LifeSaver Water Jerrycan and Portable Water Filter Container – Full Review

LifeSaver Jerrycan and Portable Water Filter Product Overview & Initial Review

LifeSaver Jerrycan Portable Water Filter For Camping, General Off-Road Use, and Overlanding – Product Overview & Trail-Tested Review

Whether you’re out on a camping trip or hitting long trails in the middle of nowhere, having easy access to clean drinking water will give you much-needed peace of mind. Next to food and shelter, water is one of the most important items when out exploring. There are so many water storage containers and jugs on the market so deciding which one is for you may be challenging. With that said, traveling with clean water for drinking, washing and cooking is incredibly important.

That’s where the Jerrycan from LifeSaver comes in clutch. The Jerrycan can hold 18.5 liters (4.88 gallons), is durable, and has an integrated filtration system. So you can rest assured that the fresh stream water you just filled it with, is filtered and safe to consume. Mount it on your rig or pick it up by the handle and pack it away in the cabin of your rig. Either way, the can is a convenient shape for traveling and packing.

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LifeSaver Jerrycan and Portable Water Filter Review


LifeSaver Jerrycan and Portable Water Filter Product Overview & Initial Review

The Jerrycan was designed with an easy-to-use spout for dispensing water that is designed to release water in a very effective way. It was important to me that when pressurized, despite the pressure, water will dispense at the same rate. The method for pressurizing the can is manual. It’s not difficult or complicated, just a few pumps will give you enough pressure in the can to release water.

Overall, the Jerrycan from Lifesaver has gotten the water dispensing correct from a design perspective and user ability. However, I wish the can was designed with a second handle on the side that would allow me to more easily pick up or position the can while oriented horizontally when prepping for water dispense.

When full, the can will weigh close to 40 lbs, which is heavy. So when full, the Jerrycan can quickly become awkward when positioning correctly and I feel a second handle would help greatly.


LifeSaver Jerrycan and Portable Water Filter Product Overview & Initial Review

With my comment above, I have found an alternative.

If you have the LifeSaver Jerrycan set vertically with the handle facing up, only a couple of manual pumps and fresh filtered water will easily flow out of the spout. The release is enough to allow for cups and/or other containers to easily be filled.

Versatility & Accessories

LifeSaver Jerrycan and Portable Water Filter Product Overview & Initial Review

Before I had the LifeSaver Jerrycan, I would always carry along 5-6 gallon jugs of water with me. Strictly on packing space alone, the Jerrycan is a win, but with the added benefit of a state-of-the-art filtration system with laboratory-proven capabilities to remove bacteria from spring water. I know that I’ll have enough water for myself, my dog, and anyone else that joins on the expeditions at any time!

LifeSaver offers a few attachments, like a shower hose, as well as replacement parts to the filtration system.

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Final Thoughts

I currently do not have a Jerrycan attachment for external mounting to the rig, but whether you do or not, I still recommend the Jerrycan by LifeSaver for anyone who is looking for a more efficient way to pack water for long trips. The can is easy to use, efficient to pack, and offers safe drinking water.

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Dan R
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