Feature Friday: 7 Full Skid Plate Setups For 5th Gen 4Runner

Cali Raised LED Full Skid Plates For 5th Gen 4Runner

Popular Complete Skid Plate Collections To Protect The Underbody Of Your 5th Gen 4Runner – 7 Owners Discuss Their Setups

This Week’s Topic: Skid Plate Collections

We’re back with a brand new Feature Friday! Last week, we covered aftermarket lighting setups. This week, we are looking at full skid plates!

Skid plates are vital armor designed to protect your vehicle’s undercarriage from damage caused by rough terrains and obstacles while off-roading. They are typically crafted from steel or aluminum and they act as a protective barrier shielding critical components like the engine, transmission, and fuel tank.

Skid plates are essential in ensuring the longevity and reliability of your 4Runner by preventing costly damages and preserving its structural integrity. Let’s take a look at a few skid plate collections you can easily add to your 5th Gen 4Runner.

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Note: The builds listed below are in no particular order.

Featured Brands

1. Anthony Bower (@project_poor_runner) – RCI

5th Gen 4Runner With RCI Metalworks Full Skid Package

Skid Plate Setup

  • RCI Metalworks Full Skid Package

Tell Us About Your Setup

I chose to run RCI Metalworks’ full steel skid plate package on my 2018 SR5 4Runner. The price, quality construction, and coverage of components was a crucial factor in my decision to go with their products.

I definitely needed steel over aluminum for my setup with the many rocks and downed trees we encounter in middle Tennessee. The strength of steel, easy repairability, and the lower cost were the main factors in choosing steel vs the lighter-weight aluminum models.

The 3/16” thick steel plates cover and protect the following:

  • Front Two Cross-Members
  • Low-Hanging Front Differential
  • Oil Pan
  • Transmission
  • Second & Third Cross-Members
  • Exhaust Cross Pipe
  • Transfer Case

All of the bolts are shielded from impacts with a raised lip around them, and there is a door for easy oil filter access. Combine it with the oil drain line for the Fumoto valve and MotivX Tools oil filter drain tool and you can quickly and cleanly change your oil with no mess in the driveway.

Skid plates are easily one of the best first investments when choosing to drive your vehicle off the beaten path, especially if you plan to encounter rocks or other debris. With them, you can slide across without getting hung up and damaging expensive components such as the oil pan. The RCI skid plates come powder coated and are easily touched up with spray paint and a wire brush in between trips.

2. Michael Reardon (@6ixrunner) – OK eXpedition

5th Gen Red 4Runner With OK eXpedition Expedition Skid Plate Package

Skid Plate Setup

  • OK eXpedition Expedition Package

Tell Us About Your Setup

I purchased these skid plates because they are a Canadian company that produces some seriously solid skid plates. I also loved that they were local to me. Whenever I can, I will always choose to support local companies.

I decided to go with aluminum because of the weight savings over steel. Aluminum, for me, was fine being on 37s as I rarely tag the bottom of the truck with the trails I run up here in Canada. For the times I do, though, my skids have saved me too many times. Plus, they look great!

3. Josh Bratcher (@feralpigrig) – CBI Offroad Fab

Lifted Super White 5th Gen 4Runner With Snorkel

Skid Plate Setup

  • CBI Offroad Fab Full Skid Plates
  • CBI Offroad Fab Gas Tank Skid

Tell Us About Your Setup

CBI and its ecosystem of armor are what inspired me to get their skid plates. I love how streamlined they connect with the CBI Full Baja Bumper. Just seamless.

I’ve always been an advocate of “buy once, cry once”. Knowing CBI’s reputation, it was a peace of mind thing for me. Sure, they aren’t the cheapest, but they checked all my boxes. This is also why I went ahead and opted for steel over aluminum on all my armor, even the skids. They are heavy, but they aren’t getting dented easily. Aluminum was tempting but I didn’t want to have those get beat up and be buying another set down the road.

4. Marie Dubray (@pnw.sr5p) – Cali Raised

5th Gen 4Runner With Cali Raised LED Complete Skid Plate Collection

Skid Plate Setup

  • Cali Raised LED Complete Skid Plate Collection

Tell Us About Your Setup

I personally think that skid plates should be one of the first things that anyone adds to their trucks, especially if they plan on off-roading. They provide extra peace of mind when off-roading and tackling obstacles. That’s exactly why I like these skids.

Cali Raised has a great option as they provide every single skid plate for the 4Runner, without spending an arm and a leg. They also add a bit of customization by offering both steel and aluminum and raw or powder coated.

I decided to get steel and also have them powder coated for a few reasons, the most important factor for me was protection. Here in the PNW, we get lots of stumps, rocks, and other debris on our trails. I didn’t want to take the chance of potentially damaging something important. The steel skid plates are going to be more durable than the aluminum counterpart and that was very important to me.

5. Mikel (@t4r_stubs) – Ironman 4×4

5th Gen 4Runner with Ironman 4X4 Heavy-Duty Steel Skid Plate Kit

Skid Plate Setup

  • Ironman 4X4 Heavy-Duty Steel Skid Plate Kit

Tell Us About Your Setup

As someone who enjoys off-roading, I find the Ironman 4X4 skid plates to be a practical and reliable choice for protecting my vehicle’s undercarriage. The skid plates are made of durable steel, ensuring they can handle rugged terrains and potential obstacles without issue. Their affordability is a significant advantage, even often available at discounted prices. That makes them a cost-effective solution for enhanced protection. You can sometimes get the kit as low as $500!

Installing the Ironman 4X4 skid plates was straightforward, and I appreciated the ease of setup. Although they lack a gas tank skid, they still offer comprehensive coverage for essential components like the engine and transmission. Overall, the skid plate kit has provided me with the confidence to explore.

6. Arsh Sidhu (@straightouttarockies) – OK eXpedition

5th Gen White 4Runner With OK eXpedition Expedition Skid Package

Skid Plate Setup

  • OK eXpedition Expedition Package

Tell Us About Your Setup

OK eXpedition is a local brand to me here in Canada and carries many different products for the 5th Gen 4Runner. I opted for a set of skid plates made of 1/4″ thick 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum – that’s plenty strong for the type of wheeling I do.

Aluminum is lighter and has way better anti-corrosive properties compared to steel, which are important given the harsh winter conditions we get here.

The brand was founded by a hardcore wheeling enthusiast and they have great feedback, making them an easy choice.

With full skid plates, I can definitely push the truck to its limits knowing my underbelly is protected. I find myself tackling harder trails after installing the skid plates and they have saved my transfer case from getting hung on the rocks on quite a few occasions.

7. Ryan L. (@4unnersaurus) – Cali Raised

Cali Raised LED Front Engine Skid Plate

Skid Plate Setup

  • Cali Raised LED Complete Skid Plate Collection

Tell Us About Your Setup

Cali Raised makes a solid set of skid plates, whether you are looking for steel or aluminum. I have the latter, and they have held up flawlessly. I don’t do any hardcore rock crawling, so I mainly wanted skid plates for some light scraping on the occasional obstacle or debris on the trails.

For the money, this set of skids is hard to beat and comes out to several hundreds of dollars less than some other brands. The front skid plate doesn’t have the widest coverage or the narrowest, it’s just right in my opinion.

Product aside, the customer service is top-notch, so if you have any fitment issues during installation, they’ll be sure to take care of you. I would highly recommend their skid plate set if you’re in the market.

Final Thoughts

RCI Metalworks Full Skid Package 5th Gen 4Runner

That wraps up this week’s Feature Friday!

Skid plates are a great addition for anyone seeking to enhance their 4Runner’s off-road capabilities and protect its vital components. They offer durable and reliable protection, making them a valuable investment. I hope this week’s Feature Friday has inspired you to look into a set if you don’t currently have some!

Next week, we will be discussing the top modifications and accessories to optimize your camping experience! If you are a 4Runner owner who loves camping and has some favorite products, we encourage you to share by submitting through the link provided at the top of the blog.

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