Boss StrongBox Console Safe for 5th Gen 4Runner – Secure Valuables with Peace of Mind

Boss StrongBox Console safe closed

Introducing The Boss StrongBox Console Safe: Interior Security With Quick and Easy Access – Install & Initial Impressions

It’s inevitable that at some point, you’ll need to leave something of value in your vehicle. For some, this could just mean a nice pair of sunglasses. To others, it could mean when you can’t bring a certain pew-pew item into a prohibited area. The Boss StrongBox Console Safe has you covered with stout, secure storage for your valuables. If you’re looking for even more storage options, BSB makes a 4Runner-specific drawer system that fits perfectly into the 4Runner’s cargo area. They also offer a wide assortment of safe vehicle storage and are not only limited to 4Runners but also other Toyota, Ford, Chevy, and Dodge truck platforms.

What I like most about a console safe is that when not in use, it is completely hidden. While this may not stop someone from breaking into your vehicle, it will at least serve as an added measure of protection for items that you really want to keep safe. Most vehicle break-ins are usually smash-and-grab-type jobs, so the odds of a thief wanting to sit there prying open this safe is unlikely.

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YouTube Installation Overview

Build Quality & Features

Boss StrongBox Console safe

This safe is super solid! The lid is made of double-layered, 14-gauge, cold-rolled steel while the rest of the body is made of 16-gauge steel. The welds are all very clean and the safe weighs in at about 10-lbs. Best of all, this is made in America with a lifetime guarantee!

The entire safe is powder-coated black for a refined aesthetic and adds to the high-quality look and feel.

What’s Included

Boss StrongBox Console safe keys

The safe comes with three (3) copies of keys and no two safes sold have the same keys. I really appreciate the inclusion of a third key because it allows me to keep a copy with each of my car keys, and also one at home (just in case).

Boss StrongBox Console safe install hardware

When comparing the factory bolts (left) and the newly supplied bolts (right), there are twice as many threads to ensure this safe isn’t going anywhere.


Installing the Boss StrongBox console safe is pretty straightforward and can take less than 20 minutes from start to finish.

Tools Needed

  • Socket Wrench
  • 10mm Socket
  • 8mm Socket
  • 4″ Socket Extension (optional)

Step 1. Remove OEM Center Console Bolts

4Runner Console OEM Bolt Removal

There are two (2) 10mm bolts that hold the center console down. Remove the fabric cover to reveal the bolts. The optional 4″ extension bar will help your socket wrench clear the raised portion that houses the 12v outlet. These bolts will not be used once the new console safe is installed.

Step 2. Insert Console Safe

Boss StrongBox Console safe placement

Slowly drop in the console safe. The safe will slide right in and you will see the holes line up with those to the body.

Step 3. Install New Hardware

Boss StrongBox Console safe install

Install the two (2) 8mm bolts and washers provided with the console safe.

Console safe finish install

Drop in the new foam insert over bolts.

Step 4. Remove Tissue Holder (Optional)

Boss StrongBox Console safe remove tissue holder optional

If your center console lid has trouble closing with the safe installed, you can remove the tissue holder by lifting it up and away from the lid.

I decided to use a towel and 30lb weight plate to really seat the safe in. This gave me enough clearance to leave the tissue holder intact. I’m happy to report that the safe had zero damage from a few love taps!

Overall Impressions

Boss StrongBox console safe open

I really dig how simple this console safe was to install and the huge benefit that it provides. Talk about an excellent effort to reward ratio!

The solidness of the safe gives me the confidence to leave valuables in here if needed, and I really like the added touch of a spring-loaded hinge for ease of access. There is even a cut-out to retain access to the 12v outlet inside. So, the design’s attention to detail is spot-on. The only loss here is the use of the built-in coin storage slot, which I can’t say I’ve used much.

There are a few scenarios where I have already put this safe to use. For one, if you need to enter an establishment that prohibits firearms, this is a more secure way to leave it in the vehicle. Previously, I would be forced to leave home without mine if I knew that I was headed somewhere that wouldn’t allow it.

Console safe pew pew storage

Pictured: Sub-compact, 9mm for size reference.

Another valuable item that I have left inside the safe was my camera. It’s not always ideal to lug a DSLR around when you know it won’t be used much. This safe will comfortably fit a small-to-medium-sized camera with a similarly proportioned lens.

Overall, I think this is a great addition to anyone’s rig. At first, I was hesitant to lose the quick access space in the center console. Fortunately, the 4Runner has plenty of other storage pockets for my miscellaneous items. With this loss, however, I gained a way more secure area to store our valuables and I’ll gladly take that trade-off.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on console safes or if you prefer a different means of secure storage! Please let me know below!

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10 months ago

I have a similar lock box in my 2011 4runner however, it has a combination lock vs. keyed. I hate adding keys to my key ring and such. Access anytime as you don’t need a key.

10 months ago
Reply to  Kevin

Attached photos for reference.

Final Installation.jpg
Data Plate.jpg
1 year ago

Is the inside wall just bare metal? Did you put some kind of padding so the contents do not go banging on the metal sides?

2 years ago

Dang it, I just bought one and was going to do a post about this.

You forgot to mention and you may want to add it in, but it’s key, ha, to register the box with BossStrong because each key is made for the box. No 2 keys are alike. If you can’t get in, you can contact them for a replacement and they’ll need your information to process it.

My install didn’t seat correct, one of the holes in my 4Runner was off ever so slightly and it was a pain to install the screw. It also did not seat in perfect and I had to remove the tissue box. Not a huge deal, but I didn’t hammer away at it like OP did.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ryan L

How did you seat it? I’d love your steps if able.

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