Feature Friday: 9 TRD Pro Overland Built 5th Gen Toyota 4Runners

2020 Army Green TRD Pro 4Runner

9 Rare TRD Pro 5th Gen 4Runners Built To Conquer Any Overland Trail w/ Owners Top 5 Mods to Inspire Your Build in 2022

This Week’s Topic: TRD Pro 4Runners

Welcome back to another Feature Friday! I hope you all had a great week and are ready to finish it off with these killer TRD Pro 4Runners that we are about to showcase!

I’ll be honest, I have a soft spot for the TRD Pro model 4Runner since I do own one. That almost didn’t happen, as I really wanted a Nautical Blue TRD Off-Road Premium 4RunnerI with a moon roof. Then, the 2018 Cavalry Blue TRD Pro “exclusive” color came out, and it was game over; I had to have that color!

Aside from special colors, do you really need a TRD Pro? Let’s talk about that.

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Why Is The TRD Pro So Special?

2016 TRD Pro 4Runner in Quick Sand

So, do you really need a TRD Pro? Every time I get asked, “Jon, should I get a TRD Off-Road or a TRD Pro?” I always respond with two questions:

  1. Do want the exclusive color?
  2. Are you going to upgrade the wheels and tires?

If they don’t care about the TRD Pro’s special colors or plan on upgrading tires and suspension, I 100% recommend buying a TRD Off-Road over a TRD Pro.

There are several previously “exclusive” colors of the TRD Pro such as army green, that were made available on other trims after its debut year. Others like Quicksand and Cavalry Blue remain exclusive to their respective debut years. This makes these vehicles hold their value a little more than a TRD Off-Road model due to the color’s rarity factor. The exclusive colors are what make the Pro extra special.

The TRD Pro and TRD Off-Road share all the same off-road bells and whistles. This includes an electronic rear locking differential, Multi-Terrain-Select, crawl control, and downhill-assist control.

The TRD Pro takes this one step further in offering TRD Tuned Fox Suspension w/ remote reservoirs, TRD Wheels, and Nitto Terragrappler tires to complete its off-road-ready package. Essentially, it comes from the factory with most modifications that owners will do, but with OEM reliability.

The TRD Pro can be optioned with KDSS but usually, is not. If you want KDSS, look at the TRD Off-Road. Brenan wrote a post a while back on the TRD Pro Vs. the TRD Off-Road. You should check that out if you’re considering one of them.

Now, let’s get into these rigs!

1. Mike Williams (@bonebroke_pro) – 2015 Super White TRD Pro

2015 Super White TRD Pro

Top 5 Mods:

  1. Fox 2.5/2.0 Suspension with Wesevoirs
  2. Gobi Roof Rack
  3. Stealth Custom Series Ray 10s – 17×9 w/ 295/70R17 Yokohama Geolanders
  4. RIGd Ultraswing
  5. RCI Steel Skids

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

Having an appropriate lift, suspension setup, and tires for the type of off-roading that my buddies and I do was the most important aspect of this build. The Fox suspension with the reservoirs may be a little overkill, but it eats up everything that I throw at it. I love the basket-style of the Gobi Roof Rack to hold all my camping gear. Considering the amount of stuff one family needs to camp with little kids, it’s impossible to fit everything inside the 4runner. Finally, the steel skids from RCI offer peace of mind with some of the rockier trails out here in AZ.

2. Eddie Meas (@e_meas) – 2017 Cement TRD Pro

2017 Cement 4Runner TRD Pro with CBI full armor

Top 5 Mods:

  1. CBI Full Armor
  2. Baja Designs Lights
  3. CVT Rooftop Tent
  4. Rago Fabrication Modular Storage Panel with Shelf
  5. S-Pod Bantam X

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

The CBI full armor gives me the ultimate protection while out on the tails. My Baja Designs lights help me out a ton during night rides and while setting up camp in the dark. Having a CVT RTT has definitely made camping more enjoyable and easier.  I like having the Rago modular storage panel because it helps me keep everything organized. Lastly, I like the S-Pod Bantam X because it makes wiring all the lights and accessories simple and clean.

3. Anthony Mendoza (@t4r08) – 2021 Lunar Rock TRD Pro

2021 Lunar Rock TRD Pro 4Runner with Black Rhino Primm 17x 9 -12 offset wheels

Top 5 Mods:

  1. Ironman America 4×4 Stage 2 Foam Cell Pro Suspension with UCA
  2. Westcott Designs Sliders : 0 Degree / MIG Weld / No Kick Out / Top plates
  3. Black Rhino Primm 17x 9 -12 Offset Wheels
  4. Prinsu Designs full-length roof rack
  5. Pedal Commander PC27

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

This modest group of modifications has really set the rig up to take on anything from trails to grabbing milk at the grocery store. I prefer to keep things looking as close to factory as possible, but with a little flair. The Ironman suspension is nice and beefy and can tackle a good amount of obstacles on the trail. At the same time, it is smooth enough for a lengthy road trip with the family. When it comes to sliders, Westcott Designs knocks it out of the park with their quality and attention to detail. It’s no wonder why some call them the Gucci of sliders. Lastly, never leave home without a Pedal Commander, it just makes a huge difference.

4. Tony Phay (@lame_runner) – 2018 Cavalry Blue TRD Pro

2018 Cavalry Blue 4Runner TRD Pro with C4 Fabrication front bumper and skid plates

Top 5 Mods:

  1. 23zero Kabari RTT
  2. Baja Design Squadron Lights
  3. C4 Fabrication Front Bumper and Skid Plates
  4. Raywheels M8, Dirtcom Trail Swing
  5. Sponsored By Wifey Air System

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

The 4Runner was good out of the box, but it definitely could be spiced up. C4 provided me with the protection I need to get through tough trails. Baja Design lights up the way while driving through darkness. The Dirtcom tire carrier keeps the weight down while allowing me to carry a full spare. My Raywheels M8s look cool and are Japan’s premier wheel company. With that said, I know my wheels will not crack on me.

The 23zero Kabari fits my family of 3, and the light suppression technology on their tent and awning keeps light out when we want to sleep in. Lastly, my Sponsored By Wifey Air system allows me to be able to air up and down all four tires at the same time, absolutely awesome! Shout out to Showstoppersoffroad for helping with the build.

5. Sean Migone (@mig_rnr) – 2020 Super White TRD Pro

White TRD Pro 4Runner with Black Rhino Armory Rims w/ Cooper EVO MTs

Top 5 Mods:

  1. Complete Dobinsons MRR 3” Suspension Kit
  2. C4 Fabrication LoPro Bumper with High Clearance Cuts
  3. Black Rhino Armory Rims with Cooper EVO MT Tires
  4. RiGd Supply Ultraswing
  5. Odyssey Group 31 AGM Battery with R4T Terminals

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

After a lot of research, I went with the Dobinsons MRR Kit because of its toughness and adjustability. I have it set at a 3” lift, which is perfect for my application. I have the complete suspension kit including:

  • UCAs
  • Diff Drop
  • Swaybar Relocation
  • Lower & Upper Rear Trailing Arms
  • Panhard Bar

All of these components are adjustable and I have dialed them in perfectly for my liking. I can adjust the high-speed compression, low-speed compression, and rebound with the turn of a knob. This by far is my favorite mod.

C4 Fabrication has been at the top of its game for a while now, and Toyota is its specialty. I knew that when I bought my TRD Pro, I wanted their LoPro Bumper. My 4R is a daily driver, so although I would like to have the full overland front bumper, the LoPro fits my needs. I have a 30” Extreme LED White/Amber Combo beam lightbar on it and a Smittybuilt 10K X20 Comp winch. The LoPro looks great, especially with the high clearance cuts.

The Black Rhino Amory Rims are Gun Gray in color and wrapped in 33″ Cooper EVO MT tires. They look great and are made for off-road vehicles. They look like M1 Abrams tank rims.

RiGd Supply excels in the hitch gate market. I wasn’t ready to add a full steel rear bumper yet, so I went with this option. My Ultraswing has a Hi-Lift Jack mount, a camp table, and also holds my full-size spare with no rattle while off-roading. I’m super happy with it, and since they are always updating the swing, it was an easy choice for me.

My Odyssey Group 31 Battery gives me peace of mind while using my accessories so that I won’t be stuck with a dead battery in the middle of nowhere. With the R4T terminals added, all of my wiring looks properly organized. I plan to upgrade to a second battery, but until then, I feel confident that this one won’t fail me when I need it.

In summary, it was very difficult to pick just 5 mods on my 4Runner TRD Pro. For now, these are the ones that stand out most for me.

6. Steven Moore (@hafa_adai_t4r) – 2017 Cement TRD Pro

Cement Grey 4Runner TRD Pro with RIGd UltraSwing Hitch Carrier w/pulldown table prinsu roof rack

Top 5 Mods:

  1. Expedition Essentials Mount Powered Accessory Mount
  2. Trigger Accessory Control System Six Shooter
  3. Sony 8100 Plug & Play Kit (Trail Grid Pro)
  4. RIGd UltraSwing Hitch Carrier with Pulldown Table
  5. Custom Two-Drawer Storage System

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

These 5 mods make my list due to their functionality and daily use. The first three mods are easily accessible from the seat of the cockpit when needed. From hands-free communication, powering lights with a wireless switch, to watching your favorite movies or shows on the 8.95″ screen (while not driving of course), it is all within hands-reach.

The last two mods make the list because this is where we hang out and enjoy each other’s company while camping. The drawer system is attached to the rear sliding cargo deck when completely pulled out. It allows for ample headspace and comfortable seating while using the RIGd UltraSwing table to cook or hold your brews.

7. Greg Ho (@ninjatrdle) – 2020 Army Green TRD Pro

Army Green 4Runner with VOLK TE37XT M-SPEC Wheels w/ Toyo Open Country AT3 - 285/70/17

Top 5 Mods:

  1. Westcott Lift Kit
  2. VOLK TE37XT M-SPEC Wheels with Toyo Open Country AT3 – 285/70R17
  3. Total Chaos Upper Control Arms with Adjustable Heims
  4. Gobi Stealth Roof Rack and Ladder
  5. Morimoto XB LED Headlights

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

These are my favorite mods because they allowed me to increase the function of the already capable 4runner. The lift kit, larger tires, and aftermarket UCAs improve ground clearance and ride quality. The Gobi Rack more than triples the cargo capacity for trips and allows me to move whatever items I want on top. The Morimoto headlights are the finishing touch by upgrading the outdated stock halogen output with full LED and sequential lights; they are definitely a head-turner.

8. Chris Klimas (@shadow.runner.trd) – 2016 Quicksand TRD Pro

Quicksand TRD Pro 4Runner with C4 Fabrication Bumper with High Clearance Additions, Sliders, and Summit Ladder

Top 5 Mods:

  1. C4 Fabrication Bumper with High Clearance Additions, Sliders, and Summit Ladder
  2. Switch-Pros SP-9100 on a @sdoffroadmt Mount Tray (ARB Twin setup)
  3. ARB Twin with MORRFlate Air System
  4. Throttle Grenade acceleration controller
  5. Aiden James Customs LED Fog Bezels

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

While many people have similar mods, mine work the way that makes me happiest. From adding a little bit of character and flair to functionality on the trail. This setup just does it for me. I definitely appreciate each of the mods I detailed, and would gladly pick them again if I were to start over.

9. Vik Majoulian (@olie4x4) – 2020 Army Green TRD Pro

2020 Army Green TRD Pro 4Runner

Top 5 Mods:

  1. Pedal Commander
  2. Eibach Rear Load-Level System (400lbs+) with Spidertrax 1.25” Wheel Spacers
  3. Switch-Pro 9100 with @sdoffroadmt Mount Tray & SDHQ Interior Panel Mounting
  4. Diode Dynamics Lighting (Fog, LED Headlamps, Floods, Spots, Lightbar)
  5. Custom Kitchen Build System (By Wife)

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

Our TRD Pro 4Runner was intended as a project build for my wife and me to enjoy. These mods help us get out more and expand our photography. Our lighting and kitchen solution gives us the ability to set up quickly for a meal or simply hang out around camp. The Eibach kit allows us to carry all our equipment without compromising ride height or quality, all while sporting a pretty decent stance. I chose to list these as our top mods since they provide both function and form while giving us the most value for our budget.

Final Thoughts

Army Green TRD Pro 4Runner with baja designs fog lights

What a great round-up of TRD Pro 4Runners! I cannot wait to see what Toyota has in store for us for 2023 with their “exclusive” color for the Pro, or even a new model altogether. Until then, we will enjoy what we got!

If you would like to be considered for next week’s Feature Friday, we will be showcasing Skid Plate Options. 

We want readers to get inspired by a variety of rigs/products. Submit your build for Feature Friday here to get featured. If you would like to submit your build for next week, include your setup details and an awesome photo that shows it off.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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