Feature Friday: 10 Owners’ Favorite Rooftop Tent Gear & Accessories

5th Gen Army Green 4Runner With Ironman Roof Top Tent & Awning

Gear & Accessories To Get The Most From Your RTT Experience – 10 Owners’ Favorite Products To Inspire Your Overland & Camping Build

This Week’s Topic: RTT Gear/Accessories 

Picture this, you get your first rooftop tent and decide to head out for the weekend to go camping. Once you get to the camp spot, you set up camp and head up to your tent to get a good night’s rest, except you don’t. And you know why? Because you’re missing out on the little accessories that elevate your RTT experience.

In today’s blog post, we talk to 10 5th Gen 4Runner owners to get insight into their favorite RTT accessories, their use, and the brands they trust. While the types of accessories you can add to your RTT setup may be limited to certain categories, such as pillows, lights, awnings, etc., brands are still very important.

If you’re a new owner of an RTT and looking to elevate your overall campaign experience, check out these products below!

Note: The builds listed below are in no particular order

1. Courtney (@killdozer4r) – Heated Blanket

Popular Rooftop Tent Accessories & Gear

Favorite RTT Accessory/Gear

  • Heated Blanket powered by the Jackery

What Do You Like The Most?

Overlanding this winter has been one of my main goals for this season. My heated blanket (powered by the Jackery) has allowed me to sleep comfortably in some of Washington’s coldest weather.

I used to avoid cold camping, but having heat in RTT has been a game-changer. I’ve never slept better knowing I won’t get cold in the middle of the night, and it’s encouraged me even to seek out snow camping. I highly suggest this accessory to anyone who plans to winter camp.

2. David Salts (@mast3r_yota) – Diesel Heater

5th Gen 4Runner with Freespirit Recreation Odyssey RTT & Custom Diesel Heater Setup

Favorite RTT Accessory/Gear

  • Diesel Heater (made by @lunarock_trdpro)

What Do You Like The Most?

This heater allows me to camp any season instead of just during the summer and early fall. The heater is great, especially on those frigid winter nights!

It has a wireless remote to control the temperature and power it on and off. This is a game changer because I don’t need to leave my tent to adjust anything. Another perk is it helps remove any condensation you might get when you don’t use it. No one likes waking up to wet walls. The custom tactical case makes it very durable and easy to transport, assuring that the heater lasts many trips while I’m out and about!

3. Ali Venturer – (@ali.venturer) – Quality Blankets

Lifted White 5th Gen 4Runner - Top RTT Accessories & Gear

Favorite RTT Accessory/Gear


  • Gorilla Dirt Forest Topo Overland Blanket
  • Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

What Do You Like The Most?

I absolutely love these blankets and use them at camp all the time. They are the same material as a sleeping bag but pack down small, which makes them perfect for storing in my truck. I wear them around the fire, and they work great in my RTT on mild nights or as an extra layer on cold nights. The Gorilla Dirt blanket also works great on the ground for your pup or just for hanging out.

4. Carlo Quezon (@cqadventures) – Annex

Lifted 5th Gen 4Runner With Gobi Rack & iKamper RTT With Annex

Favorite RTT Accessory/Gear

  • iKamper Annex S

What Do You Like The Most?

The Annex S is super easy to set up, and teardown and can be converted into an awning with a huge footprint. The size inside is just right and not too big. There is plenty of room to keep your gear inside, and it’s nice to change while standing.

5. Jose Arguet (@knight__runner) – Quick Release Mount

5th Gen 4Runner With CBI Front Bumper & RTT

Favorite RTT Accessory/Gear

  • Front Runner Quick Release Tent Mount

What Do You Like The Most?

This quick-release mount is essential for the quick and easy removal of an RTT. It is made for Front Runner Roof Racks, but fortunately, with proper hardware, it could work with other racks, such as my Prinsu Design rack. This accessory makes life easier when it comes to storing an RTT for off-seasons or daily driving. Removing the RTT when not in use helps with fuel economy, handling, and simply being able to fit in parking garages.

6. Mark Moreno (@trd_marky) – Diesel Heater

MGM Lifted 5th Gen 4Runner With Roof Nest RTT & Diesel Heater

Favorite RTT Accessory/Gear

  • 2kw Diesel Heater

What Do You Like The Most?

The diesel heater is my favorite accessory for my rooftop tent because it keeps my tent warm and toasty all night, even when the temperature drops to single digits. The heater itself consumes very little power and fuel. The footprint is also smaller than a traditional propane heater and much safer. The best part was that it was inexpensive and easy to build.

7. Jared Johnson (@txhillrider) – Solar panel

Lifted White 5th Gen 4Runner with 23Zero Hard Shell RTT & Mud Terrain Tires

Favorite RTT Accessory/Gear

  • Sunflare Xplor 105 Watt Solar Panel

What Do You Like The Most?

When I started overlanding, I didn’t think I would have much demand for power in my 4Runner. I just needed charging for my camera and devices, but then I added a Dometic fridge, and that changed quickly. The Sunflare Xplor 105 Solar Panel is perfect for keeping my EcoFlow River Pro topped off while on the road and at camp. It is a flexible solar panel that can be mounted to almost any surface, and it is the perfect dimension to fit on top of my 23Zero Armadillo A3.

A unique feature about the Sunflare Xplor panels is each cell has a bypass diode, so when under shade, only the shaded cells power down, allowing the panel to be as efficient as possible. This panel is also extremely durable and has held up to hail, rocks, and branches. Definitely check out Sunflare Xplor panels if you are considering solar for your rig.

8. Brooke Wood (@tobyt4r) – Awning

White 5th Gen 4Runner with Mt. Hood RTT and Taruca by Bushwakka 180° Awning & Pink Wheels

Favorite RTT Accessory/Gear

  • Taruca by Bushwakka: 180° Awning

What Do You Like The Most?

The Taruca awning is a new addition to the build but already a favorite. It is completely freestanding and has integrated lighting at both ends to provide plenty of light at night, and it saves us from needing to pack lights when heading out on trips.

It is very lightweight for how much shade it provides, which meant we could use the CVT awning brackets and mount it directly to the side of our Mt. Hood RTT. And the best part is setup and takedown is so simple that one person can do it in less than a minute.

9. Imee Superales (@ladyims4r) – Travel Pillow

5th Gen 4Runner with iKamper RTT & Ambient Camp Lights

Favorite RTT Accessory/Gear

  • WiseOwl Outfitters Camping Pillow

What Do You Like The Most?

This travel pillow is a camping lifesaver! We placed it inside our sleeping bags and we comfortably slept throughout the night. No more waking up to sore necks!

It is made of memory foam so it retains its shape. It is the perfect size for travel, is lightweight, and folds into its own waterproof sack for easy storage. I’m definitely going to buy more pillows so that each one of us has our own for our family of 6! Highly recommend!

10. John Watt (@iron.t4r) – Tent Lighting

2011 5th Gen 4Runner with iKamper RTT & Heater

Favorite RTT Accessory/Gear

  • All-Top Dimmable LED Light Strip

What Do You Like The Most?

One of my favorite accessories to have while camping in the RTT would be my All Top Light Strip. This light makes it a breeze to see while climbing into the tent and setting up the bedding. It has three settings for brightness. You can pick between white lighting or amber lighting, which are great at reducing the number of insects flying into the RTT.

This 4’ long light strip can be attached with the hooks on both ends or Velcro loops to hang this wherever you’d like. I have mine mounted on my overhead crossbar in the tent. Overall, this accessory is a must-have in your RTT.

Final Thoughts

Rooftop Tent Gear & Accessories

And that’s a wrap on another Feature Friday! 

I love the idea of Rooftop Tents because they are customizable. There are so many options that you can add to make your tent feel like home. And while we didn’t get a chance to cover all of the accessories you could add, this list should give you a better idea of what you’re missing and give you some new brands to check out.

Stay tuned for next week; we are taking a look at a few different Quicksand builds!

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