CargoLoc Roof Top Aluminum Cross Bars

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5th Gen 4Runner Upgraded Aluminum Cross Bars

5th Gen 4Runner Upgraded Aluminum Cross Bars

Installation and review of the CargoLoc Roof Top Aluminum Cross Bars

The 4th Gen 4Runners came standard with very sturdy crossbars. With the 5th Gen 4Runner, its an option. At first glance, the crossbars from Amazon didn’t look sturdy enough to hold up two kayaks. But they are made up of high-quality aluminum with a 150 lbs load capacity and it is lockable. When I got them they looked very sturdy, stable, fits perfectly and looks good for generic crossbars. It’s a bargain for under $50.

The length of the CargoLoc cross bars is 52″, however, they fit any factory roof rails with a maximum gap of 46″.

The only issue is the tunnel on the bottom side of both the crossbars that allows the clamps to slide creating a whistling noise at any speed. To fix this, I just used some waterproof duct tape on the underside of the cross bar and it solved the issue.

Cross Bar Options

CargoLoc Aluminum Cross Bars Overview

Step 1. unlock both ends of the crossbar

5th Gen 4Runner Upgraded Aluminum Cross Bars

Use the two keys to unlock both ends of the crossbar to insert the Allen wrench. This makes it easy to work with when both ends of the cross bar clamps are open. Don’t loosen the screws of the clamp all the way.  Just loosen them a bit so they can open up enough to fit over the factory roof rails.

Step 2. Tighten the Cross Bar Clamps

Step 2. Tighten the Cross Bar Clamps

Now that the crossbar is sitting securely on the rail, tighten the screws on both the clamps. Don’t tight too much you will need to get the crossbar off the roof. Just tighten enough that the crossbar doesn’t slide along the length of the rail align the crossbar to be straight and the clamps are equal on both sides. It is paramount that the clamps are equally spaced so that it does not damage your rail or roof when you add cargo.

Step 3.  Mark the Cross Bars

Step 3.  Mark the Cross Bars

Mark the underside of the crossbar between the clamps. Don’t worry about the outer ends of the clamps. Loosen the screws on either end. Take the crossbar off the roof for step 5.

Step 4. Waterproof Duct Tape

waterproof duct tape

Get a waterproof duct tape from any hardware store. Home Depot it is $10.

Step 5 – Tape the underside of the Cross Bar

Step 5 - Tape the underside of the Cross Bar

Take the cross bar off of the factory rails, and tape the underside of the cross bar between the clamps. The idea is to seal the tunnel.

Step 6. Remount and Tighten Cross Bars

Remount the cross bar. Tighten the screws not too much that they damage the clamps. Just tighten enough that it sits firmly, securely and does not move.

Repeat the same steps for the second cross bar. Tried at various speeds with the sunroof open all the way and the roof basket no whistling noise. The 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner is taller than the 4th Gen and in addition, the crossbars add an extra height also.

So whatever you put on top, be careful of low overhangs.

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