ARB Flat Rack – Coming Soon!

ARB 4Runner Mesh Flat Rack

ARB Flat Alloy Mesh Rack for 5th Gen 4Runner Release!!

For a complete overview, review and installation on this rack, jump straight to this post.

ARB is at it again with another product. If you know my choice for 4Runner roof racks, then you know I like a slim design. We installed the Baja Utility Rack and the Rhino-Rack. Both of these roof racks are somewhat of a slim option for the 4Runner, but this ARB rack is incredibly slim. With that being said, this rack will not be for everyone.

There are a few highlights about this rack that make it so attractive, to me. The ARB flat rack is available in either steel or alloy. Also, the pricing does not scream “outrageous” like most ARB products.

For the 4Runner, it looks like our rack would be the 87″ X 44″. This is closest to that of a Gobi Rack at 88″ X 45″ and compare that to the Baja Utility Rack at 91″ X 46″.

For the 87″ X 44″ steel rack at a price point of only $495, this is a really good option in terms of pricing but appears to be missing some of the most notable features of most the racks out there, like side rails and a wind deflector. But, this might not be such a bad thing. For some people out there with a lower garage or those entering parking garages. This is also a stretch as most racks will clear these.

Regardless of these extra features, I would be first in line to order this rack. For the 87″ X 44″ alloy rack, it has similar pricing with the leading racks on the market, starting at $914.

Whether you’re looking to mount a rooftop tent, jerry cans, or a canoe, the new ARB Flat Rack provides the strength of an ARB basket rack, with the practicality and clearance of a flat roof rack platform.

Popular sizes within the current ARB Roof Racks range have been replicated in Flat Racks, available in either steel or alloy variants. The six different steel racks are available as non-mesh only. The three alloy racks feature an Amplimesh® mesh floor. Existing roof rack mount kits are retained so will suit cage, trade, touring and flat racks in both steel or alloy.

ARB Flat Rack Release Details and Pricing

ARB Flat Rack for 4Runner Release Details and Pricing

  • Date: February 2018
  • Description: ARB Flat Roof Rack
  • Application: Existing Applications
  • Part No. & Barcode: Refer to Table
  • Retail Price: Refer to Table
  • Availability Date: May 2018

Alloy Flat Rack Part Numbers, Pricing, & Dimensions

  • 87”X49” MESH 9332018049667 $968.00
  • 87”44” MESH 9332018049674 $914.00
  • 70”X44” MESH 9332018053770 $894.00

Steel Flat Rack Part Numbers, Pricing, & Dimensions

  • 53”X49” 9332018049650 $381.00
  • 73”X44” 9332018049636 $470.00
  • 73”X49” 9332018049629 $475.00
  • 87”X44” 9332018049612 $495.00
  • 87”X49” 9332018049605 $506.00
  • 70”X44 9332018049643 $433.00

Protection & Styling Characteristics

Protection & Styling Characteristics

  • Available in either steel or alloy
  • Fitment interchangeable for any application that takes an existing ARB Roof Rack with the same dimensions; ie 3800220 is interchangeable for any application that takes a 3800020
  • Alloy flat racks feature Amplimesh® mesh floors as standard
  • Steel flat racks available with cross bars only
  • Both alloy and steel flat racks are rated to a 330lbs load (subject to vehicle manufacturer’s maximum load rating)
  • Zinc rich primer for additional corrosion resistance (steel racks)
  • Finished in millenium powder coat
  • Uses existing roof rack mount kits. Please refer to application guide for mount kits
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6 years ago

Would you pick this rack over your Rhino-Rack Pioneer SX, if you had it to do over again?

6 years ago

I’m sure it’s cool and all but I’m the opposite of you and I don’t really like the flat racks. Kinda like skinny jeans! lol! I personally like the function of a basket style roof rack because it makes it easier to pile crap on top. But I’m old school. I got a Aluminum ARB basket style on the way.

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