4Runner Amber Marker Lights Review

5th Gen 4Runner Amber Marker Lights Review

5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Amber Marker Lights Overview and Full Review

Article Submitted by Cameron W.

These amber marker lights are an exceptional way to add some style to your 4Runner. I followed the installation instructions for the marker lights on Trail4r.com and it really worked out great. It did not take me too long to do it at all; maybe two hours (I am not car savvy at all).

I really wanted to have running lights at all times that were different than the normal stock lights that come on the 4Runner. Having these marker lights on the middle of the grill really makes the car look personalized and customized.

They don’t really produce a ton of light output, so you will still need your headlights to see at night, but they sure do look great. The 4Runner amber marker lights are nice and small but stand out a lot. Every time I go see friends or family, there is always someone complimenting me on them.

There are trucks that are doing the exact same thing, but it is not common that a 4Runner will have them installed. We are all trying to make our cars look custom in our own way. There are only so many ways to do that. With doing this install, it will take your 4Runner to another level. They look clean on the 4Runner and almost as if they should have been there when you bought the car off the lot.

4Runner Amber Marker Lights Installation

5th Gen 4Runner Amber Marker Lights Review

The only thing that I was and still kind of am worried about, is poking the hole in the firewall for the wires to go through. I trust that it is probably the best way to go, I am just very skeptical about i t.

I have had them installed for a while now and I have not had any issues with water getting into the cab at all, so I guess that tells you not to be worried about running cables and wiring through your firewall.

It is a lot better than trying to squeeze the wires through a hole that already exists in the 4Runner.

4Runner Amber Marker sLights Wiring

Materials for Amber Marker Lights:

  • Amber Light Housing
  • Add a circuit
  • 16 gauge wire
  • 16 gauge, 3/8″ ring crimp terminal
  • 16 gauge butt-splice crimp connectors
  • Optional: Flex loom to protect your wiring
  • As always: Zip-ties

The circuit that is used for these lights is one that automatically turns them on when the vehicle is started. It is a lot less effort to make them like this. Now there is a very simple way that we can try and bypass the always automatic lights.

The 4Runner amber marker lights get their power from the circuit panel under the driver dash. All that it would take is maybe a few seconds to reach down there and pull the circuit out. That way, if you don’t want them to always be on, you can just simply unplug when you want to. Then when you want them back on, just plug it back in.

I should have tried to make the quick uninstall. I didn’t even think about that until after it was done. What happens if I want to add something else to my grill. I am going to have to rewire the whole entire thing in order to just take off the grill. I did not think about that one, so if I do have to remove the marker lights for some reason.

I am certainly going to somehow install a quick uninstall to help save me time and effort.  Another thing is trying to hide all of the wires behind the grill. The grill is made to look rad and epic with the ability to kind of see through it.

That means the wires are going to be right behind it in clear daylight if looked directly at. It was a challenge for me to hide them, but that also could have been because I installed the wires so they didn’t have too much slack.

It was my own fault and I should have thought about it before the actual install. But that is something to think about when you are installing them. Trimming them down and putting them behind the grill is a great idea as well, that way they are not protruding from the car at all. I did not do that, I just placed them directly on the grill and zip tied them down so they are not budging at all. I love the way they both look. Placing them on the grill is going to require less effort.

Placing your Amerber Lights on the Grill

There are so many different places on the vehicle to ground the electrical wiring. I just did it right behind the grill on one of the bolts. That way I did not have a lot of double wiring going everywhere through the side of my vehicle. It just makes it look a lot cleaner this way.

Quality of the 4Runner Amber Marker Lights

5th Gen 4Runner Amber Marker Lights Review

The nice thing about these specific amber marker lights, (there are a lot of different types of amber marker lights that could be installed) is that they are really heavy duty compared to the others. You can just feel the quality that they are made with when just holding them.

Looking at them too, you can see they are made to last. I just went through a really big snow/rain storm in the past few days and they have been holding up just fine on the outside of my grill.

An overview of the 4Runner Amber Marker Lights

These are just some things to think about when installing them. But at the end of the day, I am very happy with this purchase and the install that Trail4Runner.com helped me out with. They have really done a great job of explaining how to do the entire install with pictures. This makes it 100 times easier for us all.

I am a beginner with this stuff and Trail4Runner.com made this install very simple for me. Thank you guys, I will definitely be coming back to your website when I am looking to my next install on my 4runner. I already know that you will not disappoint. 5-stars for sure.

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4 years ago

Good review and extra shoutout to T4R! I used the same article to help with my install and knowledge. This is my most frequented webpage.

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