Stubby Antenna for 4Runner

The Stubby Antenna install and review Toyota 4Runner

The Stubby Antenna install and review Toyota 4Runner

2002-2013 Toyota 4Runner Stubby Antenna (Late model 3rd Gens, 4th Gens, and early model 5th Gens)

What is the stubby? The stubby replaces your stock antenna with a much smaller and cooler looking antenna. They claim it gives as good if not even better antenna performance than your stock antenna. The Stubby is available for just about any make and model of vehicle on the market that has a traditional antenna.

Note: Not all 4runners have front mounted antennas. I have a 2012 5th gen 4Runner Trail Edition and it has a front mounted antenna. So it kinda goes without saying, check your model 4Runner visually to see if it has an antenna. If it does you can replace it with The Stubby. Specifically, this antenna will fit on the 2002 (3rd Gen), every model 4th Gen and early model 5th Gen 4Runners.

Stubby Antenna Review

Well, the stubby sure as hell looks cooler than the stock antenna. It’s also nice not having your antenna flopping around when it catches brush on the side of the trail. As far as radio receiving performance goes I cannot comment because I honestly haven’t listened to a radio station in almost a decade.

Stubby Install

  1. Use a set of channel locks, adjustable crescent wrench or a 5/16 open end wrench to remove that stupid stock antenna. You’ll see at the base of the antenna where you can grab it with a wrench or some shit.
  2. Hand screw in The Stubby antenna. You only need to take it hand tight! No need to torq the shit out of it with your channel locks. I guess you could add some blue locktite if your paranoid about it unthreading but I’ve had mine on for months and it has stayed secure.

The Stubby Antenna

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3 years ago

What if I need the rubber it fits into too

5 years ago

You can stop struggling now. The video was meant to be funny. But on a more serious note, the antenna is great for those who routinely get off the beaten path into overgrown trails. I was sick of my antenna constantly catching branches and brush along the trail flapping around. I mentioned both of these points in the video. And yes, it looks cool, I like the minimal look. If I had more time in my life I would make more install videos that weren’t so serious and boring. Some people will get it and some will hate it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jay

Ah, good joke. No hate at all, just didn’t get your joke I guess. Thanks for finding time for this article!

5 years ago

I’m struggling with exactly why someone who apparently hasn’t listened to the radio in years, decided to write a review on an AM/FM radio antenna. To look cool?

Apologies, I’m not trying to troll, but seriously… What’s the point here? The review doesn’t really as any value or review.

6 years ago

AM channel works but spotty only in certain sections of I95.

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