OutdoorX4 – Our New Favorite Off-Road & Overland Magazine

OutdoorX4 – Our New Favorite Magazine: OutdoorX4 is a vehicle-based/overland/outdoors adventure lifestyle magazine

Stuck on COVID shelter in place? Yeah me too!

Whoa, we have so much in common…

I’ve had more conversations on Instagram this last month than the last year. OK, maybe that’s a stretch but I have been on the gram’ quite a bit. I also bought hair clippers for the first time, so there’s that. This COVID-19 situation has really had an interesting effect on our lives. In any case, we are all working this and is only temporary. This too shall pass.

Anyway, the point is I am super bored, and I have been looking at quite a few ways to pass the time.

Max wrote an article on the top 5 things you can do to your 4Runner during COVID and another writer on the site, Corey, wrote an article on disinfecting and cleaning the 4Runner to prevent the spreading of the COVID virus.

I wanted to share something a little different, a cool new magazine I ran across; OutdoorX4. It’s packed with some really cool content. I found it to be informative, along with being educational and I think you guys might dig it as well.

It’s worth checking out for sure. I think this is one of the best off-road/overland magazines I have seen. There are some good write-ups here.

I’m not usually a magazine guy because I am drowning in work but I just happen to run across this magazine and was super impressed with the quality of content and writers that are over at OutdoorX4.

To sum it up; they are an off-road/overland magazine that provides a wealth of information, especially in this special gear edition volume.

Find them online: 

Who is OutdoorX4?

Outdoor X4 Magazine

OutdoorX4 Magazine, pronounced “outdoor by 4” (a hybrid of outdoors and 4×4) is an outdoor publication that covers off-road and overland travel. Whether the topic is by four wheels, two, or even on foot, they cover it all. What’s cool about this overland magazine is they go into pretty grand detail on the parts or products they are looking at, as do we. Which at the end of the day is why I connected with them.

They also share some of the more socially responsible traversing beliefs that fit with our like-minded crew – to responsibly enjoy outdoor recreation and tread lightly.

I wanted to give you guys a few snaps of the magazine, a general overview of what you can expect I guess.

The gear issue is a great way to pass the time right now with previewing all the things we should be prepared for this season.

The Gear Issue

The gear issue is pretty rad and I am stoked to start reading more of this off-roading magazine.

I recently connected with the guys at OutdoorX4 and they have a special on subscriptions now through 5/15. You can subscribe to digital and get access to our entire back issue library for 50% off by using coupon code ox4digital or you can subscribe to print and get 20% off a print or print/digital subscription by using coupon code ox4print.

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