Everbrite Metal Protective Coating – DIY Application Guide & Review

Everbrite Metal Protective Coating

Everbrite Metal Protective Coating – Powder Coated / Painted Metal’s Best Friend & The Best Way To Restore And Protect The Metals On Your Rig – DIY Guide To Application & Review

I first found Everbrite metal protective coating when I noticed the Gobi rack that I had waited so long for, started to fade over time. I searched for ways to restore the original luster to the coating without getting it re-powder coated. Everbrite claimed to restore the luster of faded coatings and protect against corrosion as a UV ray-resistant coating.

This stuff is no joke, I have been applying it to nearly everything that I can. It is easily applied with a microfiber application pad, self-levels to the surface you apply it to, and easily can be re-coated. It hardens quickly and restores the luster, indefinitely.

The best part about all of this is it’s $26 for a 4oz. can, which is more than enough to coat an entire roof rack and ladder. The coating is extremely durable, easy to clean, and has held up against everything I can throw at it.

Here is the full description from the company:

“Everbrite is a crystal clear polymeric resin that provides long-term protection on most metals and painted surfaces from tarnish and oxidation. Everbrite restores original color and gloss to faded or chalky painted or anodized surfaces. Formulated for use on painted and unpainted metals, Everbrite reduces maintenance and cleaning; resists dirt, water, acids, bleaches, mildew, and algae. Coated surfaces clean up easily with just soap and water. Everbrite will not chalk, or peel when properly applied, and will never yellow or discolor from exposure.”

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Where to Apply

Recoating Roof Rack With Everbrite Protective Coating

Everbrite can be applied to any metal, bare or coated. As long as you follow the application instructions, the product will last a long time. Over the past couple of years, I have tested it on the following:

  • Certain undercarriage components (skids/ armor)
  • Roof rack/ladder
  • Spare wheel (when I had the bullet hole steelie style)
  • Vehicle frame
  • Spare tire carrier

Applications are as vast as you can imagine, even around the house! The area that you apply Everbrite to and its use will determine the overall longevity of the product. For example, it may not last very long on a skid plate that bears the weight of your rig on rocks. However, it will hold up just fine to lighter rocks, branches, and various other elements.

If you want to maintain the coating of a surface or just want to protect it, then Everbrite would work great for you. I initially purchased this product to save the powder coat on my roof rack because I didn’t want it to look faded and chalky. After seeing how well it worked, I then started to apply it in different places.

How to Apply

How To Apply Everbrite Metal Protective Coating

When applying Everbrite, prep cleaning is the most important step. Like applying any coat, preparation is the most important and usually takes the most time.

After cleaning the surface of all waxes, oils, and grease, with a PH-neutral cleaner or degreaser, allow an ample amount of time for it to completely dry. Apply the coat with a microfiber application pad like the one above or what works best for your scenario. You can apply it with a paint sprayer with a fine finish tip, high-density foam roller, sponge brush, natural bristled brush, or lint-free cloth pad.

I called their support line and asked them about full cure times since it wasn’t stated in the instructions. It is recommended that the coat stay dry for several days to fully cure. Although, it says that it dries to the touch in 10-15 minutes. Once it’s cured, wash the application area like any other part of the vehicle’s paint and its luster will show time and time again.

Recommendations & Tips 

  • Wear gloves! This stuff gets extremely tacky while it starts to cure. The curing process is quick once you apply it.
  • If you are applying it to a surface and there are other surfaces around you that don’t want this coat on, cover them up. The coat is initially very fluid and will get everywhere if you throw too much on at once. I did this when coating the roof rack the first time, and got a couple of drops on the roof.
  • Keep it away from moisture! This is probably the most important thing I could pass off to you. I had a couple of moments of trial and error before I realized I wasn’t following instructions all the way. If you coat a surface and allow it to be exposed to moisture quickly it will absorb the moisture in the coat and it will have white patches underneath.
  • Plan out when and where you apply the coating to keep it away from moisture. This will save you from having to re-coat.
  • When cleaning a surface that has Everbrite on it, I noticed harsh cleaners like wheel and tire cleaners can damage the coat.
  • The product can be removed with a Xylene solvent in a worst-case scenario.
  • Get cheaper microfiber application pads for this process. Once you apply the coat, the application pad will need to be tossed due to the product curing.



Step 1. Prep Surface

Recoating With Everbrite Metal Protective Coating

Thoroughly clean the surface with your PH-neutral cleaner, and allow everything to dry. Once dry, tape off or cover up areas you don’t want this coat to be. For this example, I accidentally removed the coat on the skids while using a harsher cleaner to clean the undercarriage. So I will be re-coating the skid plates.

Step 2. Apply Everbrite

Applying Everbrite Metal Protective Coating

Throw on gloves, grab your application pad, and get applying! I noticed it comes out the best when applying in straight lines the best you can in one direction. That’s if the surface you are coating has no texture to it. If you are coating a powder-coated surface that has a texture, you could coat it in any manner necessary.

Step 3. Cure Time

Everbrite Metal Protective Coating Curing Time

The item should be dry enough to handle after being left to dry for an hour. Keeping it away from moisture is the other half of this process. For my example, with coating the skid plates, I kept them removed for the next 4-5 days in my garage while they were fully cured.

Everbrite recommended a week or more, but I noticed after 4-5 days it was solid and unaffected by moisture. That could be attributed to the hot, dry climate that I live in as well. Use your best judgment or just follow exactly what the instructions and the company recommend.

When I coated the roof rack the first time, I drove around with it installed for a week with very mild, dry weather for Florida. It worked out for me, but planning for a dedicated dry space for curing is still recommended.

Final Thoughts

Everbrite Metal Protective Coating Results

Overall, this is a fantastic product and has a wide range of applications. From roof racks to undercarriage components to front and rear bumpers, if you want to restore the look of the coat and protect the surface, this is the product for you.

After applying, it makes the surface far easier to keep clean as well. You could even follow my other article on cleaning up corrosion and protecting surfaces with this product due to its corrosion-resistant properties.

Everbrite’s customer service is awesome and fast. If you hit a crossroads on your project and have questions beyond what has been discussed here, then I recommend giving them a call, as they are very helpful.

As I mentioned earlier, my Gobi rack was starting to fade so this was a perfect application for Everbrite. Now my roof rack looks brand new at all times. The factory powder coat was getting chalky, which I see all of the time on other rigs. For that reason, I always recommend this product to others.

If you have faded powder coatings, or newly painted metal surfaces and want to protect or restore them, grab some Everbrite and save the life you purchase!

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1 year ago

Este foi o quarto artigo que acabei de ser relacionado a esse tem e foi o que mais deixou claro para mim. Gostei. Lucky Patcher

1 year ago

Those skid plates can not possibly be the originals; not a dent, scratch or ding in them. Even the wire mesh still looks intact. I’ve had mine for 2 years now and I’ve had to carry a crow bar and mallet to bang or pry it back into shape after a good adventure and the mesh is more like a flap that ingests everything from the road. Kudos to your driving skills! I’ll be looking into that product too, more for the sliders than anything to keep the rust down. Thanks for the article!!

1 year ago

Thank you so much for this invaluable article which will be used again and again Lane. Good Maintenance tips are important to remember on so many levels, 1 ) will not break the bank 2) keeps the vehicle protected 3) protects your investment 4) ensures the availability of the vehicle for the next trail ride or long haul.

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