5 Off-Road Trails & Areas To Explore In Massachusetts

5th Gen 4Runner on a Beach in Barnstable, MA

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Welcome back to an all-new post featuring the top trails and OHV parks across America! This week, we are back featuring 5 different trails across Massachusetts.

Massachusetts may not be as renowned for off-roading as some other states, but its coastal landscape offers numerous beaches and several state parks. While options may seem limited here, there are still several areas worth exploring. Additionally, watch out for our upcoming post about New Hampshire, where you’ll discover even more trails in the greater New England area!

Note: The trails listed below are in no particular order.

1. Saquish Beach

3rd Gen Tacoma Off-Roading on Saquish Beach

Submission By: Jack (@thatmellowpro)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

Saquish is a good 45-minute drive away from town and has always been my favorite spot. It is a local hideout and perfect for a fire with friends. The landscape is one of a kind – huge dunes, beautiful marshes, and white beaches.

What Difficulty Would You Rate This Spot?

Saquish isn’t a difficult area for your off-road vehicle – probably a 2/10. If you air down a bit, you should be good to go! I always recommend having a good tow strap and a buddy in case someone gets stuck in the sand.

2. Sandy Neck Beach

5th Gen 4Runner on Sandy Neck Beach

Submission By: Cody (@trailrunn4r)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

You can’t go wrong with any of Cape Cod’s beaches, but Sandy Neck Beach has one of the largest stretches of drivable beach around. If you drive to the end of the peninsula and through the dunes (with some small water sections), you’ll find a small little (private) village of summer cottages with the Sandy Neck Lighthouse at the heart of it. The best part is that dogs are allowed year-round!

What Difficulty Would You Rate This Spot?

I would rate this a 1/10. This is one of the easier trails since you’re mainly on the beach, but you could have a bad day if you don’t air down and pay attention to the tides. One section of the dunes had washed out from a recent storm, but any stock 4Runner would have no issues.

3. October Mountain State Forest

5th Gen 4Runner Off-Roading in the October Mountain State Forest

Submission By: Author Submitted – Photo By: @stormrunner.wanders

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

October Mountain State Forest is in the western part of Massachusetts. It’s home to about 16,500 acres of land, with tons of off-roading trails to explore. You can also spend the day fishing and hiking in addition to plenty of camp opportunities.

Be sure to bring a map when you head out on the trails here, as some are private. Depending on the weather, some trails may also be closed for the season.

What Difficulty Would You Rate This Spot?

Based on the information I found online, many of the trails in the area are dirt roads with little to no obstacles. For that reason, I would give this a 2/10 – 3/10. While there are no technical parts, I would say it’s important to be able to read maps and follow GPS routes. While many of the state forests are closed to off-roading, there are still some trails that you can access with a vehicle.

4. Copicut – Quanapoag Connector

Copicut - Quanapoag Connector Trail in Freetown Fall River State Forest

Submission By: Author Submitted

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

This trail is located within the Freetown Fall River State Forest. It is mostly a fairly easy gravel and dirt road about 5 miles long and has little elevation gain. If you plan on visiting during the wet season, you’ll also encounter puddles.

What Difficulty Would You Rate This Spot?

I would rate this trial as a 2/10 in difficulty. It’s incredibly easy and you can probably make it through the entire trail in 2WD. However, you may want to air down to make the ride more comfortable through the gravel and rutted-out sections.

5. Freetown Fall River State Forest

3rd Gen Tacoma Off-Roading in Freetown Fall River State Forest

Submission By: Author Submitted – Photo By: @tacopellet

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

You will find Freetown Fall River State Forest on the south side of Massachusetts. This state forest is smaller than others but still has plenty of opportunities to off-road and explore.

For the most part, you will see many gravel and dirt roads. Depending on the time of year, there may be tons of bigger puddles from the rain. There are several obstacles off some of the trails, however, these can all be bypassed if you don’t want to attempt them.

What Difficulty Would You Rate This Spot?

I would rate this spot a 3/10. Based on what I have seen, there isn’t much that would require a modified truck. However, I recommend having a good set of AT tires to air down for a more comfortable ride. Also, be prepared to go through some bigger puddles if you plan on going in the Fall or Spring.

Final Thoughts

3rd Gen Tacoma on a Beach in Duxbury, MA

And that wraps up this week’s trail features!

While there aren’t too many off-road areas around Massachusetts, there are still solid options for day trips and hanging out with friends. Plus, you’ll find plenty of great camping spots.

Stay tuned for our next trail features!

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