OEDRO All Weather Floor Liners – 5th Gen 4Runner

OEDRO All-Weather Floor Liners – An affordable Husky and Weather Tech Floor Liner Alternative Option for the 5th Gen 4Runner

One simple upgrade to help keep your vehicle’s interior clean is to install all-weather floor liners. Of course, there are the big-name brands like Weathertech and Husky, but you end up paying a premium for a name brand. How do you get premium quality for a reasonable price? Let me introduce you to OEDRO floor liners.

They are made from a TPE material that combines the recyclability of plastics with the characteristics of rubber. Their standard set covers both front footwells and a full liner to cover the second row. The OEDRO mats fit perfectly around all the different brackets on the floor to provide complete protection for the carpets underneath. They are also cheaper than the bigger brands while still providing all the benefits. The OEDRO mats look great and really clean up the interior of your 4Runner.

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ORDRO lists mats and liners in their title; however, they are much more a “liner” than a “mat” as they are designed to travel up the floor and into the footwell on both the driver and passenger side.

Initial Impressions

At first glance, OEDRO seemed to just be another name in the slew of off-brand companies on Amazon. Their floor liners had a nice design to them and their price was better compared to the bigger brands. I had been toying with the idea of upgrading to all-weather floor liners or even liners from the six-year-old carpets in my 4Runner and figured these were worth a shot.

When they showed up on my doorstep, I immediately threw in the driver’s side liners and I was pleasantly surprised.

The liners felt great, more like a soft rubber than a hard, stiff rubber. Aesthetically, the liners have a nice design and a cool little metal badge with the OEDRO name on it.

The fit is incredible, almost like it was a Toyota brand all-weather floor liners. The front liners provide protection everywhere you need them and fit snug up against connections for the seats. The rear liners has a lot more to fit around with both the front and rear seat brackets and the middle console, and OEDRO has designed it perfectly to cover every millimeter you would want.

These are designed as an all-weather floor liner which means they are easy to clean. All dirt, stone, sand, and water can be dumped outside and the liner rinsed off, keeping your carpet clean. The only thing I noticed was that the surface of the driver’s side liner had a couple of scuffs on it after a couple of days of use. Personally, that is a non-issue for me as I want them to take a beating instead of the carpets.

Final Thoughts

The OEDRO all-weather floor liners are a great alternative to some of the bigger, more expensive names. They are designed extremely well to fit exactly as you’d want, with great looks and a nice feel. My wife even said they were comfortable when she was barefoot.

I was impressed when I first put them in and that quickly turned to excitement over how great they looked compared to the old carpets. I really noticed the attention to detail with how they fit so well around all of the different brackets and how they covered some of the kick plates by the door.

If you’re in the market for some all-weather liners, check out these OEDRO mats. They will get the job done while looking great and save you some money as well!

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2 years ago

do these clean up easier than the Weather Techs? Like can you just scrub them with soap and water and they dry looking nice without having to put ‘dressing’ on them?

Boricua Stallion
Boricua Stallion
2 years ago
Reply to  Dan

I’ve used Chemical Guys Mat Renew Rubber + Vinyl cleaner with Husky, Weathertech and OEM floormats in all of my cars since new and they keep their new look without having to ‘dress’ them. It’s a good product and I think they will be good for these Oedro floor mats.

2 years ago

I also have these mats in my new to me 2019 TRD Pro. They looked brand new when I got my 4runner and have been amazing for the 1 month ownership and being second hand. I had weather tech liners in my Raptor and Husky in my JK and these OEDRO 4runner liners seem to be comparable.

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