13 Off-Road Wheel Companies That Make Killer Wheel Designs for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Wheel Options for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Pictured: Fuel Off-Road Matte Bronze Anza (Size: 17X8.5, Bolt Pattern: 6×139.7mm, Offset -6, Backspace 4.5″)

Wheel Options for the 5th Gen 4Runner in Wheel Size 17X8.5, 17X9, and Bolt Pattern 6×139.7mm

We did most of this research based on 17X8.5 and 17X9 wheels options and of course our 4Runner’s bolt pattern, which is 6×139.7mm(5.5″), also referred to as 6×5.5.

If you want to know more about wheel, rim and tire specs, please read through a prior article we wrote on wheels. That will give you information on wheel size, rim size, the difference between hub centric and lug centric, and much more. That article is always a good refresher.

What rims do we suggest?

This has been bugging me for a while. People will email in asking what “rims” we suggest. We don’t suggest rims, we suggest companies that make great looking wheels and we recommend certain size rim/wheel specs. For example, we may recommend 17X8.5″ wheels where 17″ is the wheel size (spokes) and 8.5″ is the rim size (wheel width).

The hub is the center portion of the wheel and is what attaches the wheel to the suspension. The spokes radiate out from the hub and attach to the rim. The rim is the outer part of the wheel that holds the tire. While many people refer to wheels as “rims,” this is technically incorrect. – TireRack.com

Now that we have set the record straight there…

What wheel companies make wheels for the 5th gen?

Cooper STT Pro Tires review

This is a question many of us ask ourselves because let’s face it, a wheel can make or break the look of your 4Runner.

One thing to keep in mind, a wheel might look amazing but not offered in your wheel size of choice, and further, it may not be offered in our bolt pattern 6×139.7mm.

I always recommend searching google using the following. You can always replace the wheel/rim size with your preferred choice of wheel/rim size. I then follow the wheel/rim size with bolt pattern.

  • 17X7 6×139.7mm wheels
  • 17X8.5 6×139.7mm wheels
  • 17X9 6×139.7mm wheels
  • 17X8.5 6×5.5 Toyota wheels
  • 17X8.5 6×5.5 Off-Road wheels

You get the point, you can search for wheel/rim sizes and then our bolt pattern, that syntax should help narrow down the options. That last two with Toyota and Off-Road may bring up some good results as well.

Everyone has different tastes and needs though so we’re going to focus on many companies and many styles to consider when purchasing your wheels with plenty of wheel examples to look at.

Consider this your go-to wheel inspiration guide!

These companies all make either 17X8.5 or 17X9 wheels in a 6×139.7mm(5.5″) bolt pattern.

#1 Relations Race Wheels

#1 Relation Race Wheels 6x139.7 Wheels

Relations Race Wheels (RRW) is a reputable company that is known in the off-road wheel scene and growing incredibly fast in Tacoma and the 4Runner world. They are known because they offer great looking wheels with our preferred wheel and rim size. They also have more options than most companies that specialize in Toyota, like SCS, VTX, and a couple of others.

Their prices are not bad either and they are known to run sales quite often. Go sign up for their newsletter and wait for a sale or go snag a set of these superior race wheels today. Whatever you decide, you won’t be disappointed. RRW backs their products with a lifetime structural warranty.

Relations Race Wheels focuses on bringing the most stylish but functional wheels to this market. Our wheels are race proven in the desert all over America. We are constantly in development to bring better and more advanced products to our customers each day.  – Relations Race Wheels

For the RRW wheel linup, they offer a few styles with faux beadlock rings and some without. The beadlocks still bolt on like a traditional beadlock so it has the true appearance of one, it’s just not as strong as the real deal. But don’t let that steer you, all of their wheels come with a reinforced bead so they don’t just look great, you can actually push your limits off-road as well.

RRW wheels are hub-centric for Toyotas (Tacoma, 4Runner). Hub-centric wheels fit like OEM wheels and reduce vibration.

When it comes to pricing, RRW is pretty affordable for a high-quality set of off-road wheels. For around $190/wheel, they come in about $30-$40 less than many other boutique wheel companies.

RRW is my first choice to look at in 2019, and we may or may not be buying a set soon, can you guess which one?

#2 Method Race Wheels

#2 Method Race Wheels - 6X139.7 Wheels

Method Race Wheels is a company that is used on a variety of vehicle’s and are extremely popular in the 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra and Toyota racing off-road scene. They are a high-end boutique wheel company, yet affordable as well.

They look great, will really make your 4Runner stand out, and most importantly, will perform when you need them to when your off-road exploration adventure calls.

Method race wheels offers many styles of wheels. They offer both real beadlocks and faux beadlocks (both styles seen above – the first three are true beadlocks).

While the faux beads are not true beads, their aluminum rims are made with an aggressive safety hump on bead seats which prevents de-beading from happening as easily.

So you’re getting lightweight wheels that are extremely durable and they look stunning for a fairly low price when it comes to aftermarket off-road wheels. Most of the above designs are new for 2019.

I thought their 2018 lineup was much better in terms of design, they really killed it last year and in 2017.

#3 Black Rhino Wheels

#3 Black Rhino Wheels - 6x139.7 Wheels

Black Rhino Wheels is a company you want to take a look at if you are in the market for new off-road wheels.

For wheels that are priced decently, built for off-road and can handle lower PSI all while still looking pretty damn epic, Black Rhino is currently killing the game.

Black Rhino offers a multitude of wheel designs so when it comes to purchasing, you will definitely have plenty of choices. Their design style is unlike any others on the market at this time and I have a feeling many companies will start adopting similar concepts sooner than later.

They offer wheel and rim specs ranging from stuff that is purely for looks to stuff that is beadlocked and their prices are not bad at all, especially for their beadlocks.

For example, they offer one beadlocked wheel for a whopping $230, that’s right, some cheap no-name wheels cost more than that and you wouldn’t even want to run them on the road let alone off-road. Black Rhino Wheels make some pretty awesome designs and they are built for abuse.

A top contender in 2019 for sure!

#4 Fuel Offroad

#4 Fuel Offroad Wheels 4Runner

Fuel Off-Road is a company almost everyone has heard of. Their wheels aren’t seen as much on 4Runners as often as Jeeps and lifted BRO’d-out 350 Platinums, but they are used all over the world in the off-road scene.

Fuel is another company that offers a multitude of wheels. They offer stuff ranging from one piece wheels to 3 piece wheels all the way to forged wheels. You can get a deep dish with -90 offset all the way out to a solid 3″ lip and -12 backspace.

While most people see Fuel Off-Road and might think oh look it’s a “Mall Crawler” most of their wheels are actually really durable and can handle a lot of abuse.

I have had a set of Fuels for over a year now and they have been hit multiple times coming down on rocks. They are holding up well for sure.

Side Note: Before the Fuels, I had a set of ATX wheels. The ATX wheels started oxidizing after a year and I got no response when I reached out to them. I didn’t even include them on this post, they were garbage.

Fuel offers a wide variety of wheels and styles but they are much pricier than a lot of other wheel companies. They average about $50-60 more per wheel ($260 for my Anzas) than some of the other boutique wheel companies like RRW, Method, VTX, and SCS wheels.

Hopefully, that helps to keep in mind if you don’t want to spend a lot on a wheel that will see a lot of off-roading abuse.

At the end of the day, Fuel always has a fire lineup of designs and they will always have a quality product.

Fuel is for sure a top contended in 2019 for your off-road wheel choices.

#5 Ultra Wheel

#5 Ultra Wheels 5th Gen 4Runner

Ultra Wheel is a company that is very similar to the company Pro Comp. They offer low priced wheels in a multitude of styles and choices.

They are a company that is great to consider if you want a cheaper wheel to do some easy to mild wheeling or to just change the look of your 4Runner. We have not seen much of this company out and exploring but I have seen quite a few Jeeps rocking their beads.

Ultra Wheel while being a cheaper choice does offer true beadlocked rims.

This is awesome because most companies that offer them are extremely high priced, around $300-400. Compare that to a cheaper set of Ultra beadlocks for $200-$300. They have good designs too, not just some basic beads (the two in the middle are their true beadlocks).

So Ultra Wheel seems like a great choice if you want a cheaper wheel for light off-roading.

It is also good if you want a cheaper true beadlock for heavy off-roading.

#6 KMC Wheels

#6 KMC Wheels 4Runner

KMC Wheels is a company that has been around since 1981. Their wheels have been used on all kind’s of vehicles, not just 4Runners and they’re still in business after 36 years so that says something about their quality.

For KMC their price just depends on the wheels you choose. They have cheaper options along with high-end option’s.

They remind me of an SCS mixed with Black Rhino, then throw in a little of Methods madness.

KMC actually offers the famous XD wheels which we say famous because almost everyone has seen a set of XD series wheels on an off-road build.

KMC is a solid company to consider when looking at changing the appearance of your 4Runner.

This company makes great looking wheels but few of them are truly geared as race wheels or off-road wheels.

If you have goals of airing down to 20PSI and dropping your wheels on rocks, maybe look at another brand built for off-road racing and crawling.

#7 VTX Wheels

#7 VTX Wheels 4Runner

VTX Wheels offer wheels that are truly stunning and will look aesthetically amazing on your 4Runner. They are a not overwhelmingly expensive, plus you can do some serious off-road traversing with them., meaning they are pretty damn durable if you come across some sketchy terrain.

Their wheels are manufactured using strong material’s which is why they can withstand a lot of abuse.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing wheels from them is they typically can only be bought in a set so if you damage one or need to order a set of 5, you may need to reach out directly.

#8 Konig Wheels

#8 Konig Wheels for 5th Gen 4Runner

Konig Wheels is a well-known company in the show car world.

They offer a multitude of wheel styles that not only look great but can withstand abuse.

They are better known in the car world but they’re becoming increasingly popular in the Toyota Tacoma and the Toyota 4Runner world. If you looking to make your truck or 4Runner stand out, look at Konig.

These wheels are pretty damn flossed out.

I have never owned a set but they appear to be pretty damn fancy, and I wouldn’t want to slam a set down on a piece of granite.. but to each their own.

Konigs wheels are a bit pricier than other choices. This might have something to do with them having a big presence in the car world.

People are willing to pay more for wheels for cars because unlike off-roading they won’t get hit as much. Maybe the company carried this pricing over to our world but it won’t last long among the guys that slam wheels on rocks.

Keep your intended driving style in mind if you think Konig wheels are for you.

#9 ICON Alloys

#9 ICON Alloys 5th Gen 4Runner

ICON Alloys is a name most of you wheel recognize but why is that you ask?

ICON currently offers one of the top suspension suspensions for off-road use. Their quality isn’t just with their suspension components, though. They offer pretty nice off-road wheels as well.

ICON offers wheels with moderate prices and some pretty nice designs.

There is something to be said about ICON though, they over price the shit out of everything, excuse my language. Their spanner wrenches, their UCA caps, it’s honestly kind of joke which is why I think a big part of the community is moving to KING. A topic for another day, apologize for the ramble.

Their wheels are made out of an aluminum alloy which is known to be pretty strong. They are also designed for maximum caliper clearance along with the perfect offset and backspacing.

This is to help you achieve the best travel when wheeling and flexing your suspension. This is also a stretch in marketing so take it how you want it.

I still wanted to include ICON for the 2019 wheel options because some of their wheels are pretty sick.

#10 Centerline Wheels

#10 Centerline Wheels 5th Gen 4Runner

Centerline Wheels is one of the choices you’ll want to consider if you’re looking for wheels that are priced well and look good.

It is a wheel that you would want to use to change the look of your 4Runner but not one to really wheel with.

The wheels Centerline offers are a quality wheel for daily driving and crawling some serious parking lots.

Not to say, you can’t air down and trek a trail, because you can. You just shouldn’t push your limits with a set of centerlines.

As with other wheels, they will truly change the look of you’re 4Runner and they offer a variety of styles even wheels that look identical to beadlocks.

#11 Low Range Offroad

#11 Low Range Offroad Wheels for 4Runner

Lowrange Offroad is a company known throughout the 4Runner and Toyota world for many types of aftermarket off-roading parts/upgrades.

When it comes to wheels they offer Raceline wheels, they offer a handful of cool styles, and most of them, true beadlocks. To make thing’s even better their overall wheel cost is not very expensive.

So low range not only offers cheap wheels, but they alos offer many styles with beadlocks.

With Low Range Off-Road, you are able to get great looking wheels without breaking the bank, and on top of that throw beadlocks on.

Damn sign me up!

#12 Fifteen52

#12 Fifteen52 Wheels 4Runner

Fifteen52 is one of those brands that offers amazing wheels, and you can tell. They are strong, stylish and quite possibly over-priced.

They only have a few design styles and option’s which is nice and quite normal for some of the more boutique style wheel companies.

fifteen52 is better defined by our concept rather than any specific line of products or services. Simply stated, our number one goal is to offer our customers whatever wheels and styling enhancements they desire in order to make them feel they own truly unique automobiles. We’re car guys first and foremost, and we hope our passion for all things automotive translates into everything we do. – fifteen52.com

Overall fifteen52 is a company you can go to for custom wheel’s to change the look of your 4Runner or to maximize its off-road potential.

Depending on the design or style you are going for, you are really going to love or hate their monoblock wheels.

#13 Pro Comp Wheels

Pro Comp Wheels 4Runner

Finally, we have Pro Comp Wheels who is a pretty big player in the wheel game and have been for quite some time.

Overall they offer a variety of wheels, colors, sizes, and prices. While some of their designs may be considered old, those might be the exact wheel style you are looking for.

From Big-O-Tires to Les Schwab, every tire shop in North America usually has access to Pro Comp.

They offer Beadlock wheels in a few different designs for our bolt pattern and as a company in general, are pretty well respected in terms of high-quality products while still being affordable.

Which wheel company is for you?

Relations Race Wheels - 5th Gen 4Runner

Pictured: Relations Race Wheels RR5-S

This might be a question you’re still asking yourself after all these companies.

I am not going to choose for you, although I think Relations and Black Rhino are killing it right now.

If you are looking to smash your truck off-road, get some beadlocks. If you are looking for 80% on-road and 20% off-road, get some off-road race wheels like Relations, SCS, Methods, Black Rhino or VTX.

This is one of my favorite mods on a truck because it really sets the tone for your whole build. Good luck guys and choose wisely!

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2 years ago

Question: I just put RRW RR5-S, 17 x 8.5, -12 offset wheels with Falken AT3-W 285/70/17s on my lifted (2.7″ front, 1″ rear) 2019 TRD-OF 4Runner and still get rubbing on rear wheel well (where mud flap was – removed). Already did a BMC – not rubbing there. I clearly got the geometry wrong on the wheel. Would changing to a Method 17 x 8.0, 0 offset fix this? Any advice would be welcome.

2 years ago

Having a hard time getting -12 offset wheels for my 2014 4runner . Alot of websites font even give uou option on offset

Sheriff Lasisi
Sheriff Lasisi
3 years ago

Ok is the best

3 years ago

Any thoughts on quality between SCS, FN, and Method?

3 years ago
Reply to  Scott

Scs has great wheels but they’re rarely stocked and the customer service is less than friendly. I ended up with one Ray10 and after waiting a few months I reached out to see what their restock expectations were and got a very vague “we don’t know”, and then when asked what a refund policy for customers stuck with one wheel was and got a very derogatory response. After looking to see if I could dig up a few other wheels to make my set complete, I noticed a multitude of other customers with my same issue.

4 years ago

What wheel size should I look at for a 2018 Toyota 4runner TRD-OR? Thanks

Tom Glass
Tom Glass
5 years ago

Why were SCS Wheels removed from the list ?

4 years ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

What do you think of American Racing wheels ?

4 years ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

Ok good to know. Thanks!

Peter Melhado
Peter Melhado
5 years ago

What is the roof rack on this 4runner?

Michael d mason
Michael d mason
5 years ago

Looking for some input

Long story short, I like the 1.25″ spidertrax spacers. It lined my wheels up perfectly on my TRD ORP with my fenders and body. But I have decided to go another route. I would like to get a rim that does the same thing without the spacers. I just do not feel comfortable with the spacers on the truck, since it is still under warranty and has a very large service agreement in place. Any suggests on a rim that will give me the same look without the spacers?

Michael d mason
Michael d mason
5 years ago

Or an offset number I can use while shopping.?

Joe Pod
4 years ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

Dirty Life Race Wheels offers the 9302 Roadkill beadlock wheel in -38, so there is certainly that option if looking for beadlock wheels.

5 years ago

Don’t forget Volk Racing T37’s. 👍

5 years ago

you left out RAYS with their TE37!!!
hahahaha just kidding

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