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SUMA Performance Convex Blind Spot Mirrors Install and Review

Updated 7/28/20 / Read Time: 5 mins

SUMA Performance Convex Mirrors Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner

SUMA Performance Convex Mirrors Review For the 5th Gen 4Runner

I chose the SUMA Performance Convex mirrors because I’m old, kidding but I am.

I first saw them at a car wash on a 5th Gen 4Runner and the guy that had them was making fun of my stick on spot mirrors and let me sit in his 5th Gen to check out his mirrors. Talk about what you can’t see won’t hurt you, these let you see so much more that can.

He walked almost all the way parallel to the side and I could still see him waving, I was sold and that night I ordered a set, they were out of stock and Eddy @ SUMA Performance contacted me right away to let me know that it would be 3 -4 weeks for the blue-tinted ones I ordered.

Long story short, I ended up agreeing to the Non-Tinted with Blinker and Defroster because the blue tint wasn’t passing QA testing to Eddy’s standard; and I think that’s pretty stand up for a guy and his company to not sell you something he wouldn’t install on his own vehicle.

SUMA Performance Convex mirrors are designed as an OEM side mirror replacement. A must-have mod to enhance you’re driving performance and reducing blind spots.

What’s Included?

They come as a set of two mirrors. You have different options. Non-tinted or blue-tinted with the following features:

Option #1. Non-Tined (3rd Gen Tacoma (2016+) + 5th Gen 4Runner (2014+)

  • No Anti-Glare Feature
  • Defroster Only
  • Defroster & Turn Signal

Option #2. Blue-Tinted (3rd Gen Tacoma (2016+) + 5th Gen 4Runner (2014+):

  • Check Price
  • Basic Blue Tint
  • Blue Tint & Defroster
  • Blue Tint, Defroster & Turn Signal
  • Blue Tint Defroster, Turn Signal & BSM (Blind Spot Mirror)

Option #3. Mirror Highlights:

  • OEM Replacement/Fitment
  • Wide-Angle Convex To Reduce Blind Spots
  • Hydrophobic

Stock vs. Suma Performance Blind Spot Mirrors (Video Here)

The installation is one of the easiest mods you can do which took me about an hour to complete. I installed the non-blue tint with defroster and blinker on my 2019 TRD ORP. Included with the two mirrors are four wiretaps (if needed).

Tools Needed:

Non-Blinker: (None)

With Blinker:

Installation Overview

Starting from the driver’s side, pull on one edge of your OEM mirror working your way from one side to the other; the mirrors are pretty solid so don’t be afraid to give it a good pull until it pops out.

You can see another post on how to remove the 4Runner side mirrors here.

Note: If you have the defroster option, then be careful not to pull too far away from the housing so you do not damage the defroster wires and plug. If you do have the defroster, unplug from the copper prongs on the back of the mirror.

Step 1. Install New Mirrors

If you do not have defroster or blinkers, install the new mirrors by aligning the pins on the back of the new mirrors and popping them back in until you hear four pops. Then get in your 4Runner and re-adjust your mirrors and take it for a ride, you are done!

Note: If you don’t have the side blinkers, then you can skip this part.

Step 2. Remove Top Trim Piece

On my 2019 TRD ORP, I removed the top trim piece by pulling on the edges until you feel them pop off so you can wiretap the blinkers. I tested and found that the positive is the pink wire and white is the neutral (ground).

Step 3. Connect Two Extension Wires

On a flat soft surface (towel or the bubble wrap it came in), connect the two extension wires that are color-coded as follows:

  • Black with a white stripe to black to white stripe.
  • Black to black using the pre-installed connectors and covers.

I added shrink tubing because my OCD would get the best of me.

Step 4. Attach Defroster Plug Into New Mirror

Plug the defroster plug into the new mirror and feed the blinker wires through the opening to the front of the mirror and line up the snap pins and press firmly until you hear all four of them pop back in.

Step 5. Trim New Blinker Wires

Locate the new blinker wires and trim enough so you still have plenty of play and enough space if you ever have to remove your mirrors again later (use the included red wiretaps as follows):

  • Black and white stripe wire connects to the pink wire

Step 6. Connect Wiring

The solid black wire connects to the white wire (neutral).

Testing Your Hazard Lights with New Mirror

Test your blinkers by turning on your hazard lights. If the blinker is working snap the top cover back on and proceed to the other side.

Passenger Side OEM with Stick on BSM (Blind Spot Mirror) (Before)

Passenger Side with New SUMA Convex Mirror

All in all, I’m extremely happy with my SUMA Performance Convex Mirrors, I can see so much more of what’s next to me and the added embedded blinking arrow lets me stand out on either side.

As far as the company fair pricing, great communication, and a quality product; they offer mirrors for other makes and models as well.

Hope you all stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands!!

Comments or Questions? Leave them below!

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July 28, 2020 5:50 pm

Soma website wasn’t working so couldn’t contact them with questions. Perhaps you guys can help??? Questions: 1. The blue “tinting”- does it reduce light like sunglasses? Does it make it more difficult to see at night? 2. My mirrors do not have a directional indicator in the mirror itself, it is on the mirror housing. Does your mirrors with indicators add the arrow in the mirror capability, or would I buy one without that function? (It would be great if I could add that) 3. In Soma website photo a photo showed some kind of indicator Just above the arrow-… Read more »

Jason S.
Jason S.
July 28, 2020 4:52 pm

Quick question about the mirrors. I have a 2018 SR5. They are power mirrors only. By going to these mirrors would I be able to take advantage of the blinkers and defrost?


July 28, 2020 8:33 pm
Reply to  Jason S.

I don’t believe so, that would mean some serious wiring and be costly, but if you are good @ electrical! Double check with Eddy @ support@sumaperformance.com

July 6, 2020 3:28 pm

I’m kind of confused, how do these vary from the oem mirrors and what is the benefits to it? Based off the last two pictures it looks like it distorts where things are in the new mirror unless I’m completely wrong. Sorry for the dumb question just genuinely curious. May pick these up if it seems worth while but honestly I’m kind of used to the oem mirrors now.

July 6, 2020 5:48 pm
Reply to  Basil

Hey Basil, The magic word is “Convex” meaning the shape of the mirror allows you to see more off to the sides than flat OEM ones or with a stick on bubble type. I was blown away after seeing them in person and had to have them and trust me there are no dumb questions when it comes to spending on our 4Runner$ Thanks for reading the write-up.

Chris K
Chris K
July 1, 2020 8:43 am

I freaking love my Suma mirrors, with the blue tint to limit headlight glare, they are absolutely a step up from the Rav4 blind spot mirrors I had originally. The convex works great and once you’re used to them you love them. I wish my wife’s Subaru had the same mirrors

June 30, 2020 7:49 pm

If you don’t have blinkers, can you add them with these?

Also, I kind of hate this site – or rather my bank account hates it… too many great write ups!

July 1, 2020 8:12 am
Reply to  Krupky

Yes, you have a couple of choices:
: Defroster
:Defroster w/Blue tint
I’ve put on a couple K miles and have to say these one of my favorite daily drive mod’s


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