Floor Mats 5th Gen 4Runner – Best 4Runner Floor Mats?

Weathertech Floor Mats - 5th Gen 4Runner

WeatherTech, Husky Liners or Stock Genuine Toyota Accessories Front and Rear All-Weather Floor Mats

While most of the SR5 5th Gen 4Runners come with fabric floor mats, the Trail, TRD, and TRD Off-Road come with Genuine Toyota All-Weather (rubber) Floor Mats. If your SR5 came with the fabric floor mats, you absolutely need to upgrade those as soon as possible.

If you currently have the All-Weather Floor Mats, you may want to hold onto them for a bit and see how they hold up before making the jump to another set of 4Runner mats.

There is a simple debate over what floor mats to buy for your 4Runner and all of the options are incredibly similar. There is not a huge difference from manufacture to manufacture. The only main difference is that you will get a handful of eBay and Amazon sellers that push products that are garbage from China and a few quality made products.

Now, we are not saying that every random brand has a bad product. We are just saying that from our experience, we have seen 4Runner owners with garbage mats that curl and cant hold water.

With some of the more mainstream products out there like WeatherTech, Husky Liners, 3D MAXpider, and the Stock Genuine Toyota All-Weather Floor Mats you will find more dependability and reliability. The two main companies that make aftermarket floor mats for our 4Runner are WeatherTech and Husky Liners.

WeatherTech and Husky Liners make all-weather and all-terrain floor mats for hundreds of makes and models. 4Runners are just one of their areas that they excel at.

Best Options for 5th Gen 4Runner Floor Mats?

These options are not your only options. These mats are just the top-rated and most often used mats for our 4Runners. The WeatherTech and Husky Liners are the top two aftermarket mats and I threw in the 3D MAXpiders because they have kick-ass reviews and are pretty affordable. It seems like everyone across the spectrum likes these mats a lot.

WeatherTech Front and Rear Mats

Weathertech Floor Mats - 5th Gen 4Runner

The all-famous WeatherTechs for the 4Runner are definitely a quality product, but are they worth the price? For a set of all three mats (Two Front and one Rear) you are looking at $188.00. For almost $200, the WeatherTechs better be flawless.

These mats are among the most expensive set of mats available for the 4Runner. WeatherTechs boast the same features as just about every other mainstream floormat manufacturer out there for the 4Runner.

Top WeatherTech Features

  • Engineered for Superior Durability
  • High-Performance All-Terrain Features
  • Precision Laser Cut
  • Quick Spray/Hose Down Clean-Up

WeatherTech has the phrase FloorLiner™ trademarked. This cracks me up. Also, they have DigitalFit® registered. Do you think they are pretty serious about their company and other companies stepping into their territory?

All in all, I have seen these mats in person and they are pretty impressive. The side wall is much higher than the Stock Genuine Toyota All-Weather Floor Mats. The rubber on the WeatherTech is also a bit thicker and does seem overall, much better.

At the end of the day, these are superior mats for the 4Runner but they do come at a price. Sitting at almost $200, you may want to stay put with your current 4Runner mats, if you have the all-terrain/ all-weather mats that came with your 4Runner.

If you have the fabric mats on your 4Runner, then you should be upgrading as soon as possible as those will get destroyed in no time.

Husky Liners Front and Rear Mats

Husky 4Runner Floor Mats - Driver

After the WeatherTechs, we come to the next main option, the Husky Liners. The Husky Liners are going to be our choice when we go to buy a set of All-Weather/ All-Terrains for the 4Runner. We want to go with the Husky Liners over the WetherTechs for a few reasons.

Why we are buying the Husky Liners

  1. Same features as WeatherTechs list above
  2. Husky Liners are cheaper
  3. Guaranteed For Life! Seriously, if you problems they will replace them
  4. They have a better-looking design
  5. Husky Liners sit higher underneath pedals
  6. Husky Liners cover the entire footrest block, unlike the WeatherTechs
  7. Again, they are more affordable

Judging from seeing these and the WeatherTechs in person, reading multiple online reviews, and multiple posts on the forums, we are going to grab the Husky Liners. If you have been stomping all over your floors for quite some time, it may not make sense for you to spend the money on an upgraded set of mats. But, if you have a relatively new 4Runner and you want to protect your carpet, I would highly suggest these floor mats.

We have used our Stock Toyota Mats for about three years now (2014-2017) and they have worked great. But, there have been quite a few spilled coffees, waters, mud splashes, snow stomps, sand castles and much more. We should have purchased these before anything else. They are affordable and have a lifetime warranty. You really can’t go wrong.

3D MAXpider Front Row Custom Fit All-Weather Floor Mat

If you are not looking to buy the front and the back, this is a solid option for the front Driver and Passenger.

With the 4Runner 3D MAXpiders, you will get a precise fit for your 4Runner. The 3D MAXpiders have a three-layer structure that is built to withstand any and all terrain you throw at it.

These digitized mats are designed to it our exact 4Runner with raised edges to trap any melting snow, loose sand, rock and gravel that enters your cabin. These mats are designed to stay in place using a new technology that will not leave nibs on your floor like some other mats are 4Runner is used to. The3D MAXpiders use a thermoplastic rubber of carbon fiber texture or Polyester looped fabric.

Minimizing Foot Fatigue? I didn’t even know that was a thing until I started reading this. By implementing their unique innovative XPE inner layer, your feet will feel more relaxed and a bit more comfortable on these mats. This is something I would love to test out as I can hardly believe in something like this. But, you never know. Maybe it works.

3D MAXpider Floor Mat Features

  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Custom-fit floor mats
  • OEM/ Factory carpet Look and Feel
  • Cleanup is amazingly easy and fast
  • Front Row Mat Options
  • Rear Row Mat Options
  • Gray, Tan, and Black Color Options

Stock Genuine Toyota All-Weather Floor Mats

Stock Genuine Toyota All-Weather Floor Mats

Most 4Runners come equipped with the stock all-terrain floor mats. These floor mats should work for most 4Runner owners out there. They work quite well in most weather circumstances. For the last three years (2014-2017), these all-terrain floor mats that came with our Trail 4Runner have worked well.

They have not been THE BEST by any means, but they work. After spilled coffees, water spills, mud splashes, snow stomps, and sand castle build-ups we have really tested the Stock Genuine Toyota All-Weather Floor Mats. For stock mats, we really can’t complain. They have performed very well.

You really have a couple options here. Ride it out and see how well they hold up for you.

  • If you are like me and hit quite a few trails and get your 4Runner dirty, upgrade to some new floor mats.
  • If you live in a town or city where snow is present, upgrade to new floor mats.
  • If you find yourself in muddy situations, definitely upgrade to a new set of floor mats.
  • If you use your 4Runner for groceries and things never get dirty, the stock rubber mats will do great.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours but upgrading your mats is always a good call. And an awesome little gift in the mail. New upgrades for the 4Runner, no matter the size are always awesome.

WeatherStoppper Rear Cargo Mat

Rear Cargo Mat 5th Gen 4Runner Trail Cargo Deck

While we are on the topic of floor mats, we might as well throw in a rear cargo mat option. WeatherTech makes a rear cargo option for the 4Runner, but again we are talking practical here. Not everyone wants to drop the $112 on a WeatherTech rear cargo mat.

The WeatherStopper comes in at $89 and features the raised sidewalls that the WeatherTech does not. This was the reason why we bought the WeatherStopper over the WeatherTech.

But, after using the WeatherStopper mat for about 3 months, the sidewalls have started to lean quite a bit. This rear cargo mat has still helped from nasty spills that mom has made. Since mom buys most of the groceries, we have put this rear cargo mat in her SR5 4Runner, and I still am using the Uhaul blank as my rear cargo mat. It seriously works great.

With the rear cargo mat, your floor protection should be complete.

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2 years ago

I would like to know more about that rear slide out you have under the cargo mat. I’m looking for one just like that for my 5th gen SR5

3 years ago

My parents bought Husky Liners for our 3rd gen. 4Runner over 21 years ago. They’ve handled nearly 300k miles of muddy shoes, wet dogs, gear, tools, etc. and still look almost new (no kidding!).

3 years ago

Will 2row seat cargo mat fit a 3rd row seat cargo area with 3rd row down?

6 years ago

I have the MAXpiders, and I think they’re superior to the others, all of which I’ve had in other vehicles. They do everything they’re supposed to do, more comfortably and less expensively, and they are FAR easier to clean! I don’t even have to remove them. I just sweep out the grit, and wipe them down.

6 years ago

Does anybody with the WeatherTech mats have rattling issues when nobody is in the passenger seat? I was tearing into my dash looking for the rattle only to discover the plastic WeatherTech mats were rattling against the plastic trim pieces in my passenger foot well. Seems to quiet down when feet are resting on the mat.

6 years ago

I got the weather tech and removed the factory carpet trd floor mats. Works great!

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