Fuel Treatment for The 4Runner – Is it Worth It? BestLine Racing Fuel Treatment Review

Bestline Fuel Treatment

BestLine’s All-In-One Fuel Treatment + Diamond Nano-Lube Review: Increase Fuel Economy & Reduce Emissions On All Your Vehicles

I have always been a believer in fuel treatments. In my opinion, it works best on higher mileage cars but can still help with new ones as well.

BestLine Racing has been around for years and is always in search of bettering their products. Their products are made in the USA which is getting harder and harder to find these days.

They use Diamond Nano-Lube in their products which have been tested for over 6 years in the metal cutting sectors. They have done rigorous testing on their products to make sure it meets and exceeds expectations. You can see a video here from SnailTrail4x4 about BestLine’s Engine Oil Treatment and how great it works. Just that video alone gives me a great appreciation for the company and seeing great test results. They are so confident in their product they don’t mind others putting their products to the test.

Find it online: 

You can buy directly from BestLine or you can find them on Amazon, and eBay.

How To Use Engine Fuel Treatment

Bestline Fuel Treatment

I am at 25k miles on my 2018 4Runner. I recently made an 800-mile round trip road trip so I tested it out. I drive my 4Runner hard as I like to have fun, but I have had no engine issues thus far.

Adding the Fuel Treatment is an extremely simple process and many of you may have already used other fuel treatments.

Step 1. Fill Up Your Gas Tank

Fill your gas tank. I used the standard 87-octane as I always do. One bottle can treat 15-20 gallons but I like to use a full tank.

Step 2. Add Treatment To Gas Tank

Add the whole bottle of fuel treatment right into the gas tank.

That’s it!

Initial Thoughts on BestLine Fuel Treatment for the 4Runner

Bestline Fuel Treatment

It is hard to notice any immediate changes. It’s not going to give you added HP. My gas mileage, however, did seem to increase a bit as well as the engine seems to be running smoother.

I was pretty consistent with 80-90mph on I-5 with a full load and got around 20 mpg. Normally I am lower than that; around 17-18 mpg.

As I said, my 4Runner is still pretty new and no previous issues. I’m sure that if used on higher mileage vehicles you would see greater improvement.

It’s about The Long-Term Effects

I do believe in the long term effects and benefits over the long run. That’s the whole point in running something like a fuel treatment or engine treatment. The point is in the long-term benefits it will have on the internal components in your engine. If you run fuel treatment on a consistent basis over the long term, you are almost guaranteed to have better performance and increased longevity.

The engine engineering of today is far more complex than it has been in decades prior, thus requiring consistent maintenance for enhanced and optimized performance and operation. With added fuel treatment (gas tank) and engine treatment (oil), you are technically increasing the long-term durability and reliability of your vehicle.

It’s a fact that the vehicles of today require fuel additives to keep engine valves, injectors, and combustion chambers clean in order to perform efficiently. The more you are maintaining these areas of your vehicle, the more life you’ll see out of it.

I used an AutoZone brand for my previous truck. I wasn’t super consistent with it but I believe that doing the fuel treatments will help minimize future breakdowns and issues. My truck was running strong at almost 200k before I sold it. Which is pretty great for a domestic gas truck.

BestLine Fuel Treatment/Additive Benefits 

  • Lubricates Ring/Liner Interfaces with Diamond Nano-Particles
  • Improves Combustion, Increases Fuel Economy & Reduces Emissions
  • Controls pH to Meet Ethanol Standards for E-10 Fuels
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors & Intake Valve Deposits
  • Reduces Combustion Chamber Deposits
  • Removes Water & Reduces Fuel Pump Wear
  • Used In Racing and Daily Driver Applications

Does it Really Work?

With all of these benefits, it is a no-brainer to use fuel treatment on any of your vehicles. They sell the fuel treatment for $8.50 plus shipping on their website or you can buy a package to save some money. BestLine recommends using on every 4 fill-ups so it’s worth it to buy the package. The more you can buy at once the more you can save on shipping.

BestLine Racing continues to work with its engineers in order to produce new lines of lubricants that protect our vehicles. Along with their engine treatment and fuel treatment they have recently introduced transmission treatment, power booster (combustion modifier), and water wetter (cooling system cooler).

The BestLine Racing product line is used on everything from trophy trucks, to race cars, Overland builds, Ultra 4 Rigs, and much more. There really is a reason why all of these rigs in cars use fuel treatment and engine treatment on a regular basis. It works.

You may not be able to see it but if you really want to protect and or increase the performance of your vehicle, use the BestLine racing fuel treatment and engine treatment products.

Overall this is a great product and worth the money. I would highly recommend BestLine Racing products.

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Ray C.
Ray C.
3 years ago

I concur with 4hunnid.

Matt Adams
Matt Adams
3 years ago

Okay so for the last year I had always averaged 13.5mpg. Between lift, tires, and very short trips all the time, its just my averages. I used this oil additive after a fresh oil change, and the last tank was 16.5. No real differences in driving habits or where I drove. Same short trips in the city and one trail run. Im impressed.

JJ Hurd
JJ Hurd
3 years ago
Reply to  Matt Adams

1>They are discussing the subject brand’s fuel additive in this post, not oil additive.
2>Weather changes, fuel and oil selection can play a huge role in fuel economy.
3>Age of vehicle and actual maintenance performed(i.e. Engine Air Filter, etc.) contributes to fuel economy as well.

3 years ago

This reeks of sponsored/guest posting. Run an instrumented test between a couple other types/brands under the same driving conditions rather than this anecdotal nonsense. Would actually be interested in a breakdown with actionable takeaways between this, SRP, Techron FA, etc.

Brenan Greene
3 years ago
Reply to  4hunnid
JJ Hurd
JJ Hurd
3 years ago

Fuel treatments are completely unnecessary on our trucks that are port injected.

Last edited 3 years ago by JJ Hurd
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