4Runner N-Fab Nerf Bars Review

4Runner N-Fab Nerf Bars Review and Overview

Overview & review of the 4Runner N-Fab Nerf Bars – Why I bought the N-Fab Nerf Bars

Article Submitted by Cameron W.

These N-Fab Nerf Bars are incredible and exactly what I needed. I love them so much and my girlfriend loves them even more than I do. Right after I got my lift she was always complaining about how it was difficult for her to hop in the car.

So I did my research and found the original review article on these bars. I knew that these would be perfect for a good looking 4Runner, and also help my girlfriend jump in the car with no big issue.

There are a bunch of other options out there for sliders and even different running boards and steps. But, when you look at running boards vs. rock sliders vs. nerf bars, you can narrow down your options pretty quick. In the end, I am glad I went with the N-Fab bars.

It is such an easy install, it took me about 10 to 15 minutes to install. I have not had a problem with them at all, and they look great. So it is a win-win for me.

After I get them dirty, it is really easy to get them back to looking like new again pretty quick. The holes in the step for your foot make it really easy for the mud to find a way out when cleaning it.

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4Runner N-Fab Nerf Bars Installation

4Runner N-Fab Nerf Bars Review and Overview

I like being able to do things myself, including installs on my 4Runner. This install is so easy that it made me feel more than confident to do it. I was able to use my own hands to do it and I really feel like I got to know my car a little bit more because I was able to install them, on my own. Yes, it was a very simple install; but everything helps in the long run in getting to know your 4Runner a little better.

Swapping out Old Running Boards

When you get the equipment to install them, you receive a piece of paper (which is on their website) explaining what you have to do in order to put them on; which again, it is a very simple process. It does not require a lot of work; you have to unbolt the bolts that were already on your 4Runner. These bolts might be holding your running boards into place or if you do not have running boards, then you should just have these bolts already in place.

Then you put the bar up and put the new bolts on. It sounds really simple, but by doing it yourself it can be a little frightening. It ran through my mind what happens if I didn’t do it tight enough and when I go to step into my vehicle, they fall off the bracket and I fall down and hurt myself. That is a risk you are willing to take with any type of install, whether it is a shop that is doing it or you are doing it yourself. It requires a torque of up to 15 ft pounds.

So I did my best with guessing how much that was, and I was hoping it was enough. So far I have not had any problems with them at all and they seem to be working great. I have not fallen off of them and been hurt yet.

They have only helped me benefit from getting into the car and trying to get to the roof if needed.

4Runner N-Fab Nerf Bars Practicality

Trail 4Runner N-Fab Hooped Nerf Bars - 5th Gen

I have a bike rack on the top of my lifted 4runner, not the best idea. I had the racks from a previous car and have not upgraded to a rack that can go on my hitch, that will be the next purchase. But every time that I have to go put my bikes up on it or take them down from it.

I can always rely on my Nerf Bars to help me get up there and get the bikes secured on or off of my car. They are also extremely helpful when trying to wash the top of my car.

Surprisingly the top of my car gets really dirty and I have no idea how it does. But they are really helpful when it comes to that. I am able to reach the whole entire roof because of the bars.

4Runner N-Fab Nerf Bars Cons

4Runner N-Fab Nerf Bars Review and Overview

They are not a rock slider. If you are looking for an off-road step for your 4Runner, you should check out the overview of sliders page.

This will help guide you in the right direction. There are many installs of rock sliders on this site. You will find rock slider installs like the c4 Fabrication Rock Sliders, RCI Rock Sliders, and even the Metal Tech 4×4 Rock Sliders.

All of these are step by step installs.

The only downside is that since they are not welded on, they have the possibility of them coming off of the car if there is too much force on them. So let’s hope for the best and not have to put a lot of weight on them. So if you lift your car too much and you are not able to put the stock jack under the car and lift it enough to get the wheel off of the ground, then you will have to make a bigger purchase to buy a bigger jack. Those only are able to work on sliders.

You can try to put it on the Nerf Bars; but like stated earlier, they can only handle so much weight. So if you plan on changing your tires a lot with a lifted 4Runner, then this might not be the right sliders for you (in terms of off-road lift options).

If you do end up having to change a tire on your lifted car, you can still use the stock jack that comes with the vehicle when purchased. You will just have to bring something else with you. There are jack bases that can be purchased that have the ability to increase the starting height of the jack itself, being able to reach the lifted frame.

Or you can go the sketchy way and use a block of wood to increase the range. I do not recommend this at all, but I have seen it.

My Opinion on the 4Runner N-Fab Nerf Bars

Trail 4Runner - N-Fab Nerf Bars

The style is definitely on point and they are very practical. I am very happy with this install. Trail4Runner.com is really helping me out with my car and making sure that it is the best that it can be.

I know that I can come back to their website with confidence that I am going to get the best advice and suggestions for making my car look the best and work the most efficiently for what I need it to do.

Happy that you were able to help me get this all set up. I give it a 5-star rating.

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6 months ago

Are those 2 inch or 3 inch tubing

4 years ago

As a I’m more of a daily city driver and weekend camper, I went with Nerf Bars over sliders. NFab has a few cool options and delivered me a great product with their Predator series. My wife and kids love the steps after I lifted and leveled.

5 years ago

Does your bolt pattern for these nerf steps line up perfectly with the 6 bolts on your 4 runner or does the front mount only use a single bolt?

Dan S
Dan S
5 years ago
Reply to  Chris

I just did this install with the 3″ fatty versions of these. The install ONLY has the one bolt on the front. The bracket on the bars is only set up for the lower hole. Quick fast install, sweet looking product. I had my rocker panels and rear lower done with LINE X and so I also had the Nfab bars done at the same time as I ride a lot of gravel and the powder coating won’t hold up without body armour.

4 years ago
Reply to  Dan S

Can you post a pick of your 3”? Trying to decide 2 or 3.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kimmy

I would personally lean towards the 3”.

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