The Tikit – Seatbelt Alarm Silencer

The Tikit – Seatbelt Alarm Silencer & Bottle Opener

The Tikit - Seatbelt Alarm Silencer & Bottle Opener

Seatbelt Alarm Silencer for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and ATVs

As a disclaimer to this post, we are not recommending you drive on paved roads, highways or any other road that requires you, by state and federal law to wear your seatbelt. The Tikit (pronounced: Ticket) is an accessory that is intended for off-road use only or however you see fit dependant on your application. This is not a direct replacement for your seatbelt, nor is this product intended for use on paved roads. Not wearing your seatbelt on public transportation roadways is illegal. Again, we are not encouraging you to use The Tikit on public roadways. Use at your own risk and more importantly, use common sense.

With that being said, there are many times you just don’t need your seatbelt. Don’t get me wrong, safety first as always but to an extent.

When you are on a trail jumping in and out of your truck, the seatbelt alarm can get pretty annoying. You can either buckle your seatbelt or wait until your alarm goes off. In the time you have to wait until the alarm goes off, you may even have to hop out of your truck again. To buckle your seatbelt each time you jump in and out of the truck starts to become a little bit of a pain. This is also pretty annoying when you are trying to focus on a trail and whats ahead.

With The Tikit, you can silence your seatbelt alarm for good. The Tikit clicks right into your buckle and stops the alarm from coming back. It really is a relief.

Whether you live on 3 acres and it takes you 5 minutes to get to your mailbox, or you have overweight items in your front seat (dog, groceries, heavy boxes) that are making the alarm go off, you should look into The Tikit. There are many other reasons why you might need The Tikik seatbelt alarm silencer but this is enough for me.

Where can you buy The Tikit

On the website, you will find plenty of color options, affordable prices and an awesome About Us page. Head over to their website, see what’s going on, and read their story.

My Short and Sweet Experience with The Tikit

I have had The Tikit in the 4Runner for a few days now and genuinely did not think I would use it until I hit a trail. This was not the case. The first time I used it was the first day I had it. I had to take a load of trash to a dumpster up the street from the house (construction site dumpster – I am moving – don’t judge me) and didn’t want to click the belt. Boom, I had The Tikit.

The second time was the second day while at my parents and grandparents property. My father lives on 3 acres and my grandparents live on 4 acres. I needed to drive back and forth from house to house a few times to bring a few loads of boxes over. Using my seatbelt on the property is just a pain in the ass. Boom, I had The Tikit.

You will likely use it more than you think. At least I did.

Color Options

The Tikit has many color options to choose from. We don’t need to go into detail on this one, just understand, there is a color for everyone out there.

  • Black – Stealth
  • Chrome
  • Camouflage
  • American Flag
  • Golden

The Tikit Seatbelt Alarm Silencer for UTVs

The Tikit also makes seatbelt silencer keys/clips for UTVs. For everyone out there with a RZR Side by Side, John Deere Gator, or any other UTV, you are in luck. The Tikit makes some pretty bad ass seatbelt silencers for your application as well.

  • Can-Am
  • Yamaha
  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • John Deere
  • Polaris
  • Artic Cat UTVs

How I mounted The Tikit in the 4Runner

As soon as I held The Tikit seatbelt silencer key, I knew it was going to get lost in the center console. So, I thought about a quick a cheap solution to mount The Tikit somewhere. I grabbed some hook and loop Velcro brand circles and then traced the hook around the key. I placed the hook side on the back of key and then placed the entire loop circle on the 4Runner under the front dash, just below the Pedal Commander. It’s perfect.

Is it worth it? I think so, there are just too many reasons in my opinion not to have one. You will be thinking of this post/product the next time you are on a trail and don’t have one.

This product is pretty affordable and will come in handy more often than you think.

Seatbelt Alarm Silencer Clipped in

Seatbelt Alarm Silencer for 4Runner

Seatbelt Alarm Silencer for 4Runner

Seatbelt Silencer for 4Runner

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Cheryl Peyton
Cheryl Peyton
9 months ago

is the Tikit seat belt alarm silencer permanent or removal? If removal, HOW???

Terri H
Terri H
2 months ago
Reply to  Cheryl Peyton

It pops out using your seatbelt release

3 years ago

I just turned the audible seatbelt alarms off. It’s one of a lot of items that can be set either by the dealer or with an aftermarket device that plugs into the obdc port.

6 years ago

This is one of those handy items that you don’t realize that you will use a lot until you have it! Nice for trips when you are constantly in and out of the vehicle for trail spotting and photography!

6 years ago

I have one for my 4R and it is perfect for my dog, who loves to sleep on the front passenger seat with the seat warmer on!

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