Prevent Bumper Scratches on your 4Runner with These Bumper Cover Plates

Bumper Cover Plates for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Bumper Cover Plates for the 5th Gen 4Runner – Preventing Scratches on the Factory Bumper

If you are looking for a way to prevent scratches on the bumper of your 4Runner, these might be for you.

Car Trim Home makes a couple of different bumper cover plate options for the 5th Gen.

First, they have the main bumper cover which is placed on the outside and then they have the upper stainless cover that sits on the inside of the 4Runner.

Their kit comes with two separate pieces and you have the options for color as well.

Bumper Cover Options: 

Regardless of which color you choose, these bumper cover plates will help prevent scratches to the surface of your factory bumper.

These accessories are going to be great for anyone taking stuff in and out of their 4Runner a lot.

Whether you are a soccer mom throwing the gear in the back or heading out on a camping trip, it’s easy to scratch up the rear bumper. When taking gear out of the rear cargo area, such as suitcases, coolers, storage boxes, toys, etc; it’s easy to drag these items over the bumper, ultimately causing scratches.

Also, I have scratched up the rear bumper just by jumping in and out of the rear cargo area to grab something or even to secure storage boxes/camping gear in place.

Simply put, these bumper covers take the scratches so the top portion of your factory bumper won’t.

Now let’s look at the application.

Clean Factory Bumper

Bumper Cover Plates for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Start by wiping down the bumper cover area with a simple washcloth.

Peel Back 3M Tape

Peel Back 3M Tape

The bumper cover plates come with 3M backing tape. Peel the backing off the tape but not all the way.

Place Bumper Cover Plate onto Bumper

Place Bumper Cover Plate onto Bumper

Place the bumper cover on top of the bumper and reposition if needed. Once you have aligned the bumper, you can remove the 3M tape.

Remove Bumper Cover Plate Protective Liner

Remove Bumper Cover Plate Protective Liner

There is a protective liner on the bumper cover plates. Just remove this stuff. It peels right off.

Second Cover Plate

Prepare Second Cover Plate

Remove Protective Liner

Bumper Cover Plates for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Remove 3M Tape Backing

Remove 3M Tape

Final Thoughts?

For many 4Runner owners out there, having these covers will be nice for preventing scratches.

From stepping up into the cargo area to pulling a suitcase out, these bumper covers might give you some extra peace of mind.

We will see how it goes over time but at first glance, these are pretty nice and they actually make sense for protecting your factory parts. They were super easy to set in place and unbelievably affordable.

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Brian P Buerger
Brian P Buerger
3 years ago

have you seen any rubber options? looking to add traction for pups

3 years ago

If you find them do you mind posting a link?

4 years ago

This is a great idea. Looking into adding this to mine.

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