Black & Red Machined Billet Teton Shift Knob for a 5th Gen 4Runner

The Teton Workshop Shift Knob – A Machined Billet Shift Knob for the 5th Gen 4Runner with Multiple Stripe Color Options

There are several variants of the main shift knob depending on which trim level your runner is. If the one you’re rocking isn’t quite your style, here’s a quick look at one from Teton Workshops, based out of Idaho.

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Materials & Design

The core of this shifter is made out of 6061 aluminum, which is then powder coated black. If you’re a fan of knives, the outer handle is made out of the same G10 material. There are two small stripes of an accent color, with 8 options for you to choose from. Everything is held together with exposed screws, giving the overall package a very industrial look. The final design touch is a small Teton Workshop logo on the bottom.

Take Off Existing Shift Knob

Swapping out the shift knob in your 4runner couldn’t be any simpler. Twist your stock one count-clockwise until it comes off, that’s all.

Install New Teton Shifter

Twist the new shifter back on in the clockwise direction until it won’t turn anymore (don’t force past this point).

Securing The Shifter

There is one extra step to install the Teton shifter in that there is a small hex screw on the bottom front side to secure it in place (the hex key is provided in the packaging). All this should take is a quick turn or two and you’re all set.

Overall Impressions

Personally, I’m a fan of Teton Workshop’s offering, it suits the 4runner in its ruggedness. You can also add a touch of personalization in your choice of accent color. The “TRD” stock shift knob in my rig never really appealed to me, and always looked kind of boring. If you’ve ever watched any of Ken Block’s drifting videos, the Teton shifter has the cool lever feel whenever you use it – not that you’ll be doing any of those types of stunts in a runner.

One note is that there are currently two versions of the main shift knob, in addition to a recently added low-range shifter. The first-generation shifter (the one pictured in this article) has a silver ring at the top and the G10 sides are fixed in place. With the current generation, the G10 sides that also have the accent color are now swappable, should you choose to switch up the color.

So what aftermarket shift knobs are you all rocking? Or are you perfectly cool with the stock ones? Drop a comment and let me know!

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2 years ago

have had mine for over a year… only downside is that when it’s summer… the shifter is f’n hot!!

2 years ago

My wife absolutely hated the stock shift knob in our ’19 TRD Pro so it was the first thing to go. We went with the Ellis Precision set in anodized red. I really liked the Teton offering especially with the red accents and G10 grips but they didn’t offer the matching transfer case knob at that time (my OCD couldn’t handle mismatched knobs)

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