GFC Universal Mounting Brackets for Rooftop Tents or Roof Racks

GFC Universal Rooftop Tent Awning & Recovery Gear Mounting Brackets for Racks and Rooftop Tents

GFC Universal Awning & Recovery Gear Mounting Brackets for Racks and Rooftop Tents

When you are running a roof-top tent or a roof rack on top of your 4Runner, odds are you want to add some accessories on top or on the side.

Most roof racks on the market are built and designed to accommodate commonly mounted accessories. Most rooftop tents, however, are not designed with a modular, customized experience in mind.

This is where the GFC rooftop tent in universal mounting brackets really shine.

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Rooftop Tent & Roof Rack Mounting Bracket

Awning Mounting Brackets for Roof Racks and Rooftop Tents

The GFC universal mounting brackets can accommodate anything from awnings and annex rooms to your everyday off-road recovery gear essentials. On top of these commonly run accessories, we have also seen many guys run water storage systems, off-grid Shower systems, off-road lighting (scene lights), and much more on these brackets.

What’s cool about the GFC universal brackets is that they would work for way more than just their RTT. If you take one look at them you can tell that they would work for many roof racks on the market and would accommodate a wide variety of accessories. If you are looking for an over-engineered set of universal awning brackets or recovery gear mounting brackets for your roof rack you might want to consider a set of these from GFC.

The brackets were designed to be compatible with most mainstream awning brands on the market. They will accommodate awnings such as Rhino-Rack, ARB, CVT, Frontrunner, 23 Zero, EEZI-AWN, and many others.


GFC RTT Bracket

Sold as one individual bracket, two are needed to mount most awnings. They include all the mounting hardware (track nuts, bolts, and dog bone stainless fasteners) to mount the bracket to their tent rail extrusion.

Start by inserting the four t-nuts into the outside edge of the tent. Next, position the bracket against the nuts and then screw the provided bolts through the outside “dog bone” bracket and tighten it down.

Mounting Awnings

Mounting a 23 Zero Overland Awning on GFC Rooftop Tent

We mounted a 23ZERO Pellegrin awning from Spirit of 1876 to our brackets. There are many pre-drilled holes and pre-cut slots in the brackets that made the install of the awning very simple. We had quite a few options when it came to where we could actually mount the bolts through the bracket and into the awning rail system.

With the pre-cut slots and the wide variety of pre-drilled holes, it would almost be impossible to not figure out a mounting solution for any awning out there.

Mounting Recovery Gear

Kelly (@GopherDirt) - 5th Gen 4Runner Overland Build with GFC Tent
Pictured: @GopherDirt 4Runner

Mounting our shovel to a set of brackets was also incredibly simple. We used a set of Quick Fist Mounts in order to mount our shovel to the brackets. The installation is as simple as a couple of bolts, nuts, and washers. These brackets will accommodate all types of recovery gear including shovels, hi-lift jack, ax, recovery boards (pictured above), hydraulic jacks, and much more.

In order to fit any size tool, you can space out the brackets to your desired length. You can slide the brackets and T-nuts horizontally along the modular rail system on the GFC RTT in order to accommodate a perfect fit.

Roof Rack Mounting?

If you’re not running the GFC RTT, you can mount these brackets using something simple like U-bolts on tubing style racks like the Gobi or Baja Racks.

If you’re not running a tube style rack there are many L brackets that you can use alongside these brackets in order to work on flat racks.

These would also work great on CNC cut roof racks like the Prinsu, UpTop Overland, or any other CNC cut rack brands as they would offer the ability to mount directly to the side rails.

Final Thoughts

Machined angle bracket with a 3/8 NMO antenna hole

If you are wondering if the mounts are compatible with your specific situation, reach out to GFC through their website and just shoot them a quick email. Their team is super cool and quick to respond. Depending on what type of gear you’re looking to mount, you may need a few brackets so just keep that in mind when you’re ordering as they come as a single item with the provided hardware.

GFC makes some pretty cool machined 90 brackets (pictured above) that are somewhat universal as well. I think we are going to get some scene lights going on those here in the future with some KC Cyclone lights or something low profile.

To sum it up, GFC makes quite a few accessories for their tents and campers but it all seems to be pretty universal for other applications as well.

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Mike G
Mike G
3 years ago

For the life of me I cannot find a bracket to mount recovery boards. I’got the GFC V2 RTT. I have a couple of Universal mounts, ant help with a solution for the boards?

2 years ago
Reply to  Mike G

Can you use the BEEF RACK CROSS BAR and mount them on top?

Jonathan S
Jonathan S
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike G

You and me both….I’ve racked my brain for months! Can’t figure it out.

3 years ago

Very nice, I like those brackets. On the last picture what did you use to mount Quick Fist to the 90’ bracket?

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