Cooper Tires Continues to Be a Driving Force + One new Cooper Tire For Smaller SUVs

Cooper’s Line-up of All Terrain and Mud Terrain Tires

Are new tires on your list? Follow along as we dive headfirst into Cooper Tires!

We all know that choosing the proper tire for your 4Runner is essential to performance, mileage, and satisfaction. Trail4R has recently teamed up with Cooper Tires to see what all the buzz is about.

Many off-roaders run Cooper Tires so it was time to dive a little deeper into this long-established but recently revitalized brand.

On alone, we have had authors cover the Discoverer AT3 XLT, Discoverer AT3 4S, along with the Discoverer ST MAXX, and soon we will see the full overview of the recently launched Evolution MTs.

We have had the incredible opportunity and privilege to work alongside Cooper for a few months now and most recently we were able to catch up with Cooper’s Director of Brand Development, Jessica Egerton, at the Chicago Auto Show.

Brand expansion and customer focus at Cooper Tires.

Cooper Tires EVO MT 35s on 5th Gen 4Runner

Jessica and her team have been instrumental in giving new life and a strong customer focus to Cooper’s brand for the past 5 years. Jessica’s main objective has been to make the company more brand-aware and consumer-led, and we have just begun to see where this company is headed.

Jessica added more consumer research and dove deep into consumer needs, wants and motivations. They found out that 2/3 of a buying decision is brand awareness and the team set out to give Cooper Tires a needed fresh infusion! This is where Uncle Cooper came in.

He is a hardworking, relatable automotive specialist who makes advertising fun and commercials enjoyable. Since his introduction back in September, we have seen a variety of witty commercials and social media is buzzing about the presence he has brought to the company.

The past 5 years have treated Cooper well. They are once again at the forefront of tire design as well as customer concerns and are quickly bringing more impressive products to the market. With all these changes, we are more than excited to see what the future holds in store for Cooper.

Anyone who owns a vehicle is well aware that the tire buying process is expensive and time-consuming. The off-road community is specially engaged in the search for the next best tire. So, Cooper set out to make our priorities a focus. Cooper has strongly engaged in communication and processes to help us consumers find the best bang for our buck, and with their new introduction of the Evolution MT (pictured above) that have proven to do just that.

A new approach to tires

Discoverer EnduraMax

The most exciting product coming out from Cooper is a new line called the Discoverer EnduraMax.

What is the new Discoverer EnduraMax?

The EnduraMax tires were first announced at a press conference at SEMA 2019. The EnduraMax tire is unlike anything we see on the market today. This particular tire takes the technologies we see in the all-terrain/truck tires and implements them into tires for small/mid-sized SUVs, think Rav4, CRV, Etc.

Cooper tells us that durability was a prime motivating factor in the EnduraMax’s creation. This tire is reported to have an amazing and reliable tread pattern, it is also very quiet and works in all seasons. The EnduraMax utilizes Cooper’s Durable Tread and Armor Belt technology.

The new EnduraGuard tech boasts a long-lasting internal design that helps the tire to keep its shape over all sorts of rugged terrain. Furthermore, this all season tire provides excellent winter/snow performance due to its Winter Grip feature and is severe weather rated (this includes the coveted 3 peak mountain symbol or “3PMSF”).

All these features mean that we get a new class of tire without any compromise on performance or comfort. Let’s face it, the roads are not always perfect, and many tires get torn apart on rough roads. The EnduraMax has set out to change all of that.

According to Cooper, the tire is designed to handle the kind of poorly maintained and damaged roads that ruin countless sets of tires that we see all throughout the country.

This tire (unfortunately) will not have any sizes which fit the 4Runner yet but there are plenty of applications for smaller vehicles (we are talking to all the Subaru’s and RAV4s out there!). The tire is set for final release in April 2020 and we (and Cooper Tires) are beyond excited!

What else you got?

Do not think we forgot about the other great options Cooper brings to the table.

The rest of the Discoverer line has long been established as a well built and extremely effective option. This line has been around for about 40 years and is well known by the off-road community. It is great for those who primarily drive on the highway with the occasional trip off the beaten path to get to that secret campsite.

They are extremely versatile, capable and have excellent tread wear. These tires are great for anyone who spends 80% of their time on-road and 20% of time ripping it down unmaintained dirt roads.

There are several versions but the most popular is the 4S, the LT/XLT, and STT Pro.

The 4S is a great all-season tire that can hold up to just about anything the weather or pavement can throw at it. The LT and XLT are more geared towards larger lifted trucks, hauling/towing and have a variety of sizes/load ranges.

Finally, we have the always popular STT Pros. The STT is a rough and tough mud tire and boasts puncture resistance and mind-blowing grip in all terrains. It accomplishes all this remarkable off-road performance without sacrificing any on-road traction.

Cooper Tires at the Chicago Auto Show

After speaking with Jessica and her team, we took a look around the auto show to see if we could spot any Coopers.

Lo and behold, we found the ChiTown 4X4 display (a local Toyota club/shop) where we noticed a few awesome rigs running the iconic STT Pros.

From classic to modern trucks, it looks like the Toyota crowd already knows what’s best for them. Right on guys!

A big shoutout to everyone involved

We want to extend a special thanks to the Cooper Tires team for the press pass and the invite to such a stunning event. And of course, we would like to mention the Chicago Auto Show, which always delivers visually appealing displays and tons of interactive options (even if we’re biased and naturally gravitate to the Toyota exhibit).

Oh, and of course and as always, do not forget to, “Go with the Coopers.”

Thanks for taking the time to check out our articles and the site. We appreciate the constant engagement as well as all the support and we hope that these reports make life a little easier.

Let us know your experiences in the comments below. You guys rule!

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