Scosche MagicMount (Vent Mount) Phone Holder

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Scosche MAGVM2 MagicMount Vent Phone Holder for 4Runner

A Universal Vent Mounted Phone Holder for the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner That Actually works

There are dozens of ways to mount your smartphone in your 4Runner. One of the most sturdy options for smart phones or tablets is going to be a drill/bolt-on install of a Ram Mount. You can read about the full Ram Mount install guide over here.

However, if you’re not quite ready to drill into your dash the Scosche MAGVM2 MagicMount for your is a non-permanent, low cost, and zero fuss solution!

Rather than gripper arms or tension camp style mounts, the Scosche system uses powerful magnets to secure your smart phone to its base. If you don’t want to add a phone mount to your vents, there is also a Scosche MagicMount suction cup option as well.

Installation of the MAGVM2

Installation of the Base is simple.

Scosche MAGVM2 MagicMount for 4Runner

The Base has two slot sizes that ought to work for pretty much all vehicle vents.

Rotate the Base to whichever orientation will fit tightly into your vent depending on the thickness of your vent blades.

Scosche MAGVM2 MagicMount for 4Runner

Slide the base onto the vent blade carefully and adjust location and angle. Be careful not to severely bend or break the vent blades while pushing it onto the blade.

On your phone, simply peel and stick one of the included magnets directly onto the back of your phone (or onto your phone’s case) so that your device will now magnetize and stick to the Base.

As you can imagine, sticky things do not always stay sticky and Scosche does sell replacement Mounting Magnets that can be purchased in a variety of sizes.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Secure, has not come off in months of road and trail use
  • 100% temporary
  • No drilling required
  • Install time less than 5 minutes
  • Low price point
  • Replacement Adhesive Magnets readily available


  • Obstructs one dash vent
  • Adhesive Magnet may lose its “stick” when exposed to hours of heat
  • Need to close dash vent 100% when running High heat
  • The base may come off the vent in extremely rocky/bumpy terrain

Final Thoughts

Air Vent Phone Holder for the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

I love the Scosche MAGVM2 Magic Mount and it’s been a great solution. I’ve used it for a full year and have not been disappointed.

If you live in cold climate and run the heat on high often, make sure you fully close the dash vent so that running high heat doesn’t ruin the adhesive on the magnet mount.

The one closed vent should redirect airflow to another open dash vent and I have not noticed any problems with heat with the one dash vent closed.

Questions or Comments? Leave them below!

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Showing 12 comments
  • Charlie

    I had a similar one before with the wireless charger. After a while it go annoying cause it would fall off the vent. It also comes off easily when you try to pull the phone off.

    • Steve

      Hey Charlie, I’ve been using the Scosche for a year now and its working great with no signs of breaking down anytime soon. I’m sure some are better than others, this one seems to fit nice and snug in the 4R vents!

      • Chris

        Hey Steve — do you have a phone with wireless charging? If so, how has the magnet placement worked for you?

        I’ve got an iPhone XS Max and was thinking about putting the plate lower on the phone in between the phone and the case. I’m a little worried that the non-centered position might lead it to tip over.

        • steve

          Hi Chris, I don’t have a wireless charger unit, so unfortunately I cannot really speak to that question with 100% accuracy. My new iPhone XR (not pictured in the post) has the Scosche large size magnet placed slightly below center and I have the phone encased in a heavy duty Spigen case (similar to Otterbox) ……it “sticks” to the Scosche base just fine. Good luck!!!

    • Mgm_trd

      I combined two methods. I used 3M 30lb double stick tape instead of drilling holes for the ball mount on the side. I added Scosche magnetic charger on top of short ram extension. Holds phone really well. Problem solved

  • Shannon Bileski

    I use the Scosche Magnetic Mount and suction cup to the dash on the left side of the stereo. Perfect spot, unobsructive, no issues!

  • Mike

    I have two of the Scosche mounts but I have the stick on ones. One to the left in front of the vent and one to the right of the steering wheel on the side of the center control hub by the vent open/close wheel. They work great and have had no issues for a couple years now.

    • steve

      Great to hear! Loving mine after about 14 months, still working great.

  • Mtn4runner

    not good spot to locate your phone. chances are higher to get pull over by police. this is what happened to me last year.

    • steve

      I’ve definitely heard of hands-free cell phone laws, but not ones specifically restricting the placement of phones or GPS units. What state are you located?!?!?

  • jeff

    Hey guys I have gone through a bunch of mounts cups vents stick shift. All kinds and the best is the Mob Armor. I thought I was for spending the money, but this is the only one that works for off road and everyday use. Best money I every spent.

  • Treetop

    It may seem overly simple, but I use 3M adhesive velcro to hold my cell phone in places you can only imagine.
    I only recommend adding velcro, loop side/fuzzy to the back of your cell phone case and not directley to the electronic device. The hook end velcro can be placed on pretty much any smooth surface. Avoid using to much velcro, otherwise removal will be rather aggravating and potentially damaging to your equipment.

    I typically use a one inch square on the back of my phone case and a quarter inch by half inch wide strip to the surface area that I want to hang my device too.

    Also I try to avoid areas that expose my cell phone/device to potential constant heat. The vent area is a good area for visability, however during the winter months you may cook your device into thermal shutdown unless you close off that particular vent.

    For my gen5 4runner, I have found that the area around the dashboard clock offers a great cell phone perch. Just trim a small patch of velcro to the top narrow edge and you have a secure anchor point.

    On a personal note, I think this site is great,,, there are so many cool ideas and references to locate stuff to transform 4runners into awesomeness.


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