items.

Whether you are working on the trail or the side of the road, it’s rare to find a spot to hold all your tools. The Pangolin offers a unique section of its roll that turns into a usable tool bag when open. And, if you don’t want to use this bag, you can roll it back up onto the bag. This will expose its two carrying handles which gives you the ability to quickly pick it up and transport the roll to another truck or whatever area you are working at.

Final Thoughts

Overland Gear Tool Bag, and Wrench Roll

You can tell a lot of time went into the design of this product. It’s well made, decently priced for what it is, and appears to be one of the most customizable, modular, and configurable tool rolls in its class.

The only downside is that the roll/bag can be a little on the large side when packed up. If you are looking for an ultra low profile tool roll, this is not for you. If you are looking for an all-in-one tool roll and tool bag hybrid that will carry everything – this is an awesome option to consider. If you carry a good amount of tools, you will want something like this that is a little more robust.

It’s a lot of material compared to other tool rolls which leads to a larger footprint. With that material comes really impressive organization, though. The Pangolin’s robust outer shell and internal core packs more integrated features, pockets, and pouches that will give your Type-A personality pure bliss.

It’s a perfect trail companion for the back of the 4Runner’s cargo area.

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3 years ago

Now, this looks handy. I’ll need all the unlimited storage space I can get.

Derek C
Derek C
3 years ago

They’re having a holiday sale, 15% off plus some free stuff… get on their email list for an announcement soon (I heard through the grape vine about it)

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