Feature Friday: 10 Amber Lighting Setups For The 5th Gen 4Runner

Red 5th Gen 4Runner With Amber LED Lights

We Asked 10 Owners Why They Added Amber Off-Road Lighting To Their 5th Gen 4Runners – Here’s What They Said!

This Week’s Topic: Amber Off-Road Lighting

Hey guys, welcome back to another Feature Friday! If you missed last week’s FF, we looked at gullwing and molle panel combinations for the 5th Gen. Owners love them for their stealthy and sleek utility.

This week, we’re going over why you should consider adding amber off-road lighting to your 4Runner, whether it’s in the form of light bars, pods, etc.

Enjoy guys!

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Why Add Amber Lighting To Your Rig?

Quicksand 5th Gen 4Runner Rigid Industries Amber LED Lights

Amber lighting (usually yellow + orange in color), is a popular lighting option for off-roaders wanting to achieve better visibility and safety on the trails.

Bright white LED lights have shorter wavelengths, resulting in more light refraction. This means that when you turn your white lights on, they may appear to be SUPER bright. However, with the shorter wavelength, you’ll experience more glare when you drive. This is especially true in bad weather conditions like dust, rain, snow, etc. That’s where amber light really shines (pun intended).

Amber light has a longer wavelength and can penetrate poor weather conditions more than white light, thus allowing you to see better. This is the main reason why you see amber chase lights on the back of rigs as they are able to cut through the dust significantly better than white light ever could.

White lights obviously seem to have much more output, even though the amount of power going into them is the exact same. They will appear brighter to the eye than amber light, especially at close range. That’s really only the case in ideal conditions with excellent visibility, though.

This isn’t meant to deter you from white light though, there is definitely still a time and place for it. However, if you know you live in a foggy area or need some chase lights so your friends can see your truck in dusty conditions, then amber LEDS lights are the way to go.

Now, let’s see why the owners below chose to fit their 4Runners with amber off-road lighting.

1. Ashli Schreiner (@trd_maui) – Baja Designs / Aiden James Customs

5th Gen 4Runner With Baja Designs XL Sport Linkable LED Light Bar

Lighting Details

  • Squadron-R Sport Fogs – $400/pair
  • Squadron Sport Light Pods Driving/Combo – $260/pair
  • XL Sport Linkable Roof Light Bar Kit For Prinsu Rack – $1675/ea
  • Aiden James Customs LED Fang Lights – $240/pair

Why Did You Add Amber Lights To Your 4Runner?

Although amber lights aren’t as bright as white lights, they work better for me. I live in the desert (Arizona), so it’s very dry 99% of the time. Therefore, it’s very dusty. Amber lights excel in dusty conditions as they don’t reflect off airborne partials as white lights do.

Not only do they work better in off-road conditions, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. When the lights are turned off, the lens is still amber, adding some pops of color to the 4Runner.

2. Marco Lavrinovich (@crimson4r) – Cali Raised LED / Baja Designs

Lifted 5th Gen 4Runner with 42" Cali Raised LED Amber Light Bar

Lighting Details

  • 42″ Cali Raised LED Amber Light Bar – $345/ea
  • Baja Designs S2 Pro Amber Driving/Combo – $260/pair
  • Baja Designs Squadron-R Sport Amber – $260/pair
  • Baja Designs S8 30″ Amber Driving/Combo -$850/ea

Why Did You Add Amber Lights To Your 4Runner?

As an avid off-roader, I chose amber lights for my 4Runner due to their superior performance in low-light conditions. Amber lights offer better visibility during dawn, dusk, and night driving, making them an ideal choice for navigating through challenging off-road terrains. Unlike white lights, which can be harsh and strain the eyes, the warm glow of amber lights is more comfortable and less distracting for the driver, reducing the risk of accidents.

Moreover, the amber lights help reduce glare and increase contrast, allowing me to see obstacles more clearly and react faster to changes in terrain. In addition to their functional benefits, amber lights have a nostalgic and unique appeal that perfectly complements the rugged look of my 4Runner.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with my decision to go with amber lights, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for better visibility and a safer driving experience during their off-road adventures.

3. Tony Vang (@tk_knightrider_t4r) – Baja Designs

5th Gen 4Runner with LP6 Pro & LP4 Pro Baja Designs LED Lights

Lighting Details

  • LP6 Pro (x4) – $485/ea
  • LP4 Pro (x2) – $425/ea
  • S8 30″ Light Bar – $850/ea
  • Squadron Sport Ditch Lights – $230/pair
  • Squadron-R Fog – $375/pair

Why Did You Add Amber Lights To Your 4Runner?

I’ve added these amber lights to my 4Runner for their functionality during off-roading. I can get better visibility on dusty roads and during rainy and foggy weather. I also went with amber because I like how the color pops on my rig, especially with the backlit feature as DRLs.

4. Will K. (@groovyrunner) – Baja Designs / Extreme LED

White 5th Gen 4Runner with Extreme LED 40” Roof Slim Lightbar & Low Profile Front Bumper

Lighting Details

  • Baja Designs S8 30” Lightbar – $850/ea
  • Baja Designs LP4 (x2) – $425/ea
  • Baja Designs Squadron Fog Lights – $300/pair
  • Baja Designs Squadron Sport Ditch Lights – $260/pair
  • Baja Designs S2 Scene Lights (x4) – $175/ea
  • Extreme LED 40” Roof Slim Lightbar – $350/ea

Why Did You Add Amber Lights To Your 4Runner?

The first light I added was the Extreme LED lightbar on my roof rack. After driving and using this light, I found that the reflection it put on the hood scoop of my white 4Runner was uncomfortable to drive with. The glare was too much for me. It was then my thought to focus on lighting in front of my truck and decided to go with the S8 to fit in the slot in my bumper. I then needed more light output, so I added the LP4s above the bumper.

The combination of the S8s, LP4 and the wide squadron fog lights was the ideal amount of light and spread for me. The four S2s spread around the truck is perfect for 360-degree lighting while driving and also when we arrive at camp.

5. Mark Minosa (@tataro4runner) – KC HiLites / Vivid Lumen

5th Gen 4Runner with KC HiLites Gravity LED Pro6 w/ Amber Covers

Lighting Details

  • KC HiLites Gravity LED Pro6 Light Bar w/ Amber Covers – $1700/ea
  • Vivid Lumen FNG5 Series w/ Amber Covers – $413/pair
  • Vivid Lumen 30″ Wired Series Light Bar – $290/ea

Why Did You Add Amber Lights To Your 4Runner?

After going on a couple of night trails in the desert, I realized right away that I needed to upgrade my vehicle’s exterior lighting. I wanted lights that would be able to cut through the desert dust, so I knew amber was the way to go. I also decided that I needed lights that are versatile enough to use in other conditions as well, such as dense foggy conditions when we’re up in the mountains.

The Vivid Lumen Wired series light bar was my first addition. It gives out amazing output and really lights up the trail far ahead. Next were the KC HiLites Pro6 lights up top. I love the option of using the amber covers when it’s dusty or foggy or keeping them clear when I just need that insane visibility on a clear night. Plus, they just look awesome. You just can’t go wrong with KC.

The last addition would be the new FNG5 ditch lights from Vivid Lumen. Again, these are clear but come with amber covers that match perfectly with all the other lights on my vehicle. I’m definitely a big fan of all Vivid Lumen products.

6. Rovie Flores (@adobo4runner) – Diode Dynamics / Heretic

Lifted White 5th Gen 4Runner with Diode Dynamics SSC1 Pro w/ Amber Backlight & iKamper RTT

Lighting Details

  • Diode Dynamics SS3 MAX w/ Amber DRL – $580/pair
  • Diode Dynamics SSC1 pro w/ Amber Backlight (x21) – $110/ea
  • Heretic 30” Light Bar – $799/ea
  • Heretic BA-2 – $219/pair
  • Heretic Quattro – $380/pair
  • Aiden James Amber Bezel $240/pair

Why Did You Add Amber Lights To Your 4Runner?

I added these amber lights mainly for better visibility, especially driving in bad weather. The amber light will help cut through the fog better than white fog lights. These lights performed well all around while driving through the heavy snow, rain, night wheeling, and dark roads in the middle of nowhere. Lastly, I think amber lighting is more aesthetically appealing when you’re running everything all amber! #amberbois

7. Joe Deedy (@deedst4r) – Baja Designs

5th Gen 4Runner with Baja Designs Squadron Sport Fog/Ditch Lights

Lighting Details

  • LP6 On Roof Rack (x4) – $485/ea
  • S8 30” Light Bar – $850/ea
  • Squadron Sport Fog/Ditch Lights – $260/pair
  • S2 Sport Chase Lights – $120/ea
  • S2 Sport Reverse Lights – $120/ea

Why Did You Add Amber Lights To Your 4Runner?

I started out with a mix of amber and clear lights but found myself gravitating towards only using the amber. When mixing clear and amber, my experience with rivers is that clear lights were washed out by amber in every situation. For that reason (plus my wife preferred amber, and you know, what the wife wants she gets), I decided to go fully amber.

The daytime running lights of the LP6s offer a cool moody look. The ditch lights give me great corner visibility, especially when combined with the fog lights. These two lights are my favorites and ‘must haves’ in my opinion. The S8 light bar is a beast and gives plenty of forward light for most situations.

While I love the LP6s, my experience is that 4 LP6s are overkill. Do I love them? Yes. Are they necessary when riding on trails at night? No. The S8, ditch lights, and fog lights are sufficient for nighttime trail riding. That being said, the LP6s turn night into daytime and I love having the power of the sun at my fingertips.

If you’re looking to complete your lighting setup without breaking the bank, my recommendation would be 2 LP6s. This will more than satisfy your lighting needs but hey, more lights never hurt anybody, did they?

Overall, I highly recommend my setup, with cost being the only thing holding me back from fully endorsing everything I have done here. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help!

8. Matthew Lawless (@lawless_t4r) – Baja Designs / AlphaRex

OG 5th Gen 4Runner TRD Off Road with Baja Designs Squadron-R 4Runner Fog Light Kit

Lighting Details

  • Baja Designs Squadron-R 4Runner Fog Light Kit (SAE) $260/pair
  • Baja Designs S2 Pro – $120/ea
  • AlphaRex LUXX-Series – $750/pair

Why Did You Add Amber Lights To Your 4Runner?

The 2012 Trail Edition already had amber DRLs, so I stuck with the theme. The amber is a nice contrast on a black vehicle.

Besides looks, the amber really helps at night when you’re on those dusty desert trails. I went with SAE fog lights for legal road use and to not blind drivers. The S2 Pros are crazy bright for how small they are and I love the low-profile look. To tie it all together, I added AlphaRex Luxx Series headlights with the amber DRL. Cherrrrry bra!

9. Xavier Ibarra (@x__rnr) – Project X Off-Road / Rigid Industries

5th Gen 4Runner with Project X Series One FF 70 & LED Roof Rack Lighting

Lighting Details

  • Project X Series One FF 70 – $399/ea
  • Rigid Industries 360 SAE Fogs – $628/pair

Why Did You Add Amber Lights To Your 4Runner?

I chose Project X Off Road because they are unique for overlanding rigs but are common in the racing community. Project X got their bones in the 4×4/off-road racing scene and is tried and true on the track.

The Series One FF 70 lights perform just as well on the trail as they do on the track. They are 100% modular and will fit most roof racks or after-market bumpers. I added Lamin X amber light film on the provided clear light covers to help cut through the dust on the trails.

10. Dian Sumukti (@trddle._) – Baja Designs

Lifted Army Green 5th Gen 4Runner with S8 40" Light Bar Amber by Baja Designs

Lighting Details

  • S8 40″ Light Bar – $1079/ea
  • S8 30″ Light Bar – $849/ea
  • S8 20″ Light Bar – $579/ea
  • Squadron-R Fog Lights – $396/pair
  • S2 Sport Chase Lights – $235/pair

Why Did You Add Amber Lights To Your 4Runner?

Living and off-roading in the desert, dust is a major factor when considering off-road lighting. Having visibility as well as being visible to other vehicles are priorities when you’re off venturing in the middle of nowhere.

I chose amber for my off-road lighting because amber cuts through the desert dust really well, day or night. I also have amber pods as my chase lights so I could be easily spotted by other approaching vehicles. Amber also cuts through rain, fog, and snow although I don’t currently encounter those weather conditions often.

Final Thoughts

KC HiLites Pro6 Roof Rack on 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Feature Friday post and now have a better idea as to why a lot of off-road rigs run amber lighting. I know I do!

What lights do you have on your 4Runner? Are you looking to add some amber lighting to your setup? Let us know in the comments! See ya guys in the next one!

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