Blacked-Out Hood Scoop Insert (Non-OEM) On The 5th Gen 4Runner

White 4Runner With Blacked-Out Hood Scoop

Make Your Rig Stand Out With A Blacked-Out Hood Scoop Insert For The 5th Gen 4Runner – An Installation Guide

Have you ever been face-to-face with your 4Runner, locked in heavy eye contact as a single bead of sweat escapes from the brim of your hat making its way to your eyebrow? And at that moment you hear a faint but articulate whisper telling you that something is missing. Albeit simple, it’s becoming painfully clear that a mod is in your near future.

Not to worry, we’ve all been there. The real question is, what mod? Well, today I’ll walk through installing a blacked-out hood scoop insert for a 5th Gen 4Runner. It’s the perfect mod if you’re looking for something that will garner a second look from passersby or if you’re simply trying to identify your 4Runner in a parking lot full of them. With just a few steps, you can easily complete this project one evening you have free or on a Saturday morning.

  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Time Commitment: 45-60 minutes (less if you have the push pin pliers)
  • Stars: 4 out of 5

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4Runner Hood Scoop Insert Installation

Blacked-Out Hood Scoop Insert For 5th Gen 4Runner

Tools List:

Step 1. Remove Hood Insulation

4Runner Hood Scoop Insert Installation Hood Insulation Clips Location

I’m not going to lie, this was the most difficult step during the installation. The hood insulation retainer clips were extremely difficult to remove. Needless to say, I did not have push-pin pliers.

Once I reached a level of frustration we all know too well, I made a deliberate decision to break each of them in order to remove the hood insulation. Hence, I’ve included both the pliers and extra clips on the parts and tools list. (Send us a shout-out if you’re able to remove all 10 clips without breaking one)

Step 2. Remove (4) 10mm Bolts

4Runner Hood Scoop Insert Installation 10mm Bolt Locations

Next, you’ll need to remove four 10mm bolts (circled in red). This step is really easy so make sure to take your time and relish in it.

Step 3. Release (3) Plastic Rivets

4Runner Hood Scoop Insert Installation Rivets Location

The orange rivet, located in the center, is easy to pinch and release. Simply use your needle nose pliers to compress the ears and turn counter-clockwise just enough to clear the hole.

The blue rivets, on the other hand, are not so easy. My pliers were not thin enough to pass through the hole in order to compress the ears. If yours are, amazing!

I ended up using my Benchmade knife which was just long enough to reach the ears when approaching from the side. Once I had both ears compressed, I was able to push the blue rivets upward and through the holes.

Step 4. Remove Existing Insert

Remove 5th Gen 4Runner Hood Scoop Insert

Once the rivets are free, you can wiggle the existing insert just enough to get your fingers under it.

Note, it’s hinged under the hood on the back side (closest to the windshield) so you’ll want to pull upward from the front. With just a little strength, you’ll find the insert is quite easy to remove.

Once removed, I suggest cleaning the hood scoop housing. In preparation to install anything near the engine bay, I use a degreaser cleaning product. Just make sure the cleaning product you use is safe for the material you’re cleaning.

Step 5. Apply Padding On The New Hood Scoop

4Runner Hood Scoop Insert Installation Padding Layout

Are you hanging in there? Don’t worry, we just have a couple more easy steps to go!

Now that you have the previous insert removed from the hood, lay it down next to the new one. Take note of where the padding is applied to the old insert because you’ll want to mirror the placement of the padding on the new one (see the image above for reference).

Important: Before applying the padding, use the cleaning agent supplied with the kit to clean the edge of the new insert where you’ll be applying the padding.

Step 6 Install New Hood Scoop Insert

4Runner Hood Scoop Insert Installation Secure in Housing

Now, it’s time to install your new hood scoop!

As you’re laying the new insert down into the housing, remember the hinge system goes underneath the hood – closest to the windshield.

Once placed in the housing correctly, you can gently push down on the front of the insert. When doing so, you’ll hear the blue rivets snap into place…and possibly the orange rivet as well. However, if the orange rivet does not snap in at first, pop the hood open and locate the orange rivet – gently pull down on the rivet till it snaps into place.

Step 7. Fasten (4) 10mm Bolts

4Runner Hood Scoop Insert Installation 10mm Bolt Locations

Now that your new hood scoop insert is secured in the house, it’s time to fasten the four 10mm bolts under the hood. You can refer to the image above for reference. Again, this is a really easy step that makes this project well worth it.

Step 8. Reinstall Hood Insulation

4Runner Hood Scoop Insert Installation Hood Insulation Clips Location

For the final step, simply align the hood insulation with the push-pin holes. If you’re like me, you’ll be using new push pins to secure the insulation, but hey, sometimes you have to break a few push pins to make your 4Runner stand out from a parking lot full of 4Runners!

Final Thoughts

White Toyota 4Runner With Blacked-Out Hood Scoop Insert & Valence

This was a fun and enjoyable project. I really like the overall look with the blacked-out hood scoop insert matching the rest of my black accessories. If you’ve been itching to make another mod to your rig, this is a great one that won’t break the bank. Admittedly, it’s not a functional mod, but aesthetics are arguably just as important, right?

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11 months ago

Ryan, are the tabs on the two blue push pins on the front and back or on the sides. Looking at them on my 4R, it is difficult to tell.

11 months ago
Reply to  Tim

I found my answer from a youtube video. They are on the sides.

1 year ago

i Just changed my hood scoop out with a OEM matte black one. Looks great. I was wondering If it’s normal for some water to make its way thru? Im noticing that the insulation pad has some moisture on it after taking it thru the car wash. I never noticed moisture before with original scoop but then again, I never really checked. I’m pretty sure the install was spot on and since it was a Toyota OEM scoop, the fit was perfect. Thank you.

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