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Moab Off-Road Trails Canyon Overlook - Top Of The World Trail In Utah

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Welcome back to our newest post style, featuring top trails and OHV parks across America. Last time, we covered trails and areas to off-road in Colorado. In today’s post, we asked out community what their favorites were in the Moab area.

Moab is known by many in the off-roading and overlanding world as an area of unparalleled adventure and natural beauty. Nestled in the heart of Utah’s red rock country, its rugged terrain, iconic slick rock, and breathtaking landscapes have earned it a legendary status among enthusiasts.

From the world-famous options like Hell’s Revenge and Fins & Things to the challenging obstacles of Golden Spike, Moab offers a wide range of challenges for all levels of off-roaders. Its unique combination of sandstone formations, desert vistas, and technical rock crawling make it a very popular option for many to explore.

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Note: The builds listed below are in no particular order.

1. Moab Rim

Moab Rim Offroad Trail Near Moab, Utah

Submission By: Ashley (@ashlaymae)

Tell Us About The Trail

Moab Rim is a fun but challenging trail following a slope of tilted red rock layers overlooking the Colorado River. The scenery is stunning as you climb up the steep ledges and steps and into the two main obstacles “Devil’s Crack” and “Z Turn”.

It’s definitely not for the faint or the heart. You will be off-camber leaning towards the cliff’s edge from the very beginning! However, despite being a bit more challenging, it’s definitely one I’d recommend for experienced drivers who are short on time and/or want to knock out a couple of trails in one day. Most people run the first mile or so, but if you continue through, you’ll end with a beautiful scenic view at the end you can’t beat!

What Would You Rate It?

I’d rate it an 8/10, it’s a heart pumper for sure! You’ll want at least 35s, locking differentials, a winch, and a good spotter. Take your time and enjoy the views!

2. Golden Spike

Golden Spike Difficult Offroad Trail In Moab, UT

Submission By: Sir William (@sirwilliamgoes)

Tell Us About The Trail

This was one of the toughest trails I’ve ever done. Most would say you can’t or shouldn’t do it on anything less than 35s. So, I decided to do it on 31.5s. With some winching, lots of beating and banging on the underside, and a few more dents on the panels, I made it! Not only was it one of the toughest, but one of the longest at 9 hours!

What Would You Rate It?

I’d say this is a solid 6 or 7 out of 10. If you have the right clearance and tire size, this quickly becomes a fun technical area. Otherwise, with 33s -35s, it’s pretty challenging.

3. Potash Road

Potash Road Offroad Trail 4Runner in Moab, UT

Submission By: Russ (@russcripps)

Tell Us About The Trail

The scenery here is like no other area I have ever seen, the brown and dark brown walls are just epic. The trail is very dusty and dryness makes you feel like you’re on another planet. This was my first time doing true “shelf roads” and they were everything I had read they’d be!

What Would You Rate It?

I would say this spot should be rated as a moderate trail (6/10). There were a few areas of the road that were quite rough and demanded being in 4LO. Make sure to have the right gear when you go!

4. Gemini Bridges

3rd Gen 4Runner Camping At Gemini Bridges Trail Near Moab, Utah

Submission By: Luka (@lukaschymik)

Tell Us About The Trail

This is definitely one of the cooler “trails” to check out in the Moab area. It’s great because pretty much anyone can do it!

It starts with a long hill climb near the highway but then peaks out on an overlook way above where you started. You’ll get an awesome view of the La Sal mountains and Moab Valley. This is the perfect place to crash for the night after a day of wheeling and exploring with free camping further down the road.

What Would You Rate It?

It’s not your typical Moab trail like Hell’s Revenge or Fins N’ Things, so I would say it’s a 2/10 just because of the rocky climbs and steep drops off the edge. It’s easy to cruise through with 4LO in comfort, and you may come around the corner to find a stock Subaru.

5. Top Of The World

3rd Gen 4Runner On Top Of The World Off-Road Trail Near Moab, Utah

Submission By: Chase (@c_dubs96)

Tell Us About The Trail

In my eyes, this trail is what off-roading is all about, it’s fun and very technical. The view from the top are amazing and very much worth the journey up. This trail isn’t something the majority of people would ever get the chance to experience.

What Would You Rate It?

I would rate this trail a 6/10. It’s not the most difficult one by any means, but it does require bigger tires and a lift. I would suggest that you have a spotter in a couple of the more difficult sections for peace of mind.

6. Shafer Trail

5th Gen 4Runner On Shafer Trail Near Moab, Utah

Submission By: Jim Anderson (@backwards.hat.jim)

Tell Us About The Trail

The Moab area is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. It has trails for every rig and experience level. Whether you’re looking to send it on some of the most iconic areas in the country, or just get off the beaten path a bit to see the scenery, there’s something for you.

What Would You Rate It?

I would rate Shafer a 1/10. While watching the sunset at the top, we saw a Tesla Model 3 drive to the bottom where it connects to Potash Road and White Rim, then come back up.

I also really like the Potash Road and I would rate that one a 2/10. There are a couple of spots that will flex your suspension a little bit, but for the most part, it’s just a bumpy road. 

7. Chicken Corners

Camp Spot Near River On Chicken Corners Trail Near Moab, Utah

Submission By: Harrison (@harrison_harper)

Tell Us About The Trail

From this area, you have a beautiful view of the Colorado River. The red rock formations are also really cool and there’s plenty of room to climb the rocks and explore.

It’s very secluded so if you’re camping in the area, you’ll see that the stars at night are insane. I didn’t encounter any other people on this trail when I went in August, and it ended up being a perfect camp spot.

What Would You Rate It?

I’d rate this trail a 2 or 3 out of 10. There are some medium-sized rocks and some sand that could be tough without a medium to high clearance and 4WD, but nothing crazy.

Parts can get narrow and you are super high above the river valley. So, you have to go slow and be careful, especially at night. There are some wide open areas though that can be fun to go a little faster in the sand depending on your vehicle and build.

8. White Rim Trail

Long Distance Overland & Off-Road 4x4 Trail Near Moab, Utah - White Rim Road

Submission By: Jason (@thetagemirage)

Tell Us About The Trail

The entire Moab area is otherworldly and while bustling during the busy season, it still has the feeling of a rugged outpost in the off-months. Not only are there a large number of trails near Moab, but it is also just a short drive to the La Sal Mountains where you can experience a shift from a red rock desert to a traditional mountain environment.

While there are many trails in the area, some are much more technical. The White Rim truly immerses you in the expanse of Canyonlands. The epic views and solitude are what put this one above the rest for me.

What Would You Rate It?

I would rate the White Rim as moderately difficult (6/10). It has none of the technical features as some of the shorter Moab favorites, but it does have some spots that require a solid rig and a bit of driving skill.

Additionally, the remoteness of the trail adds to the level of difficulty. You need to be well-prepared and equipped – extra fuel, water, and recovery gear are a must.

9. Hell’s Revenge

Trails Near Moab - Hell's Revenge

Submission By: Konrad (@trail_tacoma)

Tell Us About The Trail

The Moab area is one of my favorite places to visit. We have been several times. Most trails in the area require some driving. Hell’s Revenge is in a recreational area that is based in town compared to others. You drive a short distance from the middle of downtown and you’re ready to go. Helpful if you break down, etc. This spot offers a taste of everything. Cool views, easy and technical spots, sand and rocks, and is overall a fun area to explore.

What Would You Rate It?

I’d give this area a rating of 6-7/10, but that depends on how experience you are. Some might all it a 5/10, others might call it 7-8/10. It’s good to go with a friend, or roll with a similar truck that you meet in the staging area. Having a spotter is nice, since you will be running a few trickier spots. I would say you should have 33s and a locker will help. There are some pretty steep inclines and declines, and few rock gardens that require careful tire placement.

10. Fins & Things

5th Gen 4Runner On Fins & Things Off-Road Trail Near Moab, Utah

Submission By: Brenan (@trail4r)

Tell Us About The Trail

Fins & Things is a very popular in the area. Chances are, you’ve seen this trip listed in other popular resources. It consists of moderate terrain, that almost any rig with 33s could tackle. It provides relatively straightforward obstacles that let you push the limits of your rig on a few steeper inclines and declines.

The trail is a lot of fun and very scenic and a good spot to add to your list if you want to see the more iconic and talked about areas. I ran it alone, and it was one of the first trails I did when I landed in the area.

What Would You Rate It?

This one has an average rating of about 3-4/10, depending on your experience. A newer driver might be a bit intimidated if trying this solo. It offers some spots to challenge yourself and gives a nice taste of what Moab has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Fun Moab Off-Road Trail Guide

And that wraps up our Moab fan favorites!

With its iconic landscapes and exhilarating trails, this area has become a beloved destination by many. No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced adventurer, and regardless of how long you want your adventure to be, you’ll undoubtedly discover one that fits your needs.

We would love to hear what other areas you like to explore in the Moab, so make sure to comment on your favorites below! If you want to be a part of a future guide post, make sure to submit using the link above!

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