Prinsu Universal Utility Hook – Install & Review

Black Prinsu Universal Utility Hook

Secure Your Gear & Essentials With The Versatile Prinsu Universal Utility Hooks

Introducing the versatile Prinsu Utility Hooks – your quick solution for seamless securing items to your roof rack. Crafted from anodized 6061 aluminum, they offer an easy mounting point for anything you need to secure, accommodating up to an impressive 250 lbs. of weight.

They come in a few different colors including blue, red, purple, black, and gray. With endless possibilities for use, they’re designed to cater to your specific needs. Sold individually, these hooks are the perfect accessory for enhancing your rig’s functionality and organization.

Today, I’ll be covering the installation as well as a few ways you can use them.

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Why Add Utility Hooks?

Prinsu Universal Roof Rack Utility Hook

These hooks adds versatility to your Prinsu roof rack by providing a convenient and secure attachment point. It’s ideal for hanging camping equipment, securing cargo, or anchoring outdoor essentials, maximizing the functionality of your roof rack for different activities, and ensuring easy access to your essentials during adventures.

Some ways you can utilize these include:

  • Hanging a hammock
  • Securing items like lumber or gear to your roof rack
  • Attaching camp lights around your truck
  • Create a makeshift clothesline for drying wet gear
  • Hang a portable shower for camping or beach trips
  • Fishing rod holder


Prinsu Universal Utility Hook - How To Install

The installation is very straightforward. But before you decide to install them, find a suitable location for each hook depending on your intended use.

Tools Required

  • Power Drill or Ratcheting Wrench
  • Torx T-30 Bit

1. Remove Cross Bar

Removing Crossbar For Roof Rack Hook Installation

Begin by removing the bolts that secure the crossbars to the roof rack. Keep the bolts as you will need to reinstall them.

2. Line Up Hook

Installing Utility Hook On Prinsu Roof Rack On 5th Gen 4Runner

After removing the bolts, align the utility hook with the holes. Ensure proper mounting by checking the logo orientation; that should help you mount it correctly.

3. Secure To Rack

Prinsu Roof Rack Accessories

Lastly, reattach the bolts, ensuring the cross bars are securely fastened back onto them.

Final Thoughts

Prinsu Universal Utility Hook Review

These utility hooks are truly impressive and incredibly versatile. Once they’re installed on your rack, they become the go-to solution for securely mounting all your essentials. Whether it’s gear for a trip or equipment for an outdoor expedition, they offer reliability and ease.

They’re a fantastic addition for effortlessly organizing and securing your gear whenever you need it. I’ll be keeping my mine up on the rack to securely mount things to my rack!

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Tom R
Tom R
5 months ago

Looks fancy but 68$ per one hook seems to be waay overpriced.

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