OME Nitrocharger Sport 3″ Suspension Lift For The 5th Gen 4Runner – Overview & Review

MGM 5th Gen 4Runner SR5 Premium w/ OME Nitrocharger Sport Suspension

The OME Nitrocharger Sport Suspension On A Daily Driver: A 5000-Mile Review

After the pure stoke of your new 4Runner fades, you realize that there are countless options for upgrading your vehicle. The stock suspension on the 4Runner is fine and it will get you a lot of places off-road, but leaves a lot to be desired. Whether you are looking for less body roll or a bit more ground clearance, a new suspension will really transform your rig.

The off-road capabilities of the 4Runner are already legendary. An upgraded suspension takes that capability even further. This is essential for me as an angler in the Pacific Northwest. I mainly drive on fire roads and unmaintained BLM roads that have down trees, deep mud, and snow. The OME Nitrocharger Sport 3″ suspension lift gave me more confidence to get over or around obstacles and get to prime steelhead water.

ARB OME Lift Options: 


OME Nitrocharger Vs Stock Suspension

I decided to go with OME for their reliability. Also, the Nitrocharger shocks and springs are designed to pair together for your specific vehicle and load. I ended up ordering the 3″ lift kit from Mudify with the front coilovers and opted to have the coilovers assembled so they would arrive ready to be installed.

OME is an ARB company that makes some bomb-proof shocks, springs, and other off-road equipment. The company has been around for years, so there’s no need to question its reliability.

According to ARB/OME:

“During the development of OME’s Nitrocharger Sport shock absorbers, particular focus is placed on how well they are matched to the specific springs they’ll be controlling.”

If you are running lots of added weight on your vehicle such as steel bumpers, armor, and a RTT, then OME has a suspension specific to your vehicle and load. Their shocks and springs come in different load capacities to meet the needs of the vehicle. This customizability was the main selling point for me.

On & Off Road Performance

OME Nitrocharger Sport Review

The stock suspension on an SR5 4Runner is solid but ends up having a lot of body roll in corners and nose-dive when stopping. I knew after a few thousand miles that I would likely upgrade the suspension to something that provides me with more confidence in my daily driving and give me more clearance and capability off-road. OME to the rescue.


After installing this new suspension and driving it for over 5,000 miles, I am stoked about the upgrade and really happy with my decision. I have more control over my 4Runner in all conditions. This is true despite the center of gravity being raised! The OME Nitrochargers and springs dramatically decreased the nose dive and body roll while stopping and cornering around town. While this suspension is stiffer than the stock suspension and you can feel bumps more, it’s much more controlled.


Off-road, the 3″ lift and increased control gave me the confidence to tackle some more challenging trails such as Elephant Hill Road in Canyonlands National Park. The ride off-road becomes dramatically less rigid when you air down. This is pretty obvious to off-road veterans, but as a novice, I was really surprised with how much more comfortable the rocks and holes became with this suspension and airing down to 20 PSI.

265’s vs. 285’s

5th Gen 4Runner 3" Lift 285/70R17 Tires
3″ OME lift w/ 285 70/17 BFG KO2s

Obviously, one of the most common reasons for a suspension upgrade and lift is to get larger tires. After running the 3″ lift with the stock tire size, I noticed a substantial gap in the wheel wells. A larger tire was needed to increase capability off-road, but also to make the 4Runner more aesthetically pleasing.

There was almost no rubbing when I changed the tires from the stock size 265/70R17 to 285/70R17. The only rub was at a full turn in reverse. I ended up trimming 2″ from the front fender well to resolve this.

OME Nitrocharger Sport Suspension
3″ OME lift w/ 265 70/17 BFG KO2s

I have noticed about a 1-2 MPG difference between my stock suspension with 265/70R17 vs. the OME 3″ lift with 285/70R17. That is without adjusting for the 3.4% difference in rotation distance. On average, you will lose around 1-3 MPG with larger tires and a suspension lift depending on your driving style.

Final Thoughts

Magnetic Grey Metallic SR5 4Runner

I could not be happier with the OME Nitrocharger Sport suspension kit. It is so far the best modification that I have made to my 5th Gen 4Runner and has added to my confidence in my rig’s capabilities.

I have not yet upgraded my UCAs or even used a differential drop and after more than 5000 miles, the suspension has performed perfectly. I would recommend the OME Nitrocharger Sport suspension for anyone on a tighter budget looking to upgrade their ride’s handling and fit larger tires.

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6 months ago

What OME set up did you use? What springs, what shocks. Would help if would list the actual part number. 884, 885, 90010, 889, etc?

How has riding on the road/highway been? Too stuff/harsh? Feel the hard bumps?

Any issue of the 285s on your 7” wide trd pro wheels?

What tires did you add – make, model, load rating?

Thank you

7 months ago

Hi, nice article !

I have a question , if your lift is 3 inches , it means you choose the heavy load setup?

I already got the light load setup and I notice my runner in its front isn’t as high as the rear side . And the lift I got is two inches . I am thinking in get a bit more lift in the front trying to add medium load springs (just in the front). But I am not sure because I have no winch , and not weight at all in it’s front side .

i will appreciate your comments about it ! Thanks a lot

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