Orange Boxx Fab Storage Panel Review

4Runner MOLLE Panel Accessories

4Runner Window Storage Panel & Utility Rack Panel from Orange Boxx Fabrication – Review & Overview

I saw this thing one day and had to have it.

This panel is a rear window storage device that bolts to your existing 4Runner mounts.

The whole point of this storage device is to grab items that you need to access quickly. There are a handful of items that we always use off-road that are nice to grab quickly and are kind of a pain in the ass to store.

The MOLLE Panel concept, in general, is pretty cool. There are a couple of manufacturers that fabricate this product (Orange Boxx Fabrication and the Rago Fabrication Panel). This one seen above is made by Orange Boxx Fabrication. But, before you move forward with purchasing this product, please read this post.

The MOLLE panel is a rear window storage device that bolts to your existing 4Runner mounts.

The whole point of this storage device is to grab items that you need to access quickly. There are a handful of items that we always use off-road that is nice to grab quickly and are kind of a pain in the ass to store.

When we purchased this product from Orange Boxx, we had high hopes. In the end, yeah it still works but with quite the process in getting there. When we ordered the item, the entire rack showed up scratched, like it was literally used. Also, the hardware was thrown into a shipping envelope (used), nuts and bolts everywhere, and nothing organized at all. Furthermore, Orange Boxx sent the wrong size hardware in the package.

After the second package showed up, the rack was brand new (hmmm). But, for the SECOND TIME, Orange Boxx Fabrication sent a completely different set of hardware. Like literally, not even the same as the first, and wrong.

You will see the pictures below. With all of this being said, it is still a functioning product and yeah, it looks good. I will have to go to home depot to get a new set of hardware (hopefully they have black) and reset the top hardware for this rack.

Find It Online (other panels)

  • R4T MOLLE Mounts: Check Price
    • Size: 1″x1.5″ or 1″x0.75″
    • Fits: Rago Fabrication Panels
    • Fits: Cali Raised Panels
  • Cali Raised LED Molle: Check Price
  • Cali Raised LED Molle Panels and Shelf: Check Price

Mountable Accessories

  1. Flashlight
  2. Axe
  3. ARB Deflator & Inflator
  4. Mini Shovel
  5. First Aid Kit
  6. Tow Straps
  7. Use your Imagination

Tools Used to Mount these Items to the Panel

Installation Instructions

I did not type this. This is straight from Orange Boxx.

  1. Remove upper coat hook. Use 10 MM Socket. Remove small grocery bag hook in the rear corner. Remove screw.
  2. Remove cap from the forward position in the luggage area. Remove 6 mm screw with 10mm socket. This will expose the threaded area for attachment.
  3. Assemble the Side PSD rack to the upper bracket using 2 Bolts and nuts provided in the kit. Leave loose.
  4. Attach the 2nd bracket to the Side PSD with the bend facing in towards the middle of 4Runner (the depends on which side you ordered the PSD for.) Use the 3 5/16 bolts included in the kit.
  5. Attach the bent bracket undercoat hook. Leave loose for adjustments. The bracket bottom should be facing towards the glass.
  6. Place 4.250 spacer in the front hole closest to the front of 4Runner using 4.625″ 6mm bolt. Use the horizontal slot for attachment. Leave loose.
  7. Using supplied 1/2 Dia black 2,5 long spacer. Place behind rear in corner tab. Using 3.5 6 mm bolt. The rack may need to be slide forward in the slot in front to adjust.
  8. Using spacer included in your kit. Place behind PSD through the small hole in PSD for a little bow. This will keep your PSD from flexing to the wall with the load. Attach with supplied hardware.
  9. Tighten all bolts and nuts.

Orange Boxx Install – Our Version

Below is our step-by-step process for installing the panel. It’s a straightforward process but the pictures should help.

Step #1 – Remove 4Runner Coat Hook

Step #1 - Mount Top MOLLE Bracket 

Start by removing upper coat hook with a 10mm socket. Next, move onto removing small grocery bag hook in the rear corner of your 4Runner. This is located towards the very rear of the 4Runner. Remove the screw from this location and set aside (you will not need this screw). You will also need to remove the screw in the lower corner towards the front of your 4Runner. Set aside (you will not need this screw either).

Step #2 – Mount Top Bracket

Step #2 - Mount Top MOLLE Bracket 

Using your 10mm socket, hand tighten or lightly tighten coat hook through Orange Boxx Fabrication bracket. This will set you up for mounting the actual rack onto this bracket.

Step #3 – Mount Rack to Top Bracket

Step #3 - Mount MOLLE Rack to Top Bracket

Yeah, that’s seriously the hardware we were given, the second time around. Hopefully, you will get the correct set of hardware. This is where you need to mount the actual rack to the top bracket. You want to hand tighten everything at this point.

Step #4 – Mount Rack to Bottom Bracket

Step #4 - Mount MOLLE Rack to Bottom Bracket

Mount the rack to the bottom bracket. You can see it clear as day here but we had to guess for a second to see where and how this bracket mounted to the rack. With all the holes in this rack, this can be confusing. What would be nice is a vector graphic showing exactly what holes hold what bolts, in terms of installation.

Step #5 – Mount Rack to Bottom Bracket Spacer Screw

Step #5 - Mount MOLLE Rack to Bottom Bracket Spacer Screw

Now, you need to mount the rack to the bottom bracket spacer screw. This is the smallest spacer screw that comes in your “kit”. Again, hand tighten this screw as you will want to adjust everything before you tighten everything down.

Step #6 – Mount Rack to Bottom Front Spacer Screw

Step #6 - Mount MOLLE Rack to Bottom Front Spacer Screw

Once you have hand tightened the rear spacer screw to the rear bracket, you can then align and tighten down the bottom front spacer screw. If things don’t line up correctly at first, keep adjusting. This is why you want to hand tighten all of the hardware at first. Adjusting this rack is key to proper positioning.

Step #7 – Add Spacer in the Middle of Storage Rack

Step #7 - Add Spacer in the Middle of MOLLE Storage Rack

From here, just drop in your middle support spacer and you are good to go.

Step #8 – Tighten All Bolts Down and Enjoy!

5th Gen 4runner MOLLE Storage Rack

After all of your hardware is set, tighten down all nuts and bolts that were provided.

Mounting Gear to the rack

Once your window storage rack is in place, start getting creative. There are thousands of options for mounting gear to this rack. Being a Type-A personality, I am a total neat freak. Having this storage rack on the 5th Gen Trail Edition is going to be a big help in organizing the items we use on a more common basis. I wanted to mount a bunch of stuff to this rack out of the gates. But instead, I am going to mount things one at a time as I run into common problems. I will keep this page updated as I start to mount new items to the rack. I know for sure, I want a Maglite. The Maglite is a must have in your 4Runner at all times.

Maglite with Mount Brackets

5th Gen 4runner MOLLE Window Storage Panel - Maglite with Bracket

Added Another Light + SmittyBilt Axe

5th Gen 4runner MOLLE Window Storage Panel - Maglite with Bracket

Added ARB Inflator

5th Gen 4runner MOLLE Window Storage Panel With ARB Inflator

Added MOLLE Pouch (Large and Small)

This was taken the other day and I thought I would throw it on this page where it belongs. I am still not finished with the panel. There are still a few more items to go on. I will update the page as the panel begins to fill out. Also, I still need to figure out where the fire extinguisher is going to go.

4runner MOLLE Storage Panel

Off-Road Accessories and Gear

Head over to the post we wrote on accessories and gear to see what’s going on down below.

5th Gen 4Runner Off-Road Accessories and Gear

Coming Together

We are working on an overview of what we added to our panel.

This should serve as a good overview of what you can add to your MOLLE panel. We have also installed the Rago on the passenger side. Check out the post above to see everything on the panel.

4Runner MOLLE Panel Accessories

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Dustin Stout
Dustin Stout
4 years ago

Great article. What are the mounting straps used here for the hatchet? I’ve been searching for something like this and can’t find the ones like this.

Brenan Greene
Brenan Greene
4 years ago
Reply to  Dustin Stout

Quick Fist Mounts Universal Rubber Mounts

4 years ago

Would love to get this for my 96 GMC suburban 4×4.

Nate Roben
Nate Roben
5 years ago

You know. You should just remove all the installation instruction for the OrangeboxxxFab and only mention they suck. Because I only read the title of this article like a month ago and didn’t even finish the first sentence. Then I purchased their PSD. The most unpleasant experience I ever had, especially at the time I talked to the owner. He made me feel I was begging him to buy their product. I contacted Paypal and disputed the purchase. Orangeboxxfab SUCKS!!!!

6 years ago

Structurally, how big of a difference is there between the rago and OB? looking for durability… I can live with the shoddy packaging and finding my own hardware if they are similar in durability

6 years ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

Ill have to get one of each. I liked the fact that it stuck out a bit because I have things that need to hang down off of it and not scratch up the plastics.

Orange Boxx fab
Orange Boxx fab
6 years ago

Gentleman thank you for all your comments about our products. We strive to make our equipment for you and the future users of our products. Thank you for the wonderful write up and to help is improve our product.

6 years ago


This looks awesome , but will this instal prevent the cargo cover from closing?

6 years ago

What kind of harnesses do you use to attach tools and items to the panel?

6 years ago

What drove the decision to use Orange Boxx over Rago?

6 years ago

Hi Brenan,

THANK YOU for these instructions. I can’t find any good pictures anywhere and the instructions that come with the PSD suck to say the least.

In steps #5 and #6, what do the spacers screw into? In #5, I have a tie down strap for the top of a net.

Also, in step #7, I think the space is supposed to go into the hole that is over half a square and up. It’s the odd hole with what looks like commas on either side.


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