VLEDS Micro Extreme LED Low Beam Headlight Bulb Step-By-Step Install – 5th Gen 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner Headlight Bulb Install

VLEDS Micro Extreme Headlight Bulb Install for 5th Gen 4Runners: Quick Step-By-Step Guide

Finally, a bulb that fits! If you’re reading this, then you already know about the struggle of finding an LED bulb that not only fits inside the housing but also doesn’t require any sort of alteration to the housing just to get the bulb to turn and lock in. Well, look no more!

The VLEDS Micro Extreme lights come packaged very well and are solidly built. The machined aluminum housing encloses the cooling fan and provides plenty of surface to grip for installation. The install is fairly straightforward, uses minimal tools, and takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.

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  • VLEDS Micro Extreme H11 Headlight Bulb (Low Beam): Check Price

Tools & Materials

  • Double stick tape
  • 10 mm socket or box wrench

Step 1. Prepare for Install

5th Gen 4Runner Battery Removal

Pop the hood and remove the plastic radiator cover. The first step to installing the bulbs is to pop the hood by pulling the handle in the driver’s side footwell and then releasing the latch in the center of the hood to open the hood. Next, grab that 10 mm socket and remove the battery tie-down rod to make some room to work.

Step 2. Remove Dust Seal

5th Gen 4Runner Headlight Dust Cap

Get that headlight open! Remove the dust seal by twisting the dust cover counterclockwise. It can be quite tough to turn so be patient and keep at it. Sometimes I’ve had to turn it in both directions to get it to move. It will eventually turn about ⅛ turn and come off.

Step 3. Remove Halogen Bulbs

5th Gen 4Runner Halogen Bulbs

Unplug the bulbs. To get the bulb out, first press down on the tab and gently pull the connector to unplug the bulb. Then twist the bulb until it comes out.

Step 4. Install VLEDS Bulb

VLED Bulb Install 5th Gen 4Runner

Insert the bulb and twist. When you insert the bulb, don’t push too hard or you will have trouble turning the bulb into the headlight assembly. The bulb is difficult to turn because the alignment lugs are thicker than the standard H11 halogen bulbs. It may take a couple of tries, but be patient, it will turn until it locks into place. You will know it is in place when there is no play in the bulb.

Step 5. Connect Power Wire

4Runner VLED Bulb Install

Connect the power wire and turn on on the headlights. Now that the bulb is installed and has power, verify that the light works. Do not stare into the projector—it will not go well. Just make sure that the bulb is producing light and the fan is on.

Step 6. Put it all Back Together

5th Gen 4Runner VLED Bulb

Before you put the dust cover back on, apply a little Gorilla double-sided sticky tape to hold the plug in place inside the headlight housing. Be sure the placement of the plug does not interfere with the dust cover before attaching the double-stick tape. It’s removable but better to do it once. When the dust covers are on and the headlights work, reinstall the battery tie-down.

Final Thoughts

VLED Light Output Comparison

100% worth the price of admission. I have had these lights installed for a little over a week now with no trouble, no codes, no melted housings, and not burnt-up chipsets. I haven’t been flashed by anyone thinking I have the high beams on either.

While I do wish the factory cutoff was a little crisper, these lights put out plenty of coverage and distance over factory halogens.  Above is a VLEDS Micro Extreme bulb on the driver’s side and a factory bulb on the passenger’s side. Are they more expensive than other brands? Yes! Will they work without modification or extra work? Also, yes. I’m looking forward to a long bulb life and better visibility. This is how the rig should have come from the factory.

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3 years ago

Do not waste your money on these leds or any drop in leds. The output will be horrible. I went through several sets and finally found a solution. When I say output, I am talking about the distance throw ahead. They just didn’t shine out far enough for you to see down the road safely.

The factory halogen projector housing don’t mix well with drop in led bulbs. They may look like they are brighter when looking at the headlight, they really are dimmer.

The final solution is slapping in a set of 2021 Oem 4 runner Led headlights and calling it a day! 100x better output than any drop in led bulbs. It was even better than a 55w HID 4300k kit.

Last edited 3 years ago by Craig
3 years ago
Reply to  Craig

How much do Toyota charge for those things? I paid $60 for a fuse panel cover.

3 years ago
Reply to  Craig

How/ Where did you get them?

3 years ago

Interesting product. Is there any comparison between this and HID kits? I am interested to know how these compares to HID instead of stock in terms of throw distance.

3 years ago
Reply to  Eryck

Distance throw will be a lot less than HIDs but the leds will be reduced glare where nobody will be flashing their brights at you.

Dave L
Dave L
3 years ago

I’ve had these bulbs in as my high and low beams for 16 months now and they’ve done great. I did end up rotating the collars 30 degrees, which I felt gave a better cutoff and moved the hotspot on the pavement out a fair ways. Also adjusting the headlights was absolutely necessary.

3 years ago

Thanks for the review! In the last photo, is that the 5000K or the 6000K?

3 years ago
Reply to  Jackie

6000k just a hint of blue to the output

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