Bond Mini D-Grip Handle Ergonomic Shovel

The Fixed Length Compact Off-Road Shovel by Bond

Bond Mini D-Grip Handle Ergonomic Shovel

Bond LH015 Mini D-Grip Handle Ergonomic Shovel: An In-depth Review

Compared to some of the other off-road shovels we have already covered, like the Rhino USA military-style shovel and the ultimate Krazy Beaver Super Shovel, the Bond LH015 Mini D-Grip handle ergonomic shovel is probably the least exciting on paper yet.

But don’t let that deter you from its value because it may be the exact shovel you have been looking for. It’s definitely a quality product or we wouldn’t take the time to write about it.

This no frill’s off-road shovel doesn’t have a ton of sweet innovative features to talk about, but it gets the job done and is definitely a worthy tool to include in your recovery tool kit or mount as the main recovery shovel option on your roof rack.

In this review and overview, we hope to share the main value points of this shovel and why it’s worth your consideration if you’re seeking a quality off-road recovery shovel.

5 Reasons we dig Bond Mini Shovel

  1. Durability
  2. PriceCheck Today’s Price
  3. Usefulness
  4. Design
  5. Size

If you know right away this shovel is too small, you may want to take a look at its big brother, the longer Bond MFG off-road shovel.

We just bought that shovel as well and if what I am thinking is true, this might shape up to be the perfect off-road shovel for our needs.

The Bond Mini sits at 27″ long and the bigger bother sits around 40″ long. I prefer the extended length over the mini shovel so I am really hoping for a win on the bigger brother.

The Company: Let’s Bond, Shall We?

Bond Compact Off-ROad Shovel

This company has created and produced premier tools and products for modern outdoor living for decades.

Bond prides itself as a company to be a best-in-class manufacturer of garden tools and outdoor-living supplies. Their shovels also double as stout little off-road companions.

The company is dedicated to offering its customers the most cutting-edge, high-quality tools available, and at the most affordable prices.

The prices are really where they shine. You most likely won’t find a higher quality shovel for under or even around the same price. I dare you. Leave a comment below.

Bond’s wealth of experience over the last seven decades and top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities provide the company with the ability to produce top quality tools that offer you the best craftsmanship and value in all categories.

Durability for Decades

Bond Compact Off-ROad Shovel

Bond Mini Shovel Details

  • Weight – 1.89 lbs.
  • Color- red, black, metallic
  • Product Dimensions- 27.6 x 13.6 x 7.5 inches
  • Fiberglass handle
  • Rust resistant powder coated paint
  • Round point shovel
  • Blade Material: Steel
  • Tempered, heat-treated steel head for greater strength and longer life
  • Sharpened edges reduce effort when breaking up tough dirt
  • Distinctive in quality and design
  • Made from high-quality materials for excellent durability and safety

This off-road shovel is built to last.

Getting stuck potentially miles away from civilization in a place with no cell service is not just a possibility, its an eventuality. So, you need a shovel you can rely on. A shovel you can trust.

This is the kind of shovel you can leave out in the yard and not worry about it losing its ability to perform over time.

You can expect to leave it exposed to the rain, sun, snow and put it through lots of abuse and it’s still going to hold shape and more importantly, it’s not going to rust as easy as some other shovels.

Bending the tip of the blade from hitting a rock or breaking the handle off your shovel is never fun.

With the Bond LH015 Mini D-Grip Shovel, you can attack any terrain with peace of mind knowing that you have the right tool for the job.

This compact shovel is light, incredibly stout, designed to ergonomic perfection and tough as nails.

Very impressive build quality.

Price Check, Please

Bond Compact Off-Road Shovel Blade

Ballin on a budget while looking for quality function?

Well, this shovel is right for you. For less than $20, adding this shovel to your recovery kit or on your roof is a steal! When you consider cost vs value, adding this shovel to your recovery tool kit is a no-brainer.

Sure, you could go out and spend up to $100 dollars on a fancy shovel like the Krazy Beaver. And the KB may have some features and benefits that will justify that kind of price.

But if you need something to get the job done, is compact and don’t care about having a flashy shovel for vanity purposes, the Bond Mini Shovel may be right for many of us. Both off-road and for your wife to use in the garden, this shovel is kick ass.

This is a shovel that should be considered by everyone. Yeah, I think it’s that universal, and the cost just flat out wins for this little compact digging machine.

Depending on how you look at it, this is a much better purchase than the Rhino USA Shovel (at the same price point) if only, you have a place to mount. If you have no mounting points, the Rhino USA may be a good fit in its pounch and then tucked in a bag.

Off-Road, On-Road, and At-Home Functionality

Bond Mini Shovel - Functionality

As I mentioned previously, I know the difference between a good shovel and a bad shovel. Even a small amount of experience has taught me that not all shovels are created equal.

When you’re exploring remote areas, having a quality shovel is an absolute necessity. It basically becomes a tool for survival.

The full-size shovel like handle provides a familiar ultimate swing, bend and twist function which allows for a seamless transition into the next load.

The shovel should mount quite well on many different roof rack platforms out there. Whether you have a flat rack or a mesh rack, odds are you can find a mounting solution for this compact little shovel.

It’s compact enough to hang above your workbench, and it won’t take up the whole wall in your garage. It’s a true winner in the compact category guys, I like this little shovel.

Digging into Design

Off-Road Shovel Handle Design

As previously mentioned, this is a no-frills type of shovel.

None of the pizzazz of some of its costlier counterparts, but it may get your rig unstuck if you push it hard enough.

From a design perspective, the shovel is well-built. The Bond comes from a full-size shovel design but packed into bite-sized form. At certain points when its thrown around and slammed to the dirt, it feels stouter and high quality than the Krazy Beaver shovel.

It has a smaller blade than the beaver but its handle, shaft, and steps are on par if not more sturdy than the KB shovel.

Its D-Grip fiberglass handle was designed to provide the utmost in comfort and relaxation while you chew away at your dirt debris-filled target. Its tempered, heat-treated steel head offers enhanced strength and extended service life.

This classic round point digger shovel has sharpened edges that will reduce your required effort when breaking up tough dirt, rock, sand, or gravel.

Although the Bond LH015 is what I would consider the “plain jane” of shovels in the category, it is made of high-quality materials and features a very simple and clean, yet distinctive design.

And the most important feature to me is that it feels like a shovel. It throws like a shovel and it also digs like a damn shovel is supposed to.

The Bite-Sized Bond – Size DOES Matter

This handy little guy packs a mean punch. It may be small, but it’s tough as nails, so don’t be deceived by its small stature. If shovels had personalities, the Bond LH015 would probably have a Napoleon Complex, and then it may win the fight.

Due to its size, this “lil” guy enables you to work in much tighter quarters and get under your truck if the occasion calls for it.

This shovel is also perfect for dog digging (shoveling large loads of debris between your legs and throwing out and away). I grew up on 4 acres and digging was a part of my life after school. It would have been nice to have this full-size style shovel in a compact form about 15 years ago.

One added benefit not everyone may consider is its weight. Weighing in at just under 2lbs, this shovel can be mounted to your truck with minimal worry of MPG Loss.

It’s the perfect size for a roof rack, rear bumper, or roll-cage.

Final Verdict on the Bond LH015 Shovel

Again, if you want the coolest looking shovel to appease your ego and high-minded overland ambitions, I suggest taking a look at some of the other shovels we have tested.

But, if your ego doesn’t need any stroking and you’re cool with the “plain-jane” of shovels, then the Bond LH015 is just what you’re looking for.

If the Bond Mini Shovel is too short (27″ length) then look at its longer bigger brother shovel (40″ length) and go from there.

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5 years ago

Looking into the Seymour super shovel it half the price of the Krazy Beaver, they both are basically the same it manufactured by the same company just that the owner of the Krazy Beaver powder coat and add a release pin to his shovel

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