Prinsu Rack Bottle Opener – Install & Review

Prinsu Rack Bottle Opener - Install & Review

Never Forget Your Bottle Opener Again with This Accessory Mount

Ever reached your campsite, ready to unwind with a drink, only to realize no one remembered to pack a bottle opener? It’s a classic camping mishap. Luckily, Prinsu has come to the rescue with an ingenious solution: a bottle opener designed specifically for their racks.

This nifty accessory promises an incredibly easy installation, clocking in at under 5 minutes. Once installed, say goodbye to those “forgot-the-opener” moments for good. It’s the perfect camping companion that ensures you’re always prepared to crack open a cold one without the hassle or worry.

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Prinsu Roof Rack Bottle Opener Parts

Prinsu makes installation of their accessories incredibly easy and this is no exception. But before getting started, you will need to grab the below tools…

Tools Required

  • Power Drill
  • Torx T-30 Bit
  • 11mm Wrench

1. Remove Crossbar

Prinsu Rack Bottle Opener Installation - Remove Cross Bars

You’ll want to start by selecting where you want to put the bottle opener. I recommend placing it in one of the rack’s four corners to avoid obstructing anything else. Once you’ve chosen the spot, take out both screws holding the crossbar to the side rail.

2. Slide Bolt Into Crossbar

Prinsu Rack Bottle Opener Installation - Slide Bolt Into Cross Bar

After removing the crossbar, insert the supplied bolt into an outer slot on the crossbar and attach the bottle opener as shown above. Next, slide the vertical opening of the opener onto the rack.

3. Secure To Cross Bar

Prinsu Rack Bottle Opener Installation - Secure Bottle Opener to Cross Bar

Once you’ve fastened it, take the provided washer and slide it over the end of the bolt. Then, use the supplied nut along with an 11mm wrench to secure it tightly at the end.

4. Reinstall Bolts

Prinsu Rack Bottle Opener Installation Guide

Lastly, reattach the crossbar to the side rail using the bolts you removed initially in the first step.

Final Thoughts

Installed Prinsu Rack Bottle Opener

As I mentioned earlier earlier, this installation process is straightforward, making it accessible to anyone. Once set up, you’ll always have the convenience of being prepared for your trail adventures. Remember, while enjoying your drinks, always do so responsibly and ensure a safe experience for yourself and others on the trails! On a final note, this product would make a great small gift for someone with a Prinsu roof rack.

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