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Switch Pros Quick Connect Harness for ARB Compressors

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Switch-Pros Quick Connect Harness

Switch-Pros Quick Connect Harness Wiring for ARB Twin or Single Compressor?

If you have a Switch-Pros switch panel and are looking to run an ARB Compressor, then there is an easy solution for connecting the two.

The ARB twin compressor comes with a couple of wiring harnesses. It comes with the switch wire along with the power/ground wire. At first glance, the ARB wiring harnesses may be daunting. If you’re only going to connect the air compressor switch and not the front and rear air locker switches, the Switch-Pros quick connect makes it easy.

Wiring the ARB twin compressor to a switch is actually really simple and can be done with or without the Switch Pros Quick Connect Harness.

Here, we will show you what you need to do to wire the Switch-Pros Quick Connect Harness to an ARB twin compressor.

Where to buy?

Switch-Pros Harness three wires:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red = Switch

The yellow and green wires are for the air lockers and the red wire is for the switch.

If you are not running front or rear air lockers, you can just end the yellow and green wires and connect a ring terminal to the red wire only, for the switch.

What makes the Switch Pros Quick Connect Harness convenient is that they keep the three wires together which is nice if you ever want to connect the front/rear air lockers (switches) down the road.

Ultimately, the Switch-Pros Quick Connect Harness takes the guesswork out of where to connect the wires without front and rear lockers.

The only question I had was where to connect the ARB wires into the provided ARB clip. Hopefully, this article will answer some of the same questions I had.

ARB switch Harness: Four wires

  1. Purple = Switch
  2. Black
  3. Green
  4. Red

If you don’t want to buy the Switch-Pros harness, you can simply connect the purple wire on the ARB harness to your switch terminal on your Switch-Pros. That’s it.

The Switch-Pros quick connect harness just makes it simple to connect lockers down the road, if you get there.

Switch-Pros Quick Connect Harness to ARB Harness

Switch-Pros Quick Connect Wiring 02

Separate the green and yellow wires from the red wire and crimp a waterproof ring terminal on. Depending on the size of your heat shrink, you may want to slide some heat shrink on before you crimp down the ring terminal.

Heat Shrink around all Three Wires

Switch-Pros Quick Connect Wiring 03

I applied a small piece of heat shrink first to close the gap behind the ring terminal and then positioned another piece of heat shrink around the red, yellow and green wires.

Heat gun on Heat Shrink

Switch-Pros Quick Connect Wiring 04

Apply a heat gun or lighter flame to the heat shrink and let the material mold around all three wires; yellow, red and green.

ARB Wire Orientation

Switch-Pros Quick Connect Wiring 01

When your ARB compressor arrives, the plastic clip will not have the wires pre-inserted which may leave some people guessing. You will need to clip the wires in yourself. The orientation of the wires is seen above and listed below.

  • Red – Purple
  • Black – Blank
  • Yellow – Yellow
  • Green – Green

Connect ARB Harness to Switch Pro Harness

Switch-Pros Quick Connect - to ARB

After you are finished taking the three wires into one, you are ready to connect the ARB harness to the Switch-Pros quick connect harness.

Final ARB Harness with Switch-Pros Quick Connect

ARB Compressor Wiring Harness Explained

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